Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun is cancelled on 2020-11-28 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

1st non-run report :)

1st non-Run Report

by Co-Event Director and parkrun UK Ambassador (Volunteer) Trevor Rawson

Compliant with direction from parkrun UK update all events will now continue to be suspended until at least the end of April. 

Waterways - post restoration

Today as part of my daily exercise warm-up run around the Waterways maintaining physical distancing.  I was empty so that wasn't difficult to do.  I then solitary freedom run around our course in 37:05, three minutes down on the recce runs I did a year ago.  I like running on sand and have plenty of experience.

You can enter a freedom run in your parkrun profile for any event.  Please don not do your freedom run at 9am on a Saturday morning but at any other time providing HM Government guidance permits us to do a solitary exercise.

volunteers meetin waterways 29 aug 19 (3)

Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun came to be after discussions with Chris Harbord Event Director of Gorleston Cliffs parkrun in 2017.  By March 2019 funding in principle had be secured from NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG.  I then set about exploring local greenspace around Great Yarmouth for a suitable 5km that met parkrun course design standards.  Far easy said than done and ultimately it had to be the beach.  It then took until July to find a Event Director and then August to begin to form our core team of volunteers.

Yarmouth Waterways

Creating any new event cannot happen without volunteers and we are very grateful to everyone that has committed to get us through to our first 5 events.  We do not know when our next one will be but I'm sure we'll all be relieved when we can enjoy our Saturday morning parkrun again.  Volunteer, walk, jog or run.

GYNBp sign

Keep well everyone and look forward to seeing you again.


Run Report #5 Brilliant scenes, once more

#5 Brilliant scenes, once more

by first-time RD Richard.

We’re really off and away and the weather gets better by the week.  Sadly this will be the last parkrun in March and perhaps longer :(  The number of visitors from further afield and local parkrunners from within Great Yarmouth and surrounding community turning out each week is really inspiring.

I personally have always had a profound interest and passion for health and physical activity. So having seen the powerful impact this is having on people’s lives (both participants and volunteers) each week it has help me come to the conclusion parkrun is probably, more than likely, one of the best things we can support for the nation’s health & happiness.

A gazillion benefits. Don’t – but do – ignore the scales

At the finish line, I struck up a conversation with one of our finishers and they told me how it was such a hard course and people would lose a lot of weight. Whilst yes it’s true a hard course will contribute to loss of weight (alongside a balanced diet). Exercise of any kind will help to build muscle, which will offset the fat loss on the weighing scale. My point is that, even if the scale is being ‘stubborn’ and you don’t appear to losing any weight. You are building muscle (a good thing) and also causing 20/30/40 other positive effects on your body – Go you!

So whilst the weighing scale is important and you should pay attention to it, exercise is having a tremendous impact on your body in lots of other ways.

As we go round setting up the course we litter-pick as we go.  We really care about our course, the beach and our environment.  Please remember; leave nothing but footprints.

#5 enjoyment your way

Thank you again to our wonderful volunteers and participants. Keep up the great work, I thoroughly enjoyed my first time being a Run Director. Thinking of volunteering? Just come and have a chat with one of us and we’ll walk you through it and support you as you wish."

Event #5 was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Anthony HARRIS • Ian WAKEFIELD • Trevor RAWSON • Sue TROHEAR • Nina NICKERSON • Simone STOLWORTHY • Grainne MCADAM • Stephen EAGLEN • Esme NICKERSON • Mark NICKERSON • Seth NICKERSON • Sadie NICKERSON • Lyn SNOWLING • Gary JOHNSON • Andy TROHEAR • Russell RAY • Pam SPYCHAL • Paul SPYCHAL • Richard TAYLOR • Lisa STEER • Michelle HARRISON • Tanya RAY • Rachael LACEY • Alyson REEVE • Laura CUSHION  and Jenny KEENOR

#5 volunteer

Congratulations to Optional Dave on his PB

#5 Dave PB

This week 94 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 62 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Tyler BILYARD who recorded a time of 20:36 on 8th February 2020 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Sheila OXTOBY who recorded a time of 27:12 on 15th February 2020 (event number 2).
The Age Grade course record is held by Eva OSBORNE who recorded 74.51% (35:03) on 8th February 2020 (event number 1).

Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun started on 8th February 2020. Since then 343 participants have completed 453 parkruns covering a total distance of 2,265 km, including 44 new Personal Bests. A total of 42 individuals have volunteered 109 times.


Run Report #4 Where’s the storm?

#4 Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun – 07.03.2020

Where is the storm? by RD Fiona

#4 wheres the storm

International Women's Day parkrun celebrated female participation. Saturday 7 March 2020 saw events around the world join in a celebration of female participation, supported by a special campaign to inspire as many women and girls as possible to walk, jog, run, volunteer or come along and watch.

More than 150,000 women & girls completed a parkrun worldwide.

The highest number of female volunteers EVER!

In England, 70% of Run Directors were female.

#4 beautiful

parkrun research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Although females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. Despite this, we were pleased to welcome and 28 ladies to our event 36.4% of those parkrunning - check out our amazing  IWD ‘selfie frame’ photos taken by this week’s volunteer photographer, Paul Spychal.

