Event #55 – 27th April 2019

We had a slightly colder and windier day than the previous week, however, that did not stop 85 of you from walking, jogging and running the course. Thankfully, it also didn’t deter my team of 23 volunteers.

Out of the 85 parkrunners, 18 were first timers to the event and 16 people recorded personal bests.

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We had a new milestone this week, Julie Yapp completed her 50th parkrun, well done Julie!

We must also say well done to our own Core Team members, Philip Chaplin, Michelle Hasty and Octavia Singleton, and our regular volunteer and parkrunner, Aimee Sims, for completing the London Marathon at the weekend.


As always, we cannot put this event on without volunteers. This week, thank you to the following:


Don’t forget, next weekend is Star Wars Day! We hope you will all join in, but make sure to behave as our very own Darth Vader will be in charge.

star wars

That's it from me.  I now hand over to Phil (aka Darth Vader).

See you soon


Your core team: David; Simon; Jay; Susan; Rachael; Mark; Phil; Steve; Michelle; Linda; Megan; Darren; Jo; Tom; Octavia


Event #40 – 12th January 2019

It was another busy morning for our 40th event and it was wonderful to see some new and regular faces this week. 118 people walking, jogging and running, with 23 first timers and tourists to Great Dunmow parkrun.

25 personal bests were recorded this week;
- Ellis Parker broke 30 minutes this week with another PB of 29.57, knocking 5 minutes off her time over 20 parkruns.
- Jessica Brucher also reached her own target to finish in 35 minutes before Great Dunmow parkrun celebrated its 1st birthday and took her 26 parkruns finishing this week in 35.40, knocking a total of 9 minutes off her time.

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Congratulations to the following:

- Thomas Wilton celebrated his 50th parkrun this week; which he has been working towards for a long time as he has regularly given up a run in order to volunteer on 58 occasions.

- Sarah Mackay treated us all to cake this week as she celebrated her 100th parkrun.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, shoes, child, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, outdoor and nature


The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Sarah MACKAY • Darren WOMACK • Thomas WILTON • Steve SAUNDERS • Sandra PAVITT • Linda PLEDGER • Susan ANDERSON • David MCMILLAN • Simon LATHAM • Harry MCMILLAN • Gwen TAYLOR • Oscar NOBLE • Carol LATHAM • Vicki NORMAN • Jane ATKINSON • Pete NORMAN • Nicola WITTMAN • Marion HUMPHREY • Alastair HUMPHREY • Caroline SAUL • Sam WARDER

We can't put on a parkrun without the volunteers so a big thank you to everyone who helped by volunteering on Saturday morning. If you are able to volunteer please let us know either on the previous Saturday or by emailing in during the week to greatdunmowhelpers@parkrun.com.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Great Dunmow parkrun Results Page.

That's it from me this week and will see you again soon and hand over to Simon.


Your core team is
David; Susan; Rachael; Steve; Jay; Michelle; Simon; Megan; Phillip; Mark; Octavia; Darren; Tom; Jo; Richard; Linda


Event #24 – 29th September 2018

The sunshine came back for event 24 which brought out 88 runners this week. Unfortunately, it was a struggle to recruit enough volunteers to put the event on, so thank you to all that made this week’s run possible. We love putting on parkrun each week for everyone to enjoy, however, volunteers are essential in order for us to do so; please think about giving a volunteer role go. If you are not sure of what it entails, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to provide further information.

The Run

This week 88 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Great Dunmow parkrun Results Page


Our very own Event Director, David McMillan, celebrated his 100th separate volunteering occasion on Saturday. He has carried out 138 tasks over 100 separate runs.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers: Thomas WILTON • Steve SAUNDERS • Lee RHODES • Philip CHAPLIN • Michelle HASTY • Susan ANDERSON • David MCMILLAN • Karen PHILLIPS • Kristina ROGERS • Rachael ANDERSON • Simon LATHAM • Harry MCMILLAN • Carol LATHAM • William TRACEY • Alan CARTER • Octavia SINGLETON • Jessica BRUCHER • Vicki NORMAN • Szabina NÉMETH • Doris SIMS

I now hand you over to Steve who will be your RD next weekend.

