Merry Christmas Great Notley parkrun!

Merry Christmas to all of the Great Notley parkrun regulars, virtual parkrunners, helpers, fans, visitors, park rangers and cafe staff!

Every year we try and dream up some sort of Christmas present we'd like to give out to all of Great Notley parkrun parkrunners. You're an absolute brilliant bunch and it's the least we can do. This year, what with the weird lockdown and lack of meeting chums in the park situation, is no different.

So we created you your very own special Great Notley Virtual parkrun Challenges colouring in page (colouring in pens not included).


You can right click and save the version above or click here for the PDF version.

It's very similar to the unofficial Running Challenges badges but we created a virtual version.

There are plenty of ways you can find out the information you'll need to complete your sheet, you can get most if not all of the information from the run reports. You can also look in your Strava (if you use Strava!) or you can pull the information from your (not)parkrun profile page - just keep in mind we were doing virtual parkruns before (not)parkrun started!

We'd love to see your coloured in sheets and how you're getting on with them. You can continue to use them as long as we're doing the virtual/(not)parkruns!

Finally, here's a nice feel good story we stumbled across that you might appreciate...
Cossington boy, 7, to finish 'mile-a-day' lockdown runs

Have a very Merry Christmas from your Core Team!

Your Core Team of volunteers are:-
Len - Dan - Jane - Mark - Chris S - Anna - Ian - Michelle
With special support from Chris H

Great Notley parkrun - Facebook - Twitter - Strava - Flikr - Instagram

Stay up to date with these important links :-
(not)parkrun Frequently Asked Questions

parkrun's Covid-19 Framework on the Volunteer Hub.

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Virtual parkrun and Treasure Hunt

Every weekend we'll be organising a virtual parkrun. A scheduled post will appear on Saturday morning on our Facebook page inviting you to send us...
1) A photo or screenshot of your 5km time,
2) Your barcode number (please avoid sharing your I.C.E mobile number!)

Please send your results in by e-mail to our event mailbox.

We’d also like to see your run/walk and treasure photos posted to ourFacebook page so we can have a good social natter about them!

- Please observe Social Distancing whilst out for your run.
- Only run with members of your household, DO NOT meet others.
- DO NOT run at Great Notley Country Park. It's closed.
- Avoid Saturday 9am is recommended.
- Get your time and barcode information to us by 10PM SUNDAY.
- No these results will not be added to your official parkrun results.
- No these results will not count towards your club shirt.
- This is JUST FOR FUN!

The Treasure Hunt
From Saturday 16th May we'll also be running a Treasure Hunt. This is optional and you DO NOT need to participate to be included in the virtual parkrun. If the treasure hunt isn't of interest, just send in your 5km time evidence and barcode number as usual and as detailed above.

On the Friday we'll announce the items of treasure we are looking for. They'll be things like...
- Something that begins with the letter "G",
- A photo of anyone (could be yourself)
- A road sign,
- A four legged animal.
- Something to sit on.

Include photos of the treasure you found with your 5km time and barcode - you may need to label it. So for example if you send us an obscure photo of something as your "letter G" item, you may need to tell us what it is.

On the Friday when we announce the treasure items, we will also have details of secret bonus treasure that is worth more points. Only Len knows what these items are and what the extra points were. When we publish the treasure hunt results, along with the virtual parkrun results, we'll announce what the secret treasure items were and the extra points they were worth.

For example...

# Treasure Item Bonus Item Bonus Points
LETTG Something that begins with the letter "G" ...a gate +4 pts
SELFI A photo of anyone (could be yourself) ...wearing something red +2 pts
RDSGN A road sign 1pt for each letter "NOTLEY" +6 pts
4LEGA A four legged animal A squirrel +5 pts
SITON Something to sit on Bus Shelter seat +3 pts

So whilst you could score 5 pts there's another 20 pts to be gained if you were lucky enough to find ALL of the secret bonus items.

We'll accumulate the scores and roll them over from week to week too - so if you didn't get any bonus items one week, you could leap ahead the next week.

Hopefully that all makes sense - as always - it's just for fun and yes, we are still making this all up as we go.

Run Director
Great Notley parkrun - Facebook - Twitter - Strava - Flikr - Instagram

Your Core Team of volunteers are:-
Len - Dan - Jane - Mark - Chris S - Anna - Ian - Michelle
With special support from Chris H

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parkrun suspended

All parkrun events in the United Kingdom have been suspended with immediate effect due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. At this stage we have cancelled events up to the end of March. Please follow our communications channels for ongoing updates. parkrun’s global position is published and will be updated here.

