Guildford parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-22 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Guildford parkrun #389 – 8th Birthday!

For Guildford parkrun’s 8th birthday, 320 happy runners jogged, walked and ran round a sunny but muddy Stoke Park to celebrate. The night before, it had rained quite heavily, but the clouds parted just in time for 9 o’clock; and the sun stuck around for the duration of the run.

Volunteers at the scanning tables!

This week saw 20 PBs, despite muddy park conditions, and 26 first timers. Well done to all who achieved that!  We had been warned during the pre-run briefing of some of the muddy parts of the course, but we powered through, nevertheless.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19 and whether parkrun will be possible in the coming weeks and months, everyone was determined to make this one count – and make it count we did! As always, there was a real range of finishing times, but everybody did really well. The atmosphere was great, and it was a brilliant way to start the weekend!

By Carter Coles.


Thank you very much for this week’s team of 32 volunteers - we can't do without them - so thank you for all you do! Sarah ALEXANDER, Tamsin BLEWDEN, Helen BROWNE, Susan CHARLESWORTH, Rich CLIST, Carter COLES, Clara CONQUEST, Alison CURTIS, Benjamin CURTIS, Leonie DAGRIPPINO, Zoe DAMPIER, Daphne EVANS, Robert FELTHAM, Pauline HASTINGS, Zoe HASTINGS, Alastair HESLOP, Maddie HESLOP, Philip INGOE, Kay INWOOD, Maggs KYTE, George LUDLOW, Claire O'DALY, Maggie PATMORE, Jim PERRIN, Keith RHODES, Dawn RIDGERS, Caroline SAMS, Alejandro SCHOLFIELD PÉREZ, Paul TATLER, Joanna TICEHURST, Richard TOTTY, Peter TURNER. 




Guildford Parkrun #388 – A Muddy Morning!

346 of us came out to Stoke Park this morning to brave the mud – and muddy it was! Nevertheless, it was smiles all round as we ran, jogged and walked round a cloudy Stoke Park. Following a few weeks of unfortunate cancellations due to heavy rain and park conditions, everyone was eager to get going.

During the briefing the run director warned us about some parts (especially the first stretch from the start towards Wild Wood) of the course that were particularly muddy, but we pressed on, nonetheless. In fact, the dogleg just before the finish funnel was gradually moved during the run, as it became gradually churned up as people sprinted to the finish!

One of the great things about parkrun is seeing a smiling marshal cheering you on whilst running/jogging/walking the course – thank you very much to all of this week’s volunteers. As usual there were a number of runners with dogs - sometimes it seemed like the dogs are taking their humans for a run. There were also a few runners running with double buggies! We were also visited by a number of tourists today – one from Devon and one from Cornwall to name a few! There were 56 new runners at Guildford today, and all this was followed by 18 PBs, so well done to all who achieved that.

I am doing parkrun for my Bronze DofE Award, and I am so glad I chose it. At parkrun the atmosphere is lovely, everyone is cheering you on, and you just feel good for the rest of the day. What a great way to start the weekend!

By Carter Coles.


Many thanks to Carter for the run report above.

This week the magic of Guildford parkrun was brought to you by 32 wonderful volunteers:

Caroline SAMS • Steve GOTHAM • Andrew BISHOP • William FORDHAM • Tom GARDNER • Maggie PATMORE • Robert FELTHAM • Jim PERRIN • Jane VESSEY • Richard HANSON • Anne CHEESE • Claire EDWARDS • Lily ROBERTS • Zoe HASTINGS • Rob STOKES • Alison CURTIS • Maddie HESLOP • Katherine PORTMAN • Gerald DAMPIER • Zoe DAMPIER • Paul TATLER • Julian FLETCHER • Benjamin CURTIS • George LUDLOW • Joanna TICEHURST • Judith MCKNIGHT • Nicholas GOLDMAN • Carter COLES • Daphne EVANS • Philip INGOE • Leonie DAGRIPPINO • Alejandro SCHOLFIELD PÉREZ


Guildford parkrun #387: still muddy!

515 people braved the cold morning to take part in Guildford parkrun this week. Luckily the rain held off and we were even lucky enough to see some sunshine towards the end, but that didn’t make the course any easier. There were 47 first timers and 58 runners who recorded new Personal Bests, even in the challenging conditions, all supported by 35 wonderful volunteers.