#4 IWD

This week 77 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 48 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part. The weather was a vast improvement on last week – it was a joy to feel the sun on our faces as we set up for the morning’s festivities.

Our first finishing female was Deborah Last from Dereham Runners AC who crossed the line in 28:42. What a great result – this Girl Definitely Can and she certainly did. Our first finishing male was Adam Masterson from Wymondham AC who crossed the line in 22:17. A special mention to novice parkrunner John N Hughes who achieved his third consecutive PB out of 3.

#4 john pb

We had two parkrun newbies – welcome and well done to Marie Hartley and Vicky George, accompanied by her fine, four-legged friend Oscar.

#4 dogs don't understand finish funnels

Please remember if you are running with a dog they do not understand finish funnels so it is up to you to give them directions :)

#4 through the finish

An amazing number of tourists visited us this week – York, Manchester, Harwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Thetford and Dereham. Thank you all for the amazing positive feedback - we hope you had a great time and that we see you again soon. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive of your fellow parkrunnners.

#4 men can too

And last but by no means least – a big thank you to the amazing volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to make Parkrun possible for everyone:

Alyson REEVE • Grainne MCADAM • Lyn SNOWLING • Karen BULLEN • Pam SPYCHAL • Michelle HARRISON • Tanya RAY • Fiona LOMAX • Rachael LACEY • Gary JOHNSON • Russell RAY • Philip BULLEN • Paul SPYCHAL•  Richard TAYLOR • Ian WAKEFIELD • Andy CLARK and Trevor RAWSON.

#4 IWD Volunteers

We always welcome new volunteers – if coming along to spectate and would like to become a hi-vis hero please do get in touch via email:


Run Report – Storm Jorge #3

Hello and welcome to the run report for the third Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun event. The date on Saturday was 29th February and this was the first time in parkrun history that a parkrun has taken place on a Leap day, the next one will be in 2048!

#3 superman

45 brave souls walked, jogged or ran the course in what can only be described as ‘changeable’ weather conditions. The morning started out cloudy with some very weak sun and strong winds courtesy of storm Jorge. We were hopeful that things might improve but the rain started, and the hail followed sooner after.

#3 madness

There were 24 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part and we had visitors from both Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. There was also a friendly seal down at the Scroby Sands turn who wanted to join in and tried to follow the tail-walkers down to the finish line.

#3 I'm done, no really I'm done

Despite the dreadful weather spirits remained high and the team enthusiastically cheered everyone over the finish despite being cold and damp. The course marshals were still smiling despite being buffeted by the gale force winds.

#3 volunhappy

First male finisher and first finisher overall was Daniel GARDINER in 24:48. First female finisher was Justine FAWCETT in 29:13.

After the storm was over a volunteers work continues, thank you to Tanya;

#3 after storm jorge

The event was made possible by 19 of our amazing volunteers – a big thanks to all of you! Anthony HARRIS • Ian WAKEFIELD • Trevor RAWSON • Manda TIMBY • Grainne MCADAM • Stephen EAGLEN • Katrina SOUTHEY • Lyn SNOWLING • Andy TROHEAR • Russell RAY • Pam SPYCHAL • Paul SPYCHAL • Fiona LOMAX • Richard TAYLOR • Michelle HARRISON • Melanie SEABROOK • Tanya RAY • Rachael LACEY  and  Alyson REEVE.

#3 Alytue

We rely on our volunteers to make the magic happen – if you could spare some time to join our ranks please do get in touch:

And finally, next week is International Women's Day (March 8) - a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. International Women's Day parkrun is all about celebrating female participation and we would love to welcome as many women and girls as possible to parkrun on Saturday 7 March. In England #IWDparkrun will be supported by This Girl Can, a campaign created by our partner Sport England. Look out for the 'This Girl Can' Selfie Frame and take pics for your social media posts.


Run Report – Storm Dennis event #2

A Run report of two halves - First time Run Director Ian and parkrun tourist Daniel. That should inspire you to join us next parkrunday volunteer, walk, jog or run: parkrun your way.

part-1 It is now over a year ago since I, Ian Wakefield was sat in the Great Yarmouth Activity Board meeting and we were discussing the possibility of a parkrun in Great Yarmouth and what an asset it would be to the community.

#2 first time RD Ian

Since that time, with hard work from members of that board including Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Active Norfolk and NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group we’ve got the funding together, the course permissions and all the parkrun admin done. The biggest challenge was actually to get enough volunteers together to enable the event to take place.

#2 volunteer huddle

I’m pleased to say that we now have a great bunch of dedicated and friendly volunteers. We always need more and will never turn down an offer to volunteer.

#2 the outrun

To see the first parkrun start filled me with pride at being part of it, and helping it to become a reality. The second was very touch and go with ‘Storm Dennis’ looming in the background, but after consultation with fellow volunteers we agreed it would be safe to go ahead. This week 77 determined parkrunners lined up to battle the wind and the dunes and we had runners joining us from as far afield as Bury St Edmunds, Coventry, Derbyshire, Nottingham and even Swaffam.