Whilst you are free to run or walk whenever or wherever you like, we would strongly discourage you to organise any group runs during the time they are suspended. When in doubt, please follow the latest guidelines and advice as published on the NHS and PHE websites.

We're also very aware of the important support network that both Great Notley parkrun and the wider parkrun community provide. Whether it is a friendly weekly catch up with chums as you bimble round the park, volunteering, or enjoy that all important post run chat with a nice cuppa.

Just because there’s no parkrun, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and stay active! The BBC have got on board with some great ideas to stay active too.

Please do use the various parkrun social media channels to stay in touch, support and help each other. We can socially distance ourselves, through social media, together. There are a bunch of links below to all of our social media channels.

If any of you, for whatever reason would like to send us an e-mail, we'll still be monitoring the event mailbox. Whether you'd like to share what you've been up to, or would just like someone to chat to, please do feel free to reach out to us.


Len Marten and your Core Team
Great Notley parkrun - Facebook - Twitter - Strava - Flikr - Instagram

Your Core Team of volunteering are:-
Len - Dan - Jane - Mark - Chris S - Anna - Ian - Michelle
With special support from Chris H

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Run Report Writer

Writing the run report for an event is brilliant and can be a lot of fun.

As soon as you realise there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it, you can really let your creative freedom go wild on a run report!

This is a short guide with some hints and tips to help you produce a run report.

Many races will produce a race report at the end of their event, alongside the results. This is pretty easy because the whole point of a race is to beat everyone else when you cross the line. So a race report will contain lots of information as to who won which category, points accumulated and so on.

As you know, parkrun is not a race, it’s a fun run - a community - people running for their own reasons - the run report attempts to capture that and can be used to encourage others to do the same. If parkrunners want to see the numbers and stats associated with the any given event they can refer to our Results History page and we’ve got other pages which maybe of interest too like the Age Category Records and the Age Graded League, for others have a look at the sub-menu under the Results menu heading.

For me, it’s a nice historical record, beyond the numbers on the results page, of what the people actually got up to on the day. Run Reports are actually a lot of fun to go back and read and I would encourage everyone to do exactly that.

Hints and Tips

Don’t spend too much time replaying what everybody can read on the results page. The Run Report will normally include a link to the specific results page for that event. By all means you can pick out a few interesting facts and observations (new Age Category records etc.)

There is a Journalists Report generated after each event, it includes things like number of finishers, personal bests, first timers - this is regenerated each week to it’s a good idea to pick out some of these numbers and incorporate these into the run report.

The Journalist’s Report doesn’t include Club Shirt landmarks, or first time parkrunners (“first timers” in the Journalists report refers to people parkrunning at Great Notley for the first time, so this would include tourists too).

During the Event
Chatting to people is a great idea. Take some notes, or even take some selfies/video.

After the Event
The Run Director will send you the Journalist Report, any additional stats and details of any Club Shirt achievements.
Write up your run report, attach any photos. We will paste your run report onto the website and upload any photos.
Formatting is reasonably limited.


International Women’s Day (7th Mar 2020)

Great Notley parkrun is excited to be supporting this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) in partnership with This Girl Can.

parkrun’s IWD event participation map

More information to follow, watch this space!


Event #296 (28th Dec 2019)

Well the weather fairies had their say on our last parkrun of 2019 and of the decade with low cloud hiding the hill at the beginning of the run and the ground still showing the evidence of the recent wet weather with standing water and muddy conditions underfoot.

The hill continues to be off limits as the park rangers continue to be concerned in equal measures for our safety and the condition of the grass :-) .


With the hill being out of action you would have imagined that we would have had a tidal wave of PBs but surprisingly of the 249 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, only 13 recorded new Personal Bests which is a testimony to how challenging the conditions were underfoot!

The full set of results can be accessed here.


We also welcomed 21 first timers of which 17 were tourists and 4 were totally new to parkrun. From the feedback I received many of these enjoyed the course and look forward to returning when they can take on the hill :-) .


I'd like to thank today's volunteers who despite the quick turn around of only 3 days from our Christmas Day Special event stepped forward to make our event happen.

