parkrun pause #46 (30th Jan 2021)

(This contains lots of tables, photos and the like - you may want to paste the link into a grown up browser like Chrome as it'll look better)

Fear ye not, no matter what the weather is doing outside if you wear a sunny disposition inside - it's Summer all year round! :-)

Okay, so maybe that was a bit of a hard sell - yes, it was a pretty cold week - I'll let you have that one! January really was quite insistent on going out with a chilly bang!

Despite the wobbly weather 59 of you lovely lot still joined us this week for our 45th virtual parkrun event in this, our 46th week since parkrun was "paused" waaay back in March last year.

Whilst there's still no parkrun in the UK it's weirdly quite comforting to know that parkrun is still on, out there somewhere and we'll be back soon enough.

So according to Elliott Lines' Stats elsewhere on the planet there were 440 parkruns plus 3 junior parkruns, and the worldwide parkrun population was 55,442 parkrunners and 4,707 volunteers, plus any pending results.
parkrun Attendance and Milestone Stats for 30 January 2021

If you (not)parkruned this week you were amongst 11,718 parkrunners in the UK who recorded 21,510 (not)parkruns and Worldwide you were part of 16,049 parkrunners who recorded 29,870 (not)parkruns!
(not)parkrun stats, 25 January 2021 - 31 January 2021

Richard Ancient sporting his groovy new lockdown haircut and dye ;-)

Well done to the SEVEN of you who joined me and submitted FIVE or more (not)parkrun results this week!

parkrunner (not)parkruns
William Barker 7
Adam Bezdel 7
Len Marten 7
Tony Perkins 7
Paula Jarvis 7
Saffron Hawkins 6
Ben Whitlock 5
Brenda Howard 5
Malcolm Boniface 5

There were three PB's this week. Annabel Marriott achieved a PB on her second virtual parkrun thingy!
Paula Jarvis knocked 11s off of her PB, bringing her PB down to 37m 25s and Ian Elliott knocked that all important ONE SECOND off of his PB! Clearly maximising his opportunity to slice another second off this week ;-)

A special shout out to Ed Dawtrey who, despite submitting exactly the same finish time as Toby Pereira, still came second.

