Guildford parkrun #386: lovely weather & a lovely time

Hello and a very warm welcome to this sadly rather short and picture less report. As a run director I personally find it rather difficult to take any pictures while being the run director simply due to time constraints and being too busy. So apologies for the lack of pictures this week but please do feel free to share your own and if you ever fancy writing the report for us one week then we’d be delighted (and it doesn’t stop you from running either – win/win ☀️). Still some moments of interest which I shall share…

Firstly a HUGE thank you to all 27 of our wonderful volunteers this week, who were, as always, simply AWESOME. Without our lovely volunteers there would be no Guildford parkrun event so each and every one of us owe them our thanks. THANK YOU volunteers for being fantastic ❤️❤️

Special mention this week to Judith McKNIGHT, who not only is an absolute wiz with barcode scanning but this Saturday she joined the exalted ranks of the Volunteer 25 milestone club – yes indeed she has now volunteered on 25 separate occasions for our benefit – and always with a smashing smile and a beautiful presence. Our biggest thanks to you Judith, for being such the fabulous volunteer and person that you are ❤️❤️❤️

Staying with the milestone theme then congratulations to the following who have each joined a milestone club from this Saturday. Be very pleased and very proud of your achievements (and eat some celebratory cake!!) – we salute you;

Junior 10: Emelia BRYANT, Gemma MEAD, Daisy ISAACS & Harley ROOT
The Big 50: Peter MERRY
The Bigger 100: Neil ADCOCK, Nayan MISTRY & Robert OWEN

Well done to them all :-)

Billy's Big Horn continues to prove popular - it's even lounder than me!!! Other than that, once again I think we all had a fabulous time – the weather was perfect, the sun even popped out a little for our 516 runners, joggers & walkers (yay ☀️) – there were lots and lots of smiles, 44 personal bests (incredible – well done to you all) and 82 folks who had never run at Guildford parkrun before – thank you so much for joining us we hope you had a lovely time.

Thank you all so much; volunteers, runners, family & friends alike, for joining us. We had a smashing time and we hope you all did too - see you next Saturday perhaps? Happy #parkrunning :-) :-) :-)


Guildford parkrun #380 It’s Christmas Day and Santa’s in town :-)

'You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I'm telling you why:
Santa Clause is comin' to run...'

Guildford parkrun was an event in absence these last 2 weeks as the course condition wasn't the best, with muddy ponds during the week but luckily for everyone of us, the weather gave us a truce to celebrate it. A truce like the one that happened at the Western Front on the 25th of December 1914, during WWI.

Since early morning Paul - our run director - was checking the course and signalling some important points in the course: there will be some slight changes to avoid the remaining mud puddles from the showers early this week.

On this joyful day, we volunteers started to arrive to help with the setting up: tables, speaker, tokens, cones, signs, finish line... All ready to share the joy of this day with everyone who decided to come. Who might need anything else in Christmas Day?... Us! We needed parkrun!

All of a sudden the figure of Santa in his sled, pulled by his reindeers showed up! It was a beautiful and sweet Santa with all his reindeers made their appearance close by the scanning tables. It was the cutest image of the day!

Gifts and sweets were shared for the lovely volunteers to everyone there. Many people in Santa attire and a fishy runner? Perhaps he might feel as an eel in swampy water today!


The Santas and the reindeers begin to gather :-)


A big fish? No I still don't get it either but certainly made me smile :-)


Just a few of the 33 brilliant volunteers who made the day possible. Thank you so much :-)

Paul gave his speech, with warnings about the condition of the course and then the call for tourists - Stevenage, Woking, even from Melbourne Australia! Time to get ready... Paul with his tinseled hat shouted "Three, two, one... Go!" And everyone pulled the strings of their inner reindeers, to navigate along the green sea of Stoke Park.
Everything was a celebration at the end: chats, talks, season greetings. Everything may happen, even an engagement proposal to Fiona SWENY from her fiancé! - huge congratulations and celebrations to you both [editors note: we expect an invite of course as we’re already buying hats :-) ]

Massive congratulations to all of the following for achieving the following milestone;

Ben JONES on obtaining his Junior 10 milestone, Mark POWER hitting the big 50 and Adele DUTHIE, Chloe POWER, Emma CORNELIUS, Tom FREER and Niamh CRISP-O'BRIEN all reaching their 100. What a smashing Christmas present they all gave themselves and what a wonderful achievement. Very well done to you all. :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone and don't forget that we'll be running tomorrow once again (Saturday 28th)! So lace up your running shoes and don’t forget your barcode.

This week 464 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 69 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 60 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:

Nicola Jayne BANHAM • Wendy-Ann GRANEY • David MALE • Robert PITT • Claire O'DALY • Tony ROSTANT • Natalie WHITE • Richard CHAMPNESS • Wendy SCOTT • Richard OVERTON • Sarah NIXON • Maggie PATMORE • Helen HOWELL • Jane WHITE • Catherine LAWLESS • Joel LAWLESS • Jane FOSTER • Abigail MATTIN • Rebecca CHETWOOD • Laura BERRY • Nathalie HIGGS • Clara CONQUEST • Maddie HESLOP • Paul TATLER • Wayne SMITH • Jenny PITT • Judith MCKNIGHT • Sofia FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ • Nicholas DUNNETT • Sarah ALEXANDER • Ben GREEN • Carrie HIGGINS • Brian GENT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily WICKS who recorded a time of 17:31 on 8th October 2016 (event number 227).
The male record is held by Phil WICKS who recorded a time of 15:14 on 23rd September 2017 (event number 274).
The Age Grade course record is held by Juliette STELL who recorded 90.98% (22:43) on 21st September 2019 (event number 369).

