Event #167- 13 July 2019 Virtual Volunteer app

I will be taking the opportunity to run a full test of the parkrun Virtual Volunteer App for both Timekeeping and Bar Code Scanning on Saturday. We will have additional volunteers at the finish area who will be using the Virtual Volunteer app alongside our volunteers using the normal Junsd stopwatches and Opticon Scanners.

parkrun UK issued the following statement recently about the launch of the Virtual Volunteer app:
“It is important to us that the scanning and timing functions are as simple as possible, and easy to use, and we’re delighted with the response so far. Whilst parkrunners are still required to present a printed barcode or wristband, utilising this new technology increases the reliability of our results, and reduces the amount of equipment that needs to be stored, transported and maintained by event teams.

And critically, as we launch 400+ new events per year around the world, the Virtual Volunteer app massively reduces the financial and logistic costs of supporting our vision of keeping parkrun free, forever, for everyone.”


As many of you will know, we had an equipment failure a couple of weeks ago when both stopwatches failed to upload stored times onto the laptop, which meant having to complete this task manually. The stopwatches have since been replaced however this won’t always be the case and so we are taking the opportunity to give the app a proper trial.

When completing the event tomorrow you should notice no difference when you come through the finish funnel, however when you take your bar code to be scanned, we are asking you to wait while your bar code and finish token are scanned twice. Firstly by the volunteer with the usual Opticon Scanner and then again by the volunteer with the app. This will only take an additional few seconds, but will provide me with a complete set of additional data to process into the trial results system. As usual please do not take your finish token home, this should be left with the scanning volunteers.

For those of you who enjoy volunteering either as timekeeper or bar code scanner, you may wish to read more about the Virtual Volunteer app and download it onto your phone for future use. Details are below.

User guide for those interested:


Android version link: http://parkrun.me/0et1v

iOS version link: http://parkrun.me/w1pf2

Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and fingers crossed all goes smoothly!

Lorna O’Donnell
Event Director

p.s. Please don’t forget your barcode!