Guildford parkrun #396 (Part 2)

What a lot of people don't realise is that when they duck out of the funnel because they aren't fussed about getting a result, but ducking has the potential to mess up the results of every person who finished after them so please don't duck! If you do see someone duck out, please alert a funnel manager or tell the people giving out FINISH TOKENS. William Blair and Stephen Osborne handed out the finish position tokens to our 395 finishers so that they could head over to be scanned.

Finish tokens being handed out by William and Stephen, with Number Checker Sam heading over to find out the name and finish position of this runner.

Finish tokens being handed out by William and Stephen, with Number Checker Sam heading over to find out the name and finish position of this runner.

BARCODE SCANNING is now using the parkrun virtual volunteer app exclusively, today your barcode and token were scanned by Andy Bishop (Andy is also a Guildford RD), Wendy Brandse, Nathan Cassidy, Susanna Harrison, Jeff Hemmings, Judith McKnight, Sam Poulter and Dashzeveg Tserenbat, and backed up by Maddie Heslop (Another Guildford RD!) on OTHER which at Guildford parkrun is our back-up scanner/scribe so if your printed barcode/wristband or finish token won't scan, we have a volunteer with a clipboard who will write down the information from your disintegrating paper barcode so you still get a result. If you're a speedy runner and expect to finish in 24 minutes or less you could run first and then hop in as a scanner as Susanna did today.

Scanners eagerly waiting for the finishers to arrive.

Scanners eagerly waiting for the finishers to arrive.

The final volunteering task today was RUN REPORT WRITER, another option if you want to volunteer and run. The run report can be what you would like to make it, your take on that days event or sharing your story of what parkrun means to you.

I volunteered to write the run report this week in honour of my 100th volunteering at Guildford parkrun, it is safe to say I enjoy volunteering! The atmosphere is amazing, and the feeling I get after volunteering really sets me up for the weekend, there aren't many things you can do and say I contributed to 400 odd people achieving something that makes life better by 10am on a Saturday morning!

Since we have been back post-lockdown, it has been a struggle to get enough volunteers to safely hold our event so please consider volunteering at Guildford parkrun the coming weeks, email to volunteer. If you've never volunteered before I can really recommend it- I wouldn't have done it 100 times if it wasn't fun! You will be briefed and trained for whichever role you do, so don’t be scared, or if it's been a while since you've volunteered come back and be reminded of the good feelings!

It's said regularly in the Run briefings and volunteer appeal emails, but without the wonderful volunteers parkrun can't happen, and it really is true, if we don't have the basic volunteer numbers to hold a safe event we would be forced to cancel so please get in touch!

As well being unable to read out our volunteers in the briefing, we miss congratulating people on reaching their milestone runs, well done today to Phill Hatton on 100 and Emma Davies on 50!

I'd like to end my report with a big cheer to everyone who volunteered today and who has in the last 6 weeks, you rock!

By Maddie Heslop

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford parkrun Results Page.