# Name Age Cat GenPos. AgePos. Time Notes Total
1 Toby Pereira VM40-44 1 1 19m 41s PB is 18m 10s 44
2 Edward Dawtrey SM20-24 2 1 19m 41s PB is 19m 22s 31
3 Ashwin Shah VM40-44 3 2 20m 12s PB is 18m 27s 27
4 Oscar Graham-Pereira JM11-14 4 1 20m 54s PB is 18m 17s 45
5 William Barker VM40-44 5 3 22m 21s PB is 21m 39s 13
6 Emily Pereira VW40-44 1 1 22m 26s PB is 21m 17s 40
7 James Dodson VM50-54 6 1 23m 19s PB is 22m 6s 22
8 Steve Tate VM65-69 7 1 23m 30s PB is 22m 42s 36
9 Aidan Kelly VM45-49 8 1 23m 48s PB is 23m 19s 25
10 Jason Bedlow VM50-54 9 2 24m 8s PB is 21m 1s 45
11 Ian Elliott VM55-59 10 1 24m 11s New PB! 19
12 Martin Gypps VM35-39 11 1 24m 41s PB is 22m 7s 43
13 Guy Scudder VM45-49 12 2 24m 59s PB is 24m 33s 41
14 Liam Bowden VM50-54 13 3 25m 35s PB is 25m 31
15 Acacia Hawkins JW11-14 2 1 25m 40s PB is 25m 22s 45
16 Simon Hawkins VM45-49 14 3 25m 40s PB is 23m 49s 45
17 Toby Metson JM10 15 1 26m 19s PB is 25m 4s 42
18 Victoria Metson VW35-39 3 1 26m 19s PB is 23m 46s 42
19 Ben Whitlock VM40-44 16 4 26m 33s PB is 24m 32s 36
20 Ken Hills VM65-69 17 2 26m 48s PB is 22m 59s 33
21 Richard Humphrey VM50-54 18 4 27m 4s PB is 25m 44s 12
22 Andy Packer VM50-54 19 5 27m 6s PB is 23m 58s 43
23 Vanessa Ann Barlow VW50-54 4 1 27m 6s PB is 24m 16s 45
24 Richard Ancient VM45-49 20 4 27m 10s PB is 24m 22s 36
25 Daniel Sayer VM50-54 21 6 27m 23s PB is 27m 4s 43
26 Graham Dalby VM60-64 22 1 27m 30s PB is 24m 59s 30
27 Saffron Hawkins JW15-17 5 1 27m 59s PB is 27m 11s 45
28 Steve Hankinson VM60-64 23 2 28m 23s PB is 26m 11s 40
29 Adam Bezdel VM65-69 24 3 28m 33s PB is 27m 49s 33
30 Alan Ward VM60-64 25 3 28m 37s PB is 26m 34s 9
31 Eddie Banks VM65-69 26 4 29m 5s PB is 27m 38s 18
32 Kevin Acres VM60-64 27 4 29m 7s PB is 27m 23s 23
33 Malvin Anthony Fuller VM40-44 28 5 29m 13s PB is 27m 11s 20
34 Lizzie Armour VW45-49 6 1 29m 15s PB is 28m 30s 44
35 Louise Ormrod VW35-39 7 2 29m 28s PB is 25m 58s 24
36 Andrew Dyer VM45-49 29 5 29m 33s PB is 21m 41s 45
37 Michelle Edney VW50-54 8 2 31m 25s PB is 27m 58s 26
38 John Warne VM65-69 30 5 31m 40s PB is 26m 3s 38
39 Stephen Heath VM50-54 31 7 31m 51s PB is 31m 34s 5
40 Len Marten VM45-49 32 6 32m 7s PB is 27m 10s 45
41 Jane Roach VW50-54 9 3 32m 40s PB is 26m 16s 45
42 Sue Chapman VW45-49 10 2 33m 3s PB is 29m 26s 43
43 Sandra Creak VW55-59 11 1 33m 10s PB is 30m 24s 45
44 Victoria Homan-Smith VW50-54 12 4 33m 15s PB is 29m 14s 43
45 Bill Hawes VM55-59 33 2 33m 17s PB is 30m 39s 35
46 Chris Sewell VM60-64 34 5 33m 43s PB is 23m 12s 43
47 Chris Hopkinson VM65-69 35 6 34m 45s PB is 31m 55s 41
48 Anna Luff SW30-34 13 1 36m 25s PB is 28m 41s 20
49 Paula Jarvis VW40-44 14 2 37m 25s New PB! 38
50 Big Dave Howard VM60-64 36 6 37m 26s PB is 31m 2s 32
51 Annabel Marriott VW35-39 15 3 38m 7s New PB! 2
52 Hannah Root JW10 16 1 38m 22s PB is 27m 46s 43
53 Jacob Root JM10 37 2 38m 22s PB is 28m 20s 24
54 Emma Healy VW40-44 17 3 38m 22s PB is 23m 48s 42
55 Alison Harper VW45-49 18 3 44m 18s PB is 31m 54s 28
56 Brenda Howard VW60-64 19 1 49m 59s PB is 44m 48s 4
57 Tony Perkins VM70-74 38 1 51m 50s PB is 43m 17s 44
58 Malcolm Boniface VM70-74 39 2 59m 31s PB is 46m 3s 41
59 Paula Marten VW55-59 20 2 1h 10m 49s PB is 49m 2s 38

A very smiley Victoria Ellen! (we couldn't find your (not)parkrun result Victoria!)

PB 'Near Misses'
...and here's Ed again, just 19s away from his PB, so must have really gone for it! Nice work!

Don't forget, parkrun isn't always about bagging a PB every week, but every once in a while it's nice to give yourself a little push and to have something to aim for.

parkrunner Time PB Missed By
Stephen Heath 31m 51s 31m 34s 17s
Acacia Hawkins 25m 40s 25m 22s 18s
Edward Dawtrey 19m 41s 19m 22s 19s
Daniel Sayer 27m 23s 27m 4s 19s
Guy Scudder 24m 59s 24m 33s 26s
Aidan Kelly 23m 48s 23m 19s 29s
Liam Bowden 25m 35s 25m 35s
William Barker 22m 21s 21m 39s 42s
Adam Bezdel 28m 33s 27m 49s 44s
Lizzie Armour 29m 15s 28m 30s 45s
Steve Tate 23m 30s 22m 42s 48s
Saffron Hawkins 27m 59s 27m 11s 48s

Treasure Hunt
If you're finding it difficult to find the motivation to get yourself out the door for 5km on your own (you're not alone!) the little Treasure Hunt we run every week might be just the thing you need. Don't be put off by the Swashbuckling Treasure Hunting regulars you see every week - it really can be a lot of fun and it's never too late to join in.