Christopher SEWELL • Anna LUFF • David TOOMBS • Jane ROACH • Samantha BRACEBRIDGE • Gary WATERS • Ian LENNARD • Anthony PERKINS • Corinne FOSTER • Malcolm BONIFACE • Toby PEREIRA • Kevan PACK • Chris WATKINSON • J G P • Oscar GRAHAM-PEREIRA • Lewis DUTTON • Neil ADDINGTON • Jon SUMMERS • Ana MITOI • Andy DRIVER • Alex SUMMERS • Aimee BARLTROP

If you fancy volunteering and helping to make your event happen, send us an email on the address below  - there's heaps of roles and a fair few which you can do AND run!


Remember that we'll be having a speciaI mid week New Year's Day event where you have the opportunity to "double up" by first celebrating new year and the start of a new decade at Great Notley (prompt 9am start) before moving on to a neighbouring parkrun (usually starting at 10.30am) :-) .

See you all Wednesday!

Chris Sewell & Anna Luff
Run Directors
Great Notley parkrun - Facebook - Twitter - Strava - Flikr - Instagram

Your Core Team of volunteering are:-
Len - Dan - Jane - Mark - Chris S - Anna - Ian - Michelle
With special support from Chris H

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Possible Cancellation Notice

UPDATE @ 19:10

After visiting the park to check on the state of the paths, I can confirm that the event tomorrow is cancelled. The paths are 3-4 inches deep in places and I almost slipped over just walking. Some puddles are impassable even if you walk on the grass. Sorry to disappoint.

We've been advised by the Park Rangers that the park is currently very waterlogged. It's possible therefore that we will be unable to use the park tomorrow (December 21st). Our current advice from Park Ranger Tom is to not use the hill and to not run around the puddles as this causes too much damage to the grass.

We have plans for what we can do should the hill be unsafe, but stopping people from running around puddles is going to be difficult and we don't want to upset the rangers by causing damage to the park.

We still want to go ahead but will need to check the park this evening to see how bad things are. Stay tuned to this post and social media for updates as the day goes on.

Stay safe

Run Director


Lily’s Cafe News

As some of you may have seen this morning, Lily’s Cafe was closed with an ominous notice posted on the doors.

This has come as quite a surprise to the Lily’s Cafe Staff, the Park Staff and us in the parkrun Core Teams (we are currently processing the results in Rob’s dining room!).

Having spoken with one of the park managers at the park it would seem that Lily’s will be closed for, potentially, quite a while.

Complimentary teas and coffees will be on offer from the SkyRopes Reception downstairs until they work out the future of the cafe.

The toilets at the back of the building, facing the football pitches, will be open as usual.

We’ll update this news page as and when we have news to share.

For those that have asked about Rob and the cafe staff, they’re clearly upset about the situation and we wish them all the best whilst they work this out.


Pleshey Friday Night 5 mile (8K) Race – 28 June 2019

Have you ever thought about moving up your distance to beyond 5k but not sure where to go to do it?

Friday evening on 28th June at 7.45pm may be the solution as there is a local, friendly, low key race taking place at Pleshey.


All are welcome as the race is open to both club and non club runners. There's also a vegetarian option for the BBQ :-) !

On line entry

A number of the core team will be taking part in the race so why not come along and join us?

If you're worried about running 8k on Friday night and then running parkrun next morning, why not volunteer instead and give those legs a rest :-) ?


Welcome to Great Notley

So you've been thinking about getting active and you keep hearing your chums raving about parkrun.

If you've been thinking about coming along but you can't run, or it all sounds a bit too intimidating - then this page has been written just for you.

Q) What do I need to take part?
A) All you need is a printed barcode, and to get one of these you'll need to register. You only need to do this once and once you've got your barcode you can use it every week. If you become a regular (which we'd recommend!) you may want to think about buying a barcode!

Q) It's called parkrun, but I can't run...
A) It really should have been called "parkactive" because you really don't need to run at parkrun.

Q) But I've been advised not to run...
A) No really, you can turn up every Saturday and walk at parkrun. Walking at a parkrun is not some sort of cunning trick to get you running in the future. parkrun as an organisation looks to get everyone active, which isn't necessarily getting everyone running. Have a read of the parkrun Event Charter if you don't believe us ;-)

Q) How fit do I need to be to come to parkrun?
A) There is no minimum fitness level. parkrun is an all inclusive organisation and that includes fitness level. If you do have some concerns about your fitness level we would recommend you have a chat with your GP. Great Notley parkrun is a two lap course so if after the first lap you don't think, for whatever reason, you can continue - then you can drop out.

