Event #232 (20th Oct 2018)

Pleasant spectating weather usually means less than ideal running conditions. So the first morning mists of Autumn signalled cool conditions for all non running volunteers and spectators but potentially ideal running conditions :-) !


Well the enthusiastic 265 runners, joggers and walkers who came along today proved the point by achieving an amazing 53 PBs, which was higher than last week's pacer day achievement, a true vindication that weather conditions have a significant part to play in when we're likely to achieve that illusive PB ;-) !

A number of you were also taking it easy as you had an appointment next day with the Chelmsford Marathon (sorry for forgetting to mention you at the briefing :-) )!

Len's parkrun Birthday

Now be honest, how many of you know your parkrun birthday? Well, we all know than Len likes a stat or two (or four) and so we shouldn't be surprised that he knew it was his 6th parkrun birthday.

To celebrate, he ran his 172nd parkrun, demonstrated his awesome finishing sprint and indulged in a little post run tipple :-) !


Len now shares his parkrun birthday with Will BROWN, Julian WOODWARD, Joshua ROUGHAN, Ella DANIELS, Darryl DANIELS, Zoe DANIELS, Maria SNELL, Joshua PALMER, Sally WOODWARD, Lola WOODWARD, Jasper KIRTLAND and Hayley OVERY who all completed their first ever parkrun today :-) !

The run


Despite the celebrations, there was still some seriously fast running going on out on the course. The first three finishers were :-

1st Karamadin ADAM 18:47
2nd Dan BUCKLEY 18:53 New PB
3rd Toby PEREIRA 18:59

The full set of results can be accessed here.

There was also some less serious running going on out on the course - Mark rehearsing his leap to touch the bird :-) !



It wouldn't be possible to make our event the success that it is without all of the hi-viz heroes, young and old, who volunteer each week and so thanks to this week's volunteers :-

Amanda ROBERTS • Andrew DYER • Anna LUFF • Anthony PERKINS • Caroline FAGG • Carolla MOISE • Chris HOPKINSON • Christopher SEWELL • Dan BURDGE • Diane ASHDOWN • Elizabeth ARMOUR • H MB • Ian LENNARD • Jim MACTAGGART • K MRAD • Karen DAVEY • Kenneth BERTRAM • Kevan PACK • Les MORLEY • Lucia ROBERTS • Malcolm BONIFACE • Mark TAYLOR • Mathias RINK • Neil JOHNSON • Nicole WOULFE • Noah MARSH • Richard ROBERTS • Sheila PURKISS • Simon HAWKINS • Thomas CLARKE • Tracy BAKER • Wendy FINCH


parkrun take over event

Next week the Braintree Livewell Team will be taking over and bringing us the Halloween Spooktacular event. There will be no need for us to appeal for volunteers as they will be filling all of the volunteer roles. So let your creative side run free and get creating those costumes if you dare ;-) !


I don't know what you're wearing Dan but it scares me!


Thanks for letting me be your RD for the past fortnight and so I'm now handing over to Nicki who will be your RD for the next fortnight.

See you out on the course unless you see me first!

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