Every Friday we'll put a post up asking for you to "find" five items of treasure - they're normally pretty easy to find. E-mail these into to and we'll give you 1pt for each item you successfully find. Each item of treasure will have a secret "bonus" variant - if you take a photo of one of these items, you'll get additional bonus points. The "find" points and the "bonus" points will always add up to 25pts.

We have weekly winners and monthly winners. If you're worried that taking photos of items will impact your parkrun time, not to worry! Thanks to (not)parkrun, why not go out for a gentle "Treasure Hunt Run" and submit a faster one later in the week!

This was the last in a five week month, so all the points counted towards finding out who would be crowned* the January 2021 Great Notley Treasure Hunt Champion.

*Due to social distancing rules, "crowning" involves taking a large golden crown and dropping it from the top of a ladder some 2m above the winner...

Treasure Hunt Bonus Items
Most week's the Core Team have a Zoom chat - it serves two purposes, (i) to check up on each other and make sure we're all well and we're not climbing the walls (much) and (ii) to check any weird haircut and beard formations, just in case parkrun starts up soon and our appearance scares off all the parkrunners.

Last week's Zoom chat we had Simon Hawkins, the Event Director from Great Notley junior parkrun over too and we all got talking at how some were thrown off by one or two of the Treasure Hunt bonus items being the same as on one of the previous Treasure Hunts. I explained that there was actually nothing in the rules that said that the treasure items and bonuses would be unique every week and, to prove a point, I would knowingly used treasure items and bonuses from previous Treasure Hunts in this weeks.

ALL of the bonus items have been used before but TWO of them were tweaked - just to make things interesting.

# Treasure Item Bonus Item Bonus Points
AROOF3 A Roof …with a weather vane +4
COLGN4 Something Green ...that’s any vehicle +4
RDSGN6 A Road Sign ...Caution School Children +4
NOTLA3 Not the letter “A” …NOT a Pylon +4
SELFA2 A photo of yourself …NOT wearing a hat +4

This week's Treasure Hunt Scores
Let's have a look at how well you did...

Jane sent hers Treasure Haul a little later than we would have liked (Sunday 10pm please!) but as I was running a bit late too, no harm done! She wrote, "Ooh err, just sneaking this in here as I'm mega late.... I've found a roof with solar panels the ONLY one in the village! Not an 'A' in our gate. A green front door the road sign and my selfie is just of my legs as I was so when I returned from my run I couldn't even feel my fingers! Think I need a stock of selfies to dip into Bbrrrr! Job done ~Jane~"

Collage 2021-01-31 22_30_04

Amongst Paula Jarvis' Treasure Haul already we had two photos that needed some judging decisions to be made. Okay, we decided that a "hood" wasn't a hat so we awarded Paula the bon- ... no wait, what's that under the hood? A hat? Sooo close!
Despite Paula describing her "Not the Letter A" telegraph pole as a pylon, we decided that the great big Electric Pylons were the thing we didn't want to see to be able to get the bonus points - so Paula got bonus points for that (phew!)

Vanessa wrote, "Major outage all day in Chelmsford and can’t even get 4G most of the time, so hope this posts. My treasure haul during an extremely wet, muddy and cold dog walkies yesterday.
Wanted a thatched roof as I’ve posted numerous thatched roofs and have never been the bonus points but none to be had near me. A pylon as I looked for one last time for letter A and didn’t find one! A run today with Andy Packer.


Sue's Treasure Haul was a little bit like an episode of "Through the Keyhole" trying to guess where she ran. Some pretty good clues there!

We love seeing the families out (not)parkrunning and Treasure Hunting together! And it's always nice to see Emma, Hannah and Jacob's smiling faces every week - but we do also secretly enjoy seeing some interesting bonus point awards too. As Hannah and Jacob were NOT wearing a hat, they get bonus points whilst Mum doesn't ;-)

Guy Scudder correctly remembered that one week, yes the bonus item for a roof was one with solar panels, alas I was thinking about the week where the roof needed a weather vane.
parkrun Treasure Hunt January 30 2021

Tony sent in this great photo of himself, clearly not stood on a corner marshalling, as we're used to seeing him! So I had to ask him for a bit more background on the photo because I know you lot were only going to ask me! So over to Tony...