The eager front runners were a bit too eager or maybe the Run Director and her starter had not properly practised with the new starter horn!! This didn’t matter, the choppy mud soon evened out the field. This didn’t slow down the dogs though, they were dragging their humans through the mud, like sails on a boat… This week there were a LOT of dogs, even a little sausage dog managed to make his way around. One runner even lost a shoe on the home straight. This didn’t stop him though, he picked up the shoe and sprinted to the finish. A few people were even mad enough to bring buggies….. uphill and through mud is hard enough surely!?!

As always there were loads of lovely marshals cheering on the runners. This is something that always amazes me about Guildford parkrun… come rain, frost, wind… whatever the weather… there are always so many marshals motivating you around the course and helping you to enjoy your Saturday morning.

Katie Simmonds


Guildford parkrun #386: lovely weather & a lovely time

Hello and a very warm welcome to this sadly rather short and picture less report. As a run director I personally find it rather difficult to take any pictures while being the run director simply due to time constraints and being too busy. So apologies for the lack of pictures this week but please do feel free to share your own and if you ever fancy writing the report for us one week then we’d be delighted (and it doesn’t stop you from running either – win/win ☀️). Still some moments of interest which I shall share…

Firstly a HUGE thank you to all 27 of our wonderful volunteers this week, who were, as always, simply AWESOME. Without our lovely volunteers there would be no Guildford parkrun event so each and every one of us owe them our thanks. THANK YOU volunteers for being fantastic ❤️❤️

Special mention this week to Judith McKNIGHT, who not only is an absolute wiz with barcode scanning but this Saturday she joined the exalted ranks of the Volunteer 25 milestone club – yes indeed she has now volunteered on 25 separate occasions for our benefit – and always with a smashing smile and a beautiful presence. Our biggest thanks to you Judith, for being such the fabulous volunteer and person that you are ❤️❤️❤️

Staying with the milestone theme then congratulations to the following who have each joined a milestone club from this Saturday. Be very pleased and very proud of your achievements (and eat some celebratory cake!!) – we salute you;

Junior 10: Emelia BRYANT, Gemma MEAD, Daisy ISAACS & Harley ROOT
The Big 50: Peter MERRY
The Bigger 100: Neil ADCOCK, Nayan MISTRY & Robert OWEN

Well done to them all :-)

Billy's Big Horn continues to prove popular - it's even lounder than me!!! Other than that, once again I think we all had a fabulous time – the weather was perfect, the sun even popped out a little for our 516 runners, joggers & walkers (yay ☀️) – there were lots and lots of smiles, 44 personal bests (incredible – well done to you all) and 82 folks who had never run at Guildford parkrun before – thank you so much for joining us we hope you had a lovely time.

Thank you all so much; volunteers, runners, family & friends alike, for joining us. We had a smashing time and we hope you all did too - see you next Saturday perhaps? Happy #parkrunning :-) :-) :-)


Guildford parkrun #385 : The one where you couldn’t miss the starting signal!

By Sarah Warr


A rather grey start to the day at Stoke Park

Mud, mud and more mud was the theme of the day but after a few weeks of sporadic cancellations all 491 of us were keen to get out for a 5km run/jog/walk.  Particularly impressive on a very grey day!

The first timers briefing was particularly busy this week and we welcomed 60 first timers.  We also had plenty of tourists including some visitors from Lancashire. Congratulations to Diana and Eileen on their 50th Parkrun and to Sophia on her 10th.  Unofficial milestones for Bryan (300th) and Simon (150th) – well done to all of you. 


Following feedback from some runners that they couldn’t hear the starting orders, Bill Wild came to the rescue with an air horn to ensure that there were no excuses for a slow start and everyone quickly got underway.

Bills got the horn!

Bills got the horn!

See the video of Bill sending us on our way on the Guildford Parkrun facebook page – he was having far too much fun!


And we were off to face the drizzle and the mud!  Thanks to all the marshals for their encouragement on the way round.


It was a great morning and we all felt much better afterwards.  Congratulations to the 61 that managed PBs despite the difficult conditions.  Thanks also to those that donated to the Foodbank collection.


Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers for putting on such a fantastic event.

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