#2 Storm Dennis

I was particularly inspired by an senior gentleman who had never done a parkrun before and had read about it in the local newspaper. Living with a long term condition he wanted to get some fresh air and exercise to improve his fitness. Whilst battling the strong headwind our marshals reported that he had almost given up but with a little encouragement; a simple clap, cheer and a smile motivated him to finish. His smile as he crossed the line lit up a very gloomy day. Sir you are an example to us all. Well done to everyone that took part, thanks to all the volunteers, we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

#2 into headwind

part-2 I win! by Daniel Connolly

Not parkrun as it isn't a race but in finding an amazing parkrun for Valentine's day weekend.

Since 2016 I have been a compulsive parkrun tourist, travelling far and wide to different venues all over England. After 188 venues I have virtually exhausted any within an 1½hrs drive.

Whilst I will happily wake at 5am to head off with my barcode my wife won't. So when a hotel chain offered a one day special 20% discount I randomly booked rooms two to three hours from home. To my wife I am going to claim that 14th February - Valentine's Day - was the plan for a romantic seaside get away. In truth it was the cheapest day in February!

Although my hotel was less than a mile from a parkrun that I could jog to and from, I wanted to run by the sea. My home parkrun of Warwick Racecourse is about as far from the coast as possible; I wanted to be able to see the sea waves roll in and hear them break on the shore as I ran.

Having seen comments about how tough the Inaugural Great Yarmouth, North Beach was from Facebook reports, being only 15mins away in my hotel room, it became my venue of choice.

Waking up in the morning, I checked Facebook and the parkrun cancellation list to make sure that Storm Dennis wasn't affecting Great Yarmouth. Thankfully despite the long list of cancellations, North Beach wasn't on the list so we were good to go.

Pulling up along the blustery esplanade the energy windmills were busily turning out on the grey wintery sea, generating electricity for a good post parkrun drink.

Whilst my wife went off for a warm up, I warmed up my jaw with a lot of chatter to fellow parkrunners; locals, tourists and a few newbies - well if a parkrun starts in your town and there is no longer any need to travel to run, jog or walk 5km on a Saturday morning, it would be rude not to join in the fun.

Speaking of first timers a huge welcome to the parkrun family to:- Gary DURRANT, Louis DELAY, Gary BALL, Jayne CROWE, Carl WARD & Shirley WILLIAMS. I hope you enjoyed your parkrun at least half as much as I did and that we will see you back at a parkrun soon.

Soon a siren (not a temptress from the sea but the sound from a loud hailer) called over the 77 hardy parkrunners for the safety briefing. Despite having run 188 different events this was the first time I have been warned about sandcastles… okay maybe children digging holes - to be honest I was slightly disappointed not to see any on route so maybe I have a good excuse now to break my run of different events and return in the summer?!

Normally in my run reports I make a comment about the start of the run being signalled by a chorus of GPS watches but today that would be a lie as Storm Dennis blew any beeps away, but still the runners charged off down the beach towards the sea - not to dive in but to take a turn right around the dunes into a fierce headwind and the beginning of the first lap.

Like a line of penguins marching over the frozen wastes, runners quickly settled into their own pace, using other runners as windshields.

#2 from Britannia Pier

I have come up with many excuses as to why my time was so slow for me:- the sand under foot making it trickier than normal to run, Storm Dennis blowing a wicked headwind, being just at the start of a return from a Achilles injury or mainly being heavier and less fit than a few months ago.

#2 beside the sea

#2 halfway lap 2

Whatever the reason, the extra time on the course gave me longer to enjoy the wild beauty of the beach in the winter and spot the seals bobbing along the shoreline. If I had rushed along I would have missed out.

#2 two parkrunners one dog

One thing I didn't miss out on was to thank those marshals out on course, who despite the wind kept up their cheery comments and clapping to motivate everyone round. So a huge thank you to:- Stephen EAGLEN, Georg ENGELHARD, Manjari ENGELHARD, Anthony HARRIS, Michelle HARRISON, Rachael LACEY, Mark LIM, Fiona LOMAX, Grainne MCADAM, Trevor RAWSON, Russell RAY, Tanya RAY, Alyson REEVE, Lyn SNOWLING, Pam SPYCHAL, Paul SPYCHAL, Lisa STEER, Richard TAYLOR, Manda TIMBY, Andy TROHEAR, Ian WAKEFIELD who wore the hiviz so we could all enjoy a marvellous run along the beach. As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail in, your help is appreciated.

#2 finish line team

After getting my token scanned, I retreated to the Furzedown Hotel to warm up with a latte as the team finished up on the beach before returning to the hotel to process the results over a drink and a chat. The pre and post parkrun chat is probably the best part so if you haven't yet taken that step, come back for a coffee after.

#2 Furzedown Hotel lounge

#2 Results processing

Driving back to our hotel my wife commented that this was one of the best Valentine's day weekends ever and I had chosen an amazing parkrun venue!

Definitely a win! But how am I going to top Great Yarmouth, North Beach next year?

Happy parkrunning #Loveparkrun

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