"The picture is of me competing in the prestigious 112k Airolo to Chiasso 5 man walking relay in Swtizerland in the mid 70's. The start of the race was in the mountains near the San Gottardo Pass and finished at the border between Switzerland and Italy in Chiasso. After the race the team went into Italy to have drinks as it was cheaper. I was competing for the Stock Exchange Athletic Club, a closed club against International and club teams across the world. I was privileged to go to the race on more than 20 occasions. I walked once, the other times I was Team manager. The picture is of me on the 4th leg of 18k Rivera to Lugano - I've just turned left to go into Lugano, the sign post shows Milan, San Gottardo, and Rivera. There were police on the cross roads and they stopped the traffic to allow me cross the major junction safely. My leg of the race finished in the town square which is famous for tourist sitting and having a drink in the sun next to the lake Lugano there was thousand of people in the square they stopped and clapped me home"

117324676_611082046112908_5077901673780470991_n (1)

Tony also sent in the best photo of a weather vane!


Malcolm's Treasure Haul! Where's the photos of Edward!? We love an Edward photo!

Sandra's Treasure Haul "Looking for them Brucie bonus points"!
Collage 2021-01-31 14_25_20

Martin sporting the classic lockdown evidence that he really isn't also getting visits from the exclusive hairdresser that those professional footballers have been using ;-)
image0 (27)

Here's Jason Bedlow's treasure haul. I decided to give Jason the bonus points for the "something green", it's almost a vehicle. It would be unfair on everybody else if the bonus item was "a plough"!

Here's RD Michelle's Treasure Haul

Here's Victoria and Toby Metson with their Treasure Haul! Successfully bagging the School Sign, the Green Vehicle and a complete lack of hats! (I don't think you could have found a brighter green car!)
collage (3)

Here's Team Hawkins Treasure Haul. We had to adjust the scores for last week because their window was from a Church.
The big question is, have they done enough to secure another monthly Treasure Hunt win?
image0 (25)

So, behind the scenes, it's worth noting that pretty much every week Paula really doesn't try and get any clues out of me for the Treasure Hunt. In fact most weeks even I don't know what the bonus items are because I didn't pick them, the Run Director on that week did. She does take photos, tell me what she's taken and try and read the expression on my face. I try my best to "roll my eyes and face palm". This week, no hints or attempts at finding out what she's taken. Here's her treasure haul and yes, it's a clean sweep! But while she does top the table for this week, was it enough to bag the January 2021 win?


Name AROOF3 COLGN4 NOTLA3 RDSGN6 SELFA2 Score No.Hunts Jan Total
Paula Marten 5 5 5 5 5 25 32 83
Toby Metson 1 5 5 5 5 21 34 72
Victoria Metson 1 5 5 5 5 21 35 72
Tony Perkins 5 1 5 1 5 17 35 58
Saffron Hawkins 1 1 5 1 5 13 30 74
Simon Hawkins 1 1 5 1 5 13 36 74
Acacia Hawkins 1 1 5 1 5 13 36 74
Sandra Creak 1 1 5 1 5 13 36 66
Jason Bedlow 1 5 5 1 1 13 34 61
Jane Roach 1 1 5 1 5 13 36 51
Michelle Edney 1 1 5 1 5 13 10 72
Paula Jarvis 1 5 5 1 1 13 36 77
Jacob Root 1 1 5 1 5 13 22 72
Hannah Root 1 1 5 1 5 13 36 72
Malcolm Boniface 1 1 1 1 5 9 32 64
Guy Scudder 1 1 5 1 1 9 32 60
Sue Chapman 1 1 5 1 1 9 36 52
Martin Gypps 1 1 1 1 5 9 36 48
Vanessa A Barlow 1 1 1 1 5 9 36 56
Emma Healy 1 1 5 1 1 9 36 68

January Treasure Hunt League Scores short, yes, Paula won the January league. So as well as the backlog of little barcode holder prizes for previous month's winners, I've got to make Paula a bird table. Apparently (this is not true) she's been asking me to make her a bird table for about 20yrs.

We had to update the scores from last week for Team Hawkins as their window was actually from a Church so RD Michelle awarded the extra bonus points to Simon, Acacia and Saffy.

