Event #143 (18th Feb 2017)

What a great event, temperature wise it was positively toasty compared to the previous week!

With 265 runners, that was our third largest event!

Start of Event #143

This was in part as a result of Michelle bringing a mix of the usual Michelle's Running Group (MRG) crowd as well as many new faces.

MRG at Event #143

If you're new to Great Notley parkrun or new to Running, we have several great running clubs which can help you with your training and coaching to take your running further. Michelle's Running Group, whilst not a Running Club in the traditional sense, is the largest of the clubs that attend and have been great at getting people running and active.

They're a serious bunch MRG...
Sara Pummery in MRG
...aren't they Sara?

Farewell Points League
If you hadn't realised (many don't!), every parkrun event runs a "Points League" (Men's & Female Points). In parkrun's early days it was felt that it was something that parkrun needed to give people the incentive to come along for a run every week. Little did they know that just the incentive of hanging out and running with chums was more than enough incentive! So sadly, next week, the 25th February, will be the final scoring Saturday for the Great Notley parkrun Points League. If you cross the line first you'll get 100 points, second 99 and so on. If you volunteer, up to three times in a parkrun year, you'll get 100 points for each event.

Runners at event #143

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Mark GREENSIDES (Michelle's Running Group) 2696 pts.
Toby PEREIRA (Unattached) 2468 pts.
Ashwin SHAH (Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners) 2398 pts.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Lauren COOPER (Unattached) 2242 pts.
Paula EVANS (Michelle's Running Group) 2092 pts.
Wendy FINCH (Unattached) 2092 pts.

Whilst we'll wait for the final results next Saturday, I think we've worked out the points winners ;-)

AED News
Last week we told you that you've successfully managed to raise enough to buy the AED and a groovy cabinet to store it in at the park.

The Park Rangers are currently in the process of arranging for the cabinet to be installed, possibly somewhere near the Reception Area (it used to be called the SkyRopes Reception area near the old climbing wall). It's a powered cabinet to protect the AED from the elements and extreme temperatures, so it does need a bit of a planning to install it.

In the meantime, the Park Rangers have it behind the Reception Desk - so whilst it'll be nice to have the cabinet installed, for now, it's in the Reception.

If you'd like to know how to use the AED, I found this great little video on YouTube.

Token Buckets!
Many thanks to Amanda, Summer and Lucia of Team Roberts for the groovy new tokens buckets!
Lucia Roberts showing off one of the new tokens buckets

At the end of the event, the tokens will be emptied into a bag where they'll be taken up to the cafe for sorting and the three tokens buckets will be kept in the Course Box with the rest of our important course kit!

The Walking Platform Continues! ...with more Walkers!
So the Walking Platform continues and slowly people are starting to "get it".
Walking Platform

As we all know parkrun is all about getting everyone active, not just the super fast Sonic the Hedgehogs - but not everyone knows that, and the Walking Platform, volunteers willing to walk the entire course, provides a comfortable, no pressure environment in which walkers are very much welcome.

The Results

Male placings:
Mark HARROD (VM40-44) of Colchester Harriers AC, was first over the line in 18:15
Chris MARTIN (SM30-34) of Witham RC, was second over the line in 19:22
Matthew BORRILL (VM40-44) (Unattached) was third over the line in 20:07.

Lead Runner

Female placings:
Susan MILLWARD (VW40-44) of Ware Joggers, was first (17th overall) over the line in 22:28
Rose SHEPPARD (JW11-14) of Braintree & District AC, was second (35th overall) over the line in 24:29Alison MOSCUZZA (VW40-44) was third (36th overall) over the line in 24:33

The full set of results can be accessed here.

parkrun for everyone

Next Week
I've had a great couple of weeks, as always, and the job of running the events has been an absolute breeze thanks to the volunteers. A special thanks to Steve Hankinson who stepped up at the last minute after I made a bit of a mix up with the rosters and needed a marshal.

I hand over to Mark and next week we have our "Mike Freeman Family Day". Mike thought of Great Notley as an extension of his family and sadly he passed away doing what he loved, running with family and friends. So at the event we said that the last event of every February from now on would be our "Family Day", an event where we remember our families and those that are no longer with us.

I'm looking forward to joining the runners next week and I'll leave you in Mark's capable hands!


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