Run report 01/06/19 Event no. 60

Run report 01/06/19 Event no. 60

Wow!! June already and what a beautiful morning we had for event number 60! As we arrived for set up at 7.30, it was so warm, there was no need for a jacket for the first time this year. We worked up quite a sweat carrying the equipment and pulling our trolleys up to the start area!

It was half term this week and I had to put out an appeal again for volunteers this week but you guys as usual, offered to help me out. I know how much you all enjoy your weekly run, but we do need some people to give up the chance to run every now and again to ensure we can put on a safe and enjoyable event. It also gives our core team the chance to have a run which is only fair!sat in shade

The good weather gradually dragged people out of their beds and by the time Phil, my V.C, delivered his “First timers briefing” we had a healthy sized crowd ready to run, jog or walk around our course. There was a little tension in the air as two of our regular runners, Nigel and Darren arrived wearing football tops from opposing teams, hopeful their team would triumph in the Champions league final later in the day. They are old friends and completed the run together, neither of them wanting to cross the line before the other in case it jinxed their team’s chance of victory later in the day! Bless!nigel & Darren

This week, 102 of you walked, jogged or ran our lovely course. We had visitors from Birmingham and St Albans. Incredibly, one of our tourists, Scott Clarke was completing his 172nd run at a different parkrun venue! Scott, who is the Event Director at St Albans junior parkrun, likes to travel and this coming Saturday will complete his 250th run in Norway! Congratulations Scott! It is always lovely to meet new people and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy being a Run Director! You should all know by now that I love a chat! We hope you enjoyed our parkrun and will come back to visit again soon.

Thank you as always to our volunteers. If you haven’t tried volunteering at parkrun yet, please consider it!! All the tasks are pretty easy, and training is given for anything technical! Some of the roles can also be combined with a run (for our faster runners).

My band of super starts this week were: Angela RECHTERN  •  Brian CHARLESWORTH  •  Carol LATHAM  •  Casey FAIERS  •  Charlotte COWGILL  •  David MCMILLAN  •  Derek WILLIAMS  •  Gwen TAYLOR  •  Hannah LOCK  •  Harry MCMILLAN  •  Harvey MACKAY  •  Ian DEBNAM  •  Jane ATKINSON  •  Jane LATHAM  •  Jo WILLIAMS  •  Laura MILES  •  Martin ATKINSON  •  Philip CHAPLIN  •  Rachael ANDERSON  •  Sandra PAVITT  •  Sarah MACKAY  •  Simon LATHAM  •  Susan ANDERSON  •  Tia LATHAM  •  Tim GOODBODY  •  Will LATHAM


Thank you once again for all your help and support. The lovely Phil is your RD this Saturday so please help him out if you can.

Good luck to some of our Core Team who, this Saturday are competing in the “Man vs Horse” race in Wales… have fun with those hills!! We’ll be thinking of you while we tuck into our Full English breakfast after parkrun!!

See you on Saturday,

Rachael xx

Run Director


Event #57 – 11th May 2019

Event 57 was a rather damp one, with the drizzle beginning to come down the moment the runners set out on the 1.5 lap course. The greasy but firm surface and the odd puddle didn't seem to dampen performances however, with an impressive 28 PBs being recorded. Well done all of you.

Amongst the 106 runners, coming from far and wide we had a couple of milestones, with Mike Toomey choosing GDpr to complete his 100th parkrun (and share some delicious cake with us all), and Jason Brucher completing his 50th parkrun. Jason has completed all but one of these at Great Dunmow and along with his wife Jessica, has been a big supporter of the event since we began in April 2018.


Jason pushing his way round to run number 50


Mike looking great for 100!


25 volunteers made this week's event possible. A big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you: -

Megan EVANS • Mark LAWRENCE • Andrew YAPP • Carolla MOISE • David ASHWORTH • Tegan YAPP • Simon ELLICE • Naomi RUMBOLD • Michelle HASTY • Brady RAMSAY • Ian RODGERS • Eleanor RODGERS • Susan ANDERSON • David MCMILLAN • Derek WILLIAMS • Colin PUTLEY • Sam BAINES • Carol LATHAM • Kevin WESTON • Mike COE • Jason BRUCHER • Vicki NORMAN • Kirsty BREEZE • Pete NORMAN • Caroline SAUL• Will LATHAM

2 of our brilliant volunteers this week

2 of our brilliant volunteers this week

If you can help us out from time to time by volunteering, we would be hugely grateful. Get in touch with us via, or speak to us on a Saturday.

David taken the RD baton now for next week's run, so I wish you all a pleasant week as we build up to event 58!

See you soon


Your core team: David; Simon; Jay; Susan; Rachael; Mark; Phil; Steve; Michelle; Linda; Megan; Darren; Jo; Tom; Octavia


Event #55 – 27th April 2019

We had a slightly colder and windier day than the previous week, however, that did not stop 85 of you from walking, jogging and running the course. Thankfully, it also didn’t deter my team of 23 volunteers.

Out of the 85 parkrunners, 18 were first timers to the event and 16 people recorded personal bests.

photo 1

We had a new milestone this week, Julie Yapp completed her 50th parkrun, well done Julie!

We must also say well done to our own Core Team members, Philip Chaplin, Michelle Hasty and Octavia Singleton, and our regular volunteer and parkrunner, Aimee Sims, for completing the London Marathon at the weekend.


As always, we cannot put this event on without volunteers. This week, thank you to the following:


Don’t forget, next weekend is Star Wars Day! We hope you will all join in, but make sure to behave as our very own Darth Vader will be in charge.

star wars

That's it from me.  I now hand over to Phil (aka Darth Vader).