Name 2nd Jan 9th Jan 16th Jan 23rd Jan 30th Jan Total
Paula Marten 13 11 17 17 25 83
Paula Jarvis 9 16 22 17 13 77
Saffron Hawkins 5 25 14 17 13 74
Simon Hawkins 5 25 14 17 13 74
Acacia Hawkins 5 25 14 17 13 74
Toby Metson 13 8 13 17 21 72
Victoria Metson 13 8 13 17 21 72
Michelle Edney 9 15 18 17 13 72
Jacob Root 17 11 18 13 13 72
Hannah Root 17 11 18 13 13 72
Emma Healy 17 11 18 13 9 68
Sandra Creak 13 5 22 13 13 66
Malcolm Boniface 17 8 13 17 9 64
Jason Bedlow 13 0 18 17 13 61
Guy Scudder 13 13 16 9 9 60
Tony Perkins 9 11 12 9 17 58
Vanessa Ann Barlow 17 8 13 9 9 56
Sue Chapman 5 13 12 13 9 52
Jane Roach 5 8 12 13 13 51
Martin Gypps 13 5 8 13 9 48

Treasure Hunt Hall of Fame
I thought I'd better pop this section in just so I can keep track of all the little monthly Treasure Hunt Prizes I still need to make! I've got quite a backlog and now a flippin' Bird Table to make too!

My plan is, all being well, to get all of these little Treasure Hunt Awards made by the time we come out of lockdown so I can actually drop them off without being fined ;-)

Note: I'm going to add this later. Need to go to work and thought you lot might like what's been written so far. I've got to go for a run before work!

Overall Treasure Hunt Leaderboard
The overall Treasure Hunt Leaderboard looks pretty stable at the top some small changes. Got to watch out for those Treasure Hunters that are slowly moving up through the ranks!

Name Total Pos.Last Week Pos.This Week Moving
Simon Hawkins 515 1 1 -
Acacia Hawkins 512 3 2
Paula Jarvis 509 2 3
Sandra Creak 507 4 4 -
Vanessa Ann Barlow 473 4 5
Hannah Root 468 6 6 -
Emma Healy 466 5 7
Victoria Metson 451 7 8
Saffron Hawkins 444 8 9
Paula Marten 441 9 10
Martin Gypps 425 9 11
Toby Metson 424 12 12 -
Jane Roach 423 11 13
Malcolm Boniface 421 10 14
Jason Bedlow 406 13 15
Tony Perkins 400 14 16
Sue Chapman 354 15 17
Guy Scudder 334 16 18
Jacob Root 322 17 19
Sheri-Anne Mizon 183 18 20
Rachel Possee 182 19 21
Stacey Palmer 162 20 22
Michelle Edney 125 21 23
Vicky Elkins 65 22 24
Louise Ormrod 59 23 25
Mark Brown 59 23 25
Andy Packer 50 24 26
Collette Gibson 50 24 26
Victoria Homan-Smith 48 25 27
Ian Lennard 48 25 27
John Warne 45 26 28
Russell Davies 44 27 29
Daniel Sayer 40 28 30
James Davies 40 28 30
Samantha Grant 39 29 31
Liz Davies 38 30 32
Bethan Davies 35 31 33
Brenda Brown 34 32 34
Ian Elliott 31 33 35
Angela Parsons 25 34 36
Carolyn Johnson 24 35 37
David Brown 23 36 38
Len Marten 18 37 39
Ashwin Shah 18 37 39
Charlotte King 18 37 39
Nicole Woulfe 16 38 40
Richard Ancient 15 39 41
Mark Simmons 13 40 42
Gemma Conn 11 41 43
Matt Collins 11 41 43
Theresa Murray 10 42 44
Edward Dawtrey 8 43 45
Craig Vernon 8 43 45
Jayne Vernon 8 43 45
Maureen Wilson 8 43 45
Paree Jarvis 8 43 45
Cheryl Cook 6 44 46
Emily Predebon 5 45 47
Luca Predebon 5 45 47
Kevan Pack 4 46 48

Let's finish off with Susan Bannocks' smiley (not)parkrun selfie!

Keep those finisher/pre-run/mid-run selfies coming in - we all love to see your smiley faces!

It's been another fun week, granted not as fun as waiting in a queue with 300 of you at the cafe for a fresh coffee and bacon butty, but I have positive vibes for this year!

Take care out there and please do continue to observe the lockdown and social distancing rules that are in place. Every time we bend and tweak those rules parkrun moves a little further away - and none of us want that!

Run Director
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