New Year Event

It took a bit of wrangling behind the scenes, but eventually we were able to settle who was going to RD on the 1st day of 2019 - so here we go! 10:30 on 1st January will give those most enthusiastic of you to get to Clare Castle and then back again to do the double; what a great way to start 2019??


And we’re off!

My parkrun journey started about a year ago with that feeling that perhaps it would be good to have one of those parkrun things nearer to home, rather than having to drive 30-45 minutes on a Saturday morning to run 5km.  I spoke to a few running friends who all agreed.

So, I contacted parkrun headquarters to say, hey guys, let's have one of those parkrun things here please.

12 months, plenty of energy, determination, training and running later, we are live!  I really didn't appreciate the work that Event Directors and the Core Team put into getting their events off the ground.  And once the launch date gets closer, the enthusiasm and excitement grows and, although it may get a little boring for friends and family, for a while life revolves around little else.

And then, our first event was happening and people turned up!

I was so proud to see the 65 runners take to the start (and finish) line, the great comments and feedback we received and for our first experience of processing results went without a hitch.

We were delighted to host a number of serious parkrun tourists who have a tremendous amount of experience and who were extremely positive about our new event.

And for our second event, we were chuffed to pieces to have 39 of our own, homegrown parkrunners take to the field.  Just two weeks in we now have 80 registered parkrunners, volunteers who didn't need to be browbeaten into it and the beginnings of our own parkrun community.

Welcome, one and all.

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