A parkrun report from the Handsome One

A week after our record, birthday attendance, 322 turned up to complete the event. That is our third highest attendance and 33 came along for the first time. We hope to see you again, next weekend and thereafter.


The handsome one inspiring a nation.

An amazing statistic. A quarter of the whole field ran a personal best time. Either the course was short or you sprouted wings. With that in mind, Martyn and I, as new Event Directors, have decided to introduce drug testing. Individuals will be selected to go into the newly erected white tent, where we hope to be able to sample some good stuff.

All the PB’s have given us a problem. There is no other way of stating this, and that is your very good performances have made the rest of us feel inadequate. If you were one of those, make sure you apologise to us on your next visit for making us feel like lummoxes.

Some individuals who stood out. Jon Claydon, who had a significant birthday, was challenged, publically, to run a new PB of 21.00 minutes, did just that. Slap bang on 21.00. Your target is 20.30 next week. Many happy returns to you as well.

Gregor Morrison has run five PB’s in a row. Alistair Ward knocked 61 seconds of his PB. Nick Meyer took 50 seconds on his and Andrew Beaumont knocked his PB down by 55 seconds. That was Andrews first PB since 23/11/2013. He also has the distinction of being our 25,000 finisher !!!! Fantastic stuff . If you were a PBist last weekend, well done and I do note several very close calls.

I have been nudged to put this next bit in and money will have to exchange hands but the Thomas’s did very well last weekend.
Isabel Thomas - 28.00 - first time over 60%, Lauren Thomas - 30.14, Eloise Thomas - 30.15, Andrea Thomas - 30.15 - first time over 50% - This is remarkable for Andrea, who has been struggling to get the miles into her packed coffee schedule for a while now.

Help required. Next weekend, Corin will need some help with the volunteering. Would you let us know if you can via our email. While we are on that subject, many thanks to all those who helped me last weekend, you were a great help. A special thanks to Tamara Pedgrift for doing the new runner briefing .


Have you met the beautiful ladies of the Back on track running group? There were 10 of them at our parkrun last weekend in their serious babe running kit. Here is a link so you can find out all about them. They are a very social running group, run twice a week, on Monday evening in Wonersh Park and Friday mornings at Blackheath Common. I also suspect that coffee, cake and Tupperware are involved.


Finally, here is Chris Tucker (Walsall Arboretum parkrun Event Director) and family, doing a bit of parkrun tourism

Have a great week and I hope to see you all next weekend.