Event #142 (11th Feb 2017)

Tricky things Winter events, even more so when there is just so much to cover off in the Runner's Brief, whilst trying not to slip off a very icy bench...

Len on the Slippery Bench

...with Chris giving me an encouraging hand laugh ;-)

So here's my opportunity to cover off all the stuff again, you probably missed through the sound of chattering teeth!

The AED is HERE!
If you hadn't heard the AED, that YOU paid for, has arrived. We decided pretty early on that instead of just ordering an AED we wanted to get a Cabinet for it so that anyone that uses the park could use it.

The AED Cabinet AED in the Cabinet (Open)

Steph and the groovy Park Rangers are looking after the AED at the SkyRopes Reception and are currently in the process of installing the cabinet.

Steph and the AED

It's a fairly unimpressive piece of kit to look at, with a simple little green flashing light to show that everything is alright and tickety boo (if you're ever at the park you can look through the cabinet's little window and check it's still flashing, let us know if it isn't!). We'll keep you posted and let you know when it's all mounted on the wall and ready and update you with any news as and when we hear anything.

It was a pacer event! If you're new to Great Notley parkrun we have a special pacer event on the second Saturday of every month.


If you'd like a fresh new challenge, pacing is great and it can be really rewarding too - helping your fellow runners reach their goals. Pick a comfortable time and try and set yourself a steady pace (don't forget the hill!) and see how close to that target time you get!

20 mins Toby Pereira 20 : 00
22 mins Chris Shipham 21 : 46
24 mins Gerard Geurts 23 : 57
26 mins Simon Harkins 25 : 57
28 mins Luca Predebon 28 : 02
30 mins Lynsey Hawkins 29 : 53
32 mins Emily Predebon 31 : 58
34 mins Ian Lennard 34 : 32
36 mins Michelle Edney 35 : 56
38 mins Jane Roach 36 : 27

Which Pacer got the closest?

1 Toby Pereira +/- 00 secs (WOW!)
2 Emily Predebon - 2 secs
3 Luca Predebon + 2 secs
4 Gerard Geurts - 3 secs
5 Simon Harkins - 3 secs
6 Michelle Edney - 4 secs
7 Lynsey Hawkins - 7 secs
8 Chris Shipham - 14 secs
9 Ian Lennard + 32 secs
10 Jane Roach - 1min 33 secs

Of the 185 of you who completed the course 29 of you nabbed yourself a PB! Which wasn't bad when you consider it was cold, but not cold enough to stop the hill from being a bit slippery. If we get a cold snap and the ground freezes, you can get a surprising amount of grip on the solid ground (granted you've got icy patches on the paths to contend with too!)

The full results can be seen here. If a pacer helped you get a PB, or if you just enjoyed the run let us know and we'll pop your special mention into this run report.

Runners of Event 142

Our Red Caped Hi-Vis Heroes!
Yes, you're going to hear again how wonderful our volunteers are - that's because they really are.

A special mention goes do Ryan Everitt and Jennifer Hill who managed to work this lot out...
Fully loaded trolley!
...they did it so quick I thought they'd forgotten something!
Ryan Everitt and Jennifer Hill

All of the volunteers were superb and Jennifer and Ryan prove that it is possible to help out and run as well.

The full volunteer team that made this event possible, including pacers were as follows:-

Anthony PERKINS • Beth RAWLINSON • Chris HOPKINSON • Chris SHIPHAM • Claudine MARNEY • Corinne FOSTER • David FRANCIS • Emily PREDEBON • Emma BRYDGES • Gerard GEURTS • Holly SANDFORD • Ian LENNARD • Jane ROACH • Jennifer HILL • Lauren COOPER • Luca PREDEBON • Lynsey HAWKINS • Mark BARLTROP • Mark BROWN • Michael ELDRED • Michelle EDNEY • Nadia CROSS • Rachel KELLY • Ryan CUTMORE • Ryan EVERITT • Simon HAWKINS • Sindy GODBOLD • Stuart DARKINS • Tim MARNEY • Toby PEREIRA

The Walking Platform... ...nowt new
So what's this Walking Platform thing then, I hear you ask. Let me attempt to explain the problem in the form of a story that my Chiropractor told me on Friday. He said that one of his clients was on a training programme to get herself fit enough to - wait for it - run at parkrun.

Whilst this sounds admirable, exercise has been proven to be easier with friends. So why doesn't she just come along now?

And this is the thing - we know, and you know, that you can come along and walk it - or jog some of it, or even drop out in the first lap if you like (you won't get a time or a position) - but some people feel that they need to be able to run 5km before they pop along.

The Walking Platform

...and Mark summed it up quite nicely - "...it's a Tail Walker" which is pretty much what we used to do every week anyway, except now people can feel comfortable in coming along to walk 5km without feeling pressured to run.

Running (or Walking) is better with Chums
These photos were great, and for no real reason other than that they made me smile - I'm whacking them into the run report - because I can...

Running with Chums

Smiley Runners

Rich, Holly and Michelle

Runners through the Sandy Play Area

Smiley Runners

The Event's other Numbers
Male placings:
Tyler WILTSHIRE (JM11-14) of Braintree & District AC, was first over the line in 19:44 - first time in 50 appearances.
Toby PEREIRA (VM35-39) (Unattached) was second over the line in 20:00 - has been first to finish on 6 previous occasions.
Giles SOWERBY (VM35-39) of Witham RC, was third over the line in 20:01.

Female placings:
Karen PICKERING (SW30-34) of Let's Run, was first (13th overall) over the line in 22:57 - second time in 11 appearances.
Rose SHEPPARD (JW11-14) of Braintree & District AC, was second (15th overall) over the line in 23:19 - has been first to finish on 15 previous occasions.
Juliette HODGES (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (24th overall) over the line in 24:34.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Tyler WILTSHIRE (JM11-14) was graded 71.88% for the time 19:44 (first overall).
Rose SHEPPARD (JW11-14) was graded 69.84% for the time 23:19 (15th overall).
Matthew BORRILL (VM40-44) was graded 69.35% for the time 20:17 (4th overall).

Addendum (from Angela Wiltshire): Hi, can I just mention that Tyler Wiltshire not only came first Saturday, but he is the first in his age category to ever come first at Great Notley! Sorry proud mum moment :)

And finally
Enjoy the run? Fancy coming along to another one? Well we're going to need a few volunteers. If you want to help out, or if you want to get one of your friends to help out (they'll be stood around spectating anyway!) then ping us an e-mail to greatnotleyhelpers@parkrun.com

...okay so Pacer Jane wasn't the closest to her target time, but she by far had the most fun, top job.
Jane 1Jane 2Jane 3
Jane 4

You have me again next week, I'll wear crampons or something next week - or I'll get Chris to catch me, but either way I'll be on that bench! See you then!


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Great Notley junior parkrun
Do you have an eager young runner that you can't keep up with? Or have a youngster whose little legs are not quite up to running 5km? Well you now have the 2km Great Notley junior parkrun event to consider.
It starts at 9am every Sunday and its aimed at juniors between 4yrs and 14yrs old AND they can run unaccompanied! If they already have a barcode, it'll work at the junior event too - no need to re-register!

Running to raise money for Charity
If you'd like to support our growing number of runners who are raising money for worthy causes, visit our Raising Money for Charity page, there's also details on there on how you can add your charity to the page.

In the Diary Independent Course Reviews
Local Races & Events

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Chris Holt - 3rd Jul 2014
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