Q) That's all very well, but I don't want to come in last.
A) Great Notley, like all events has a Tail Walker, so you'll never be last! No matter how fast or slow you go, they'll walk the whole course.

Tail Walker

Q) I've seen the photos! It all looks pretty intimidating!
A) Feeling nervous at your first parkrun is perfectly understandable, so why not just pop along and spectate or come and find us in the cafe afterwards. Have a chat with some of the parkrunners, the marshals and other organisers, we're a friendly bunch! You could come along and marshal (it involves wearing a groovy high-vis and making sure the parkrunners stay on course).

The Great Notley parkrun Family
Yeah there's a few people at Great Notley, but they're the friendliest bunch you'll ever meet!

Q) How much does it cost?
A) It's free! All we ask is that, every once in a while you help out. Great Notley parkrun is organised, run, planned, managed and co-ordinated by volunteers - exactly the same as all of the parkrun's worldwide. If you really, really, really wanted to spend some money you can buy yourself a cool barcode wristband or card from ERS Barcodes and

Volunteers at Great Notley
Helping out at Great Notley keeps the event running smoothly and it's a lot of fun too

Q) How much does it cost to run parkrun event?
parkrun has sponsors, and if you buy any clothing from Contra the profits go back into parkrun, all of this is used to run the systems, store results and send out text's etc. If you wanted to contribute directly to Great Notley's fund, which we use for things like signs, cones, stationery etc. you can donate through our website. A percentage of the money donated is used help start up new parkrun events.

Q) How old do you need to be take part in parkrun?
A) If your son or daughter is under 11yrs old, they will need to run with a responsible adult. If they're between 4yrs and 14yrs old they can run at Great Notley junior parkrun on a Sunday morning on their own!

Under 11's must be accompanied by a responsible adult
Under 11's must be accompanied by a responsible adult (leaping optional!)

Q) I hear that you've got to go up that scary looking hill?
A) It really isn't as bad as it looks! You have to "Touch the Bird" just the once and when you have you're actually over half way! The hill can be a little slippery when muddy, so do take it easy. Whatever you think of the hill, the view from the top is spectacular.

Touch the Bird!
"The Hill" isn't actually as scary as you'd think!

Q) Can I bring my dog along to parkrun?
A) Yes you can! (not advised on the junior parkrun as some children don't like dogs). We allow one dog on a short controlled lead. If you've got a particularly enthusiastic wee furry friend, it might be an idea for you to start at the front!

One dog on a short controlled lead!
One dog on a short controlled lead!

Q) I've done a couple of parkruns and I've had a lot of fun - but I want more!
A) ...and you'll not be alone! There are lots of excellent running clubs and groups that support parkrunners from Great Notley. They're all slightly different, they're all friendly, have a chat with them and see which one suits you best, here's just a few of them...
- Michelle's Running Group
- Witham Running Club
- Braintree and District Athletic Club
- Halstead Road Runners
- Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners
- Springfield Striders

Q) I want to volunteer but I've never done it before!
A) Volunteering at Great Notley is really easy and all of the roles can be trained on the morning in a matter of minutes.

All of the roles are designed to be carried out by parkrunners, so they're all pretty straightforward. Most of the roles will have a lanyard too so if you did miss anything in the training, it's all written down on the lanyard too. You can put your name down several weeks in advance to help out and you can look on our website to see what roles are available.

Marshalling at Great Notley

Q) Is there anywhere cheaper to park?
A) We will always advise you to park at Great Notley Country Park as parking elsewhere can cause issues for the local residents. You can get free parking if you volunteer and you don't necessarily need to give up your run/walking your parkrun if you help out. If you were to help set up or pack away, for instance, but these roles go quickly!

Hopefully that's help answer most of your questions, if you still wanted to ask any questions please feel free to drop us an e-mail or you can post a query to through our various social media channels and your fellow parkrunners may have the answer!

Len Marten
Event Director
Great Notley parkrun - Facebook - Twitter - Strava - Flikr - Instagram
Your Core Team:-
Len - Dan - Chris H - Nicki - Jane - Mark - Chris S - Anna
With special support from Mike - Ian - Michelle

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