Guildford parkrun # 344 : Happy 7 Year Anniversary Guildford parkrun!

Run report by Monica Tudor

Wonderful parkrunners of Guildford,

Let me start this very important parkrun report by saying a very big thank you to everyone who sacrificed, on average, 28 minutes this Saturday morning, to come and help us celebrate 7 years of Guildford parkrun!

In March 2012, 17 volunteers made all of this possible for us. 184 people took part in the first Guildford parkrun! On that day, Gilbert GRUNDY finished first in 16:27. The course record is now 15:14 and was set by Phil WICKS in September 2017. Well done to Cecilia SIRUFFO who has been first lady 44 times, and to Chris Peck who has been first man 30 times in Guildford. And also, well done to all the people who come here, every Saturday morning, to exercise, to run, to walk, to learn how to run, to get some fresh air, to socialise and be part of our community!

And today 9th March 2019 445 people finished our parkrun with the help of 29 volunteers!1

The running conditions were as good as possible after one week of rain. We had lots of sunshine and wind to keep our tops dry all the way!2

In first place today was Daniel TITCOMB in 18:01 followed closely by Ben “The Road Runner” EVANS. First place lady was Rachel PARKEN in 20:12.3

We had a few milestones today, so congratulations for running 50 parkruns to Matthew KING, David NEWMAN (position 51 – so close!), Rebecca LA-TOUCHE, Wayne SMITH and for running 100 parkruns to Mark WILKIE (position 98 – why didn’t you slow down?)

Without our lovely volunteers, this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to all who volunteered but a special thanks to our top volunteering stalwarts (in terms of occasions):
Maddie Heslop, Andrew Heslop, Paul Tatler, Stephen Osborne, Ben Curtis, Alison Curtis and our former Event Director (now-retired) Nicky Hack; and Teresa Male our Duke of Edinburgh coordinator.4

Our parkrun is still growing, we are always in need of more volunteers, please opt-in to our mailings, see the volunteer opt-in link in your results mail. My preferred role is token scanner which I always transform into a competition with the other token scanners (they don’t seem to like it). Anyway, give it a go when you don’t feel like running and who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it even more than I do!
But the most important thing: today we had chocolate, balloons, 7 year anniversary badges and lots and lots of wonderful, happy and enthusiastic people!56

On this happy note, good luck to all the runners who are taking part in big races this weekend and see you next week for another parkrun adventure!
Your most competitive token scanner (although today I was on finish token duties) and a somewhat less competitive runner,