Guildford parkrun started on 10th March 2012. Since then 15,358 participants have completed 117,857 parkruns covering a total distance of 589,285 km, including 19,606 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,173 individuals have volunteered 7,654 times.


Guildford parkrun #369: Summers Last Hurrah!!

Guildford parkrun #369 – Pacer week


Me (Beth O'Connell - this weeks Run Report Writer - on the right) with Annalees Lim and Becky Clack just before the run. So innocent. So clean. So without a calf that won’t stop cramping up because of not stretching it properly.

Oh September, the awkward void between ice cream season and mulled wine season, when the mornings get darker, and getting out of bed becomes more of a resurrecting the dead type situation. It’s not even Halloween yet. There is clearly only one solution to that (somewhat pretty and pleasant) scourge known as early autumn: do the successful scraping out of bed-type thing, squeeze yourself into your running gear of choice – any excuse for a bum bag – and jolly on over to Stoke park for a session of sweating, crying, and loud mouth-breathing. (I confess, I have never been able to manage ‘in through the nose, out through the mouth’; just breathing at all is a massive success story.)

Saturday was my first time back running in a couple of weeks, having shouted my head off as a marshal two weeks ago, and been held hostage by love (my friend’s beautiful wedding) last weekend. What can I say, a wedding is all well and good, but parkrun has more sweat! More endorphins! Less cake, admittedly, but more dogs! And this week, an even bigger treat; not only was the day sunny, beautiful and perfect for running, but shining on the horizon was a line of periwinkle blue-clad heroes. Their superpower? Running well at a regular speed for a prolonged period of time (admittedly, this is a somewhat niche superpower). That’s right; this week was pacer week.


Our beautiful squad of pacers, showing us how it’s done.

And then, sporting the neons like 1980s superstars, providing both literal and figurative highlights throughout the run, were our fine marshals and trail-runners, filling us with the will to keep running, jogging, walking, limping, buggying and dog-chasing to the very end, and keeping everything going safely and smoothly. Thank you for making bright orange and yellow look so good and for drowning out the evil “can I please stop now and eat chocolate instead” voices in our heads with your words of encouragement.


Heroes in a high-vis – Marshall power!

Overall, we had 42 volunteers who made Saturday happen, giving up their valuable time on a Saturday morning. The race was started off by our run director, Paul Tatler, who, as ever, inspired us all with his infectious enthusiasm and words of positivity. There was a huge group of us - 562 runners, in fact – out to push ourselves against the pacers on this beautiful blue-skied day (because blue skies and red faces do go so very well together in a sweaty chic sort of a way). This included sixty first-timers, who were given a sterling welcome with a briefing by Harry Conlan, one of our DofE volunteers.

Harry Conlan prepping the first-timers.

Harry Conlan prepping the first-timers.

Along with these happy, shiny new faces, there were some important milestones this week. As well as being Matthew Cassie’s tenth run (from our juniors), it was all about the golden boys, with Richard Walker, Paul Steadman, Simon Claridge, Joe Breuer and his dad John Breuer all celebrating their fiftieth runs. Wonderful work, guys!

And we’re off!

And we’re off!

Our pacers helped us achieve some amazing times this week, with 114 new PBs, not including our first-timers (that’s a new PB for more than 20% of our runners, you go, you speedy people)! Alex Mogford finished first overall with an extremely impressive time of 17:40, while Laura Addie was our fastest female runner, rocking in with an incredible new PB of 20:27. Juliette Stell’s new PB of 22.43 was a – frankly quite spectacular – 90.98% age grade in the JW10 category. I hope the victorious fire raging from the bottom of your trainers didn’t hurt too much.

Jasper taking a well-deserved post-run drink. Majestic.

Jasper taking a well-deserved post-run drink. Majestic.


Parkrunners Tom and Debbie Jones


Charlie and Ling (who completed the course for the first time!)


Runners Johanna, Kate, Daisy and Sophie


Jen and Henry from Challengers (letting people know about the 10th Anniversary Kelly’s Cross Country which includes the family friendly 10 Miles for Smiles Sunrise Walk coming up on 20th October at Loseley Park. A perennial favourite and all for the Challengers charity) :-)

So what a way to celebrate what might be summer’s last hurrah! That leaves me to just thank everyone again – the volunteers, participants, one and all – for helping to make the event such a success!

Some additional pictures courtesy of Mark Sandom. Many thanks Mark.

Timekeeper Alastair Heslop

Timekeeper Alastair Heslop



This week 562 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 60 were first timers and 114 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 38 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 42 volunteers:

Gavin MEGAW • Ian MCCARTHY • Anne CONNELL • Prab SATYA • Ian KENYON • Wendy FITZPATRICK • Laurie BANTIN • Alastair DAY • Robert HARRISON • Richard OVERTON • Alastair HESLOP • Helen PRONGER • Nathan JANMOHAMED • Aditya BHASKAR • Rennie CHADWICK • William BOLTER • Martin FRYER • Harry CONLAN • Rich CLIST • David NEWMAN • Alison CURTIS • Joshua CURTIS • Maddie HESLOP • Emily RASTