Guildford parkrun #387: still muddy!

515 people braved the cold morning to take part in Guildford parkrun this week. Luckily the rain held off and we were even lucky enough to see some sunshine towards the end, but that didn’t make the course any easier. There were 47 first timers and 58 runners who recorded new Personal Bests, even in the challenging conditions, all supported by 35 wonderful volunteers.

The eager front runners were a bit too eager or maybe the Run Director and her starter had not properly practised with the new starter horn!! This didn’t matter, the choppy mud soon evened out the field. This didn’t slow down the dogs though, they were dragging their humans through the mud, like sails on a boat… This week there were a LOT of dogs, even a little sausage dog managed to make his way around. One runner even lost a shoe on the home straight. This didn’t stop him though, he picked up the shoe and sprinted to the finish. A few people were even mad enough to bring buggies….. uphill and through mud is hard enough surely!?!

As always there were loads of lovely marshals cheering on the runners. This is something that always amazes me about Guildford parkrun… come rain, frost, wind… whatever the weather… there are always so many marshals motivating you around the course and helping you to enjoy your Saturday morning.

Katie Simmonds