See you soon


Core Team: David, Susan, Rachael, Steve, Simon, Mark, Jason, Phil, Michelle, Jo, Derek, Darren, Linda, Richard, Des.


Event #22 – 8th September 2018

We've been incredibly lucky since we started parkrun in Great Dunmow. The weather has been very kind: dry, (very) warm, pleasant conditions on the whole.

That wasn't the case this Saturday which felt very autumnal with cool temperatures and light rain. I certainly regretted wearing shorts in the hope that the sun would appear as it usually does!

However the weather didn't seem to dampen the spirits of our runners or our wonderful volunteers who created a really wonderful atmosphere around the course and at the finish area.

41423531_1622652167839607_2771988441347391488_o 41356958_1622652261172931_2283548916311916544_o 41396953_1622646464506844_886369254327189504_o 41331400_1622642331173924_1275320427501060096_o

The introduction of our new PB Bell went down really well, and it was great to see how often it got used. If you believe you have recorded a course PB or a parkrun PB, then grab the bell as you exit the finish funnel, give it a ring, and get a cheer from everyone around you!

The Run

The overcast, slightly wet conditions meant that the grass was greasy to run on although the ground underneath was still pretty firm from the long, hot summer we have experienced. The cooler air temperature was certainly welcomed by our runners amongst whom we saw a whopping 29 PBs registered: well done to you all.

This week 118 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part. Well done to each and every one of you for your achievements.

A particular mention must go to our very own Rik Williams who celebrated his 100th parkrun with a course PB. Many congratulations, Rik!

Rik on his way to a GDpr Course PB on his 100th parkrun


We had tourists who joined us this week from Wanstead Flats, Stevenage, Witham, Westmill, Harlow and Bishop's Stortford. We love seeing new people come and visit, so we hope you all enjoyed our event here at Great Dunmow and look forward to welcoming you back soon.


Thank you to everyone who gives up their time to volunteer at the parkrun, without all of you we wouldn't be able to provide an event for everyone to enjoy. Please, if you're yet to volunteer, consider offering your services at some point, all the roles are easy, training is also provided.

One easy way to do this is to help us to set up the course route or pack it down at the end of the run. Alternatively, if you're a faster runner & used to regularly reading your name up in lights in these run reports, why not pick up a clipboard once you've run? Scanning and the clipboard roles at the finish are all suitable for faster runners as we can hand these over to you.

We also need some people to not run in order for everyone else to get to run. This means volunteering to marshal, perform timekeeping, finish token duties. Do you attend parkrun with family or friends? Why not ask them if they can assist the event? All they need to do is register with parkrun so that they can gain a credit for helping out.

Thanks once again to the Latham's for their really lovely photographs which I know we all really appreciate.

A big thank you to this week's volunteers: Amanda BAINES  •  Brian CHARLESWORTH  •  Carol LATHAM  •  Casey FAIERS  •  Charlotte COWGILL  •  Chris PITTS  •  David MCMILLAN  •  Derek WILLIAMS  •  Doris SIMS  •  Elizabeth BELLINGER  •  Jo WILLIAMS  •  Kristina ROGERS  •  Lee RHODES  •  Linda PLEDGER  •  Megan EVANS  •  Nicholas YEADON  •  Philip CHAPLIN  •  Rachael ANDERSON  •  Robert BURGESS  •  Simon ELLICE  •  Simon LATHAM  •  Steve SAUNDERS  •  Susan ANDERSON

Just a further reminder that because of the carnival there is NO PARKRUN NEXT SATURDAY

However, we will be back for event #23 on 22-September, when we hope to hear the PB bell ringing once more!

Have a great time next weekend wherever you go.


Core Team: David, Susan, Rachael, Steve, Simon, Mark, Jason, Phil, Michelle, Jo, Derek, Darren, Linda, Richard, Des.

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