Guildford parkrun #389 – 8th Birthday!

For Guildford parkrun’s 8th birthday, 320 happy runners jogged, walked and ran round a sunny but muddy Stoke Park to celebrate. The night before, it had rained quite heavily, but the clouds parted just in time for 9 o’clock; and the sun stuck around for the duration of the run.

Volunteers at the scanning tables!

This week saw 20 PBs, despite muddy park conditions, and 26 first timers. Well done to all who achieved that!  We had been warned during the pre-run briefing of some of the muddy parts of the course, but we powered through, nevertheless.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19 and whether parkrun will be possible in the coming weeks and months, everyone was determined to make this one count – and make it count we did! As always, there was a real range of finishing times, but everybody did really well. The atmosphere was great, and it was a brilliant way to start the weekend!

By Carter Coles.


Thank you very much for this week’s team of 32 volunteers - we can't do without them - so thank you for all you do! Sarah ALEXANDER, Tamsin BLEWDEN, Helen BROWNE, Susan CHARLESWORTH, Rich CLIST, Carter COLES, Clara CONQUEST, Alison CURTIS, Benjamin CURTIS, Leonie DAGRIPPINO, Zoe DAMPIER, Daphne EVANS, Robert FELTHAM, Pauline HASTINGS, Zoe HASTINGS, Alastair HESLOP, Maddie HESLOP, Philip INGOE, Kay INWOOD, Maggs KYTE, George LUDLOW, Claire O'DALY, Maggie PATMORE, Jim PERRIN, Keith RHODES, Dawn RIDGERS, Caroline SAMS, Alejandro SCHOLFIELD PÉREZ, Paul TATLER, Joanna TICEHURST, Richard TOTTY, Peter TURNER.