See you soon


Your core team: David; Simon; Jay; Susan; Rachael; Mark; Phil; Steve; Michelle; Linda; Megan; Darren; Jo; Tom; Octavia


Great Dunmow parkrun, Event number 54

poiting the route

Being RD the week after our first birthday celebrations was a little daunting as we had such a great time and brilliant turn out. I needn’t have worried though as although we struggled a little with volunteers, in the end, we had a good response and were able to put on another fun, free parkrun for you all. What a way to celebrate my 100th volunteering day!!

As I mentioned in my run briefing, putting on this event isn’t possible without our amazing volunteers. That means that sometimes, people may need to give up the chance to run so that we have enough help to safely marshal the course. Each week, many of the core team give up the opportunity to run so that we can cover all the roles and I know that you lovely lot would like to show them how much you appreciate them doing this by helping out to let them run every once in a while (They, unlike me, LOVE to run lol!)group with bunny


To add to the fun of a fairly last-minute course change, I dressed as the Easter Bunny, which, in hindsight, was a poor choice when you consider that it was the hottest weekends of the year!! However, it made people smile which is always the aim.

The course change was in response to the many positive comments after our enforced alternative route for our birthday event. There are times when we have to do this due to events on the Rec or “visitors.” Rest assured, some of your core team, (Steve, David and Sue) planned and measured these changes out so that you guys get the best of the beautiful surroundings. They took time out of their week to make sure the new route was safe and enjoyable so thank you guys.

This week saw 115 of you walk, jog or run our lovely course. We had visitors from Wakefield, Southend, South Wales and Southampton. As always, it was lovely to meet you. We hope you enjoyed our parkrun and will come back to visit again soon.

We had an incredible 35 first timers and 28 of you gained a PB… well done all of you. Remember that the great thing about parkrun is that you are only ever running to challenge yourself. It isn’t about being in competition with anyone, except yourself.

Thank you as always to our volunteers. If you haven’t tried volunteering at parkrun yet, please consider it!! All the tasks are pretty easy, and training is given for anything technical! Some of the roles can also be combined with a run (for our faster runners).

My band of super starts this week are: Andrew YAPP  •  Darren WOMACK  •  David MCMILLAN  •  Derek WILLIAMS  •  Doris SIMS  •  Edward BREEZE  •  Elizabeth BELLINGER  •  Ewan BARR  •  Harry MCMILLAN  •  Jack REEDER  •  Jane MCKEAN  •  Jessica BRUCHER  •  Jo WILLIAMS  •  Kate WATKINSON  •  Kevin WESTON  •  Megan EVANS  •  Philip CHAPLIN  •  Rachael ANDERSON  •  Simon ELLICE  •  Simon LATHAM  •  Steve SAUNDERS  •  Susan ANDERSON  •  Tegan YAPP  •  Tim GOODBODY


Thank you once again for all your help and support. My lovely sister in law, Susan, is your RD this Saturday so please help her out if you can.

Good luck to anyone running the VLM this Sunday, I’ll see you there! (Watching, not running, obviously!)

Rachael xx

Run Director


Event #53 Great Dunmows 1st Birthday

birthday sign

A very Happy Birthday and a big thank you from all the core team for making our 1st Birthday such a special morning. We had tourists from as far a field as Devon and York join us for our celebration on a sunny if not a little chilly morning.

The spirit and sense of community yesterday morning made the celebratory event even more special and epitomises what Great Dunmow parkrun has become over the past year; your park run for everybody to walk, jog or run and most of all enjoy; thank you!

Of course making sure the morning happened was not without its own challenges and the additional visitors to the rec this week required an impromptu and last minute course change, (yes it really was last minute).

course change

An extra special thank you this week must go to Tim Goodbody and Steve Saunders for helping to make that happen. When I ran the course myself the evening before, I did think the change of route was rather a nice addition to the course, echoed by a number of you when you had completed the run yourself. It may well be that we keep part of the new route; we can think of it as a little birthday gift courtesy of our visiting friends, albeit it did give us a little bit of a challenge the evening before and during the early morning set up.


A huge thank you must also go to Julie Pagram for the wonderful Birthday cake.

Birthday cake darren & Phil Wow, we are now a year old and in that time we have had 1,745 participants completing 5,564 parkrun's between us covering a distance of 27,820 KM and you have managed 1,204 personal bests. We have had 265 different volunteers volunteering 1214 times. Here is to many more events, PB's and wonderful volunteers. We now have 796 registrations at gdpr.

It was so lovely also to see how many people got into the spirit of the morning and our Birthday celebration; thank you for that, it really made the morning even more special. Some in their own way!!!!

Some in party dress and some in some rather horseinteresting costumes; it was all really awesome folks; thanks so much for participating.

I must make a very, very special thank you to the Great Dunmow parkrun core team. We have a wonderful community at Great Dunmow parkrun and behind that is fantastic core team that behind the scenes week in week out, plan and discuss and continue to voluntary work to maintain and manage the Great Dunmow parkrun event. So  a huge thank you to: Simon, Jay, Phil; Susan; Steve; Mark; Rachael, the Run Directors and Michelle; Linda; Megan; Derek; Darren; Jo; Tom; Octavia, Volunteer Coordinators - A fabulous team of people.

crowdThis week 160 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Great Dunmow parkrun Results Page.

So next week Rachael takes the reigns for event number 54.Please remember, it's so much fun to volunteer and we do need people to help each week so we can safely put on the events. If you can volunteer let us know of facebook or via email:

Don't forget our next special event, Star Wars Day on 4th May, 'May the 4th be with you'

See you soon


Event Director

Your core team: David; Simon; Jay; Susan; Rachael; Mark; Phil; Steve                                               Michelle; Linda; Megan; Darren; Jo; Tom; Octavia















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