August 3rd 2013- parkrun inclusive events in Sheffield

Parkruns are 5km timed courses around beautiful parks, over which people can run, jog, walk or wheel (not bikes though). They are free and aimed at all abilites and ages. They are particularly popular with families, and there’s a very social friendly feel to the events.
They happen every Saturday 9am, but on 3rd August they will become all inclusive fiestas! The focus will be on providing for people new to running, and people with disabilities.  Event directors will organize support to try to cover the widest range of abilites.
Current proposals include trained guides for sight impaired runners, Signers and visual aids for those with hearing impairment,  support for wheelchair users, pacing for slower runners/ walkers, back marker marshals, rest stations.
All courses are at least 2 laps so you can come and do one lap, or even join others in a relay team.
There are 4 sites taking part – Graves, Hillsborough, Concord and a brand new event being launched on the day in Manor Fields.
See – for more information, and how to contact event directors to discuss individual needs. If you would like one to one support please organize this through the office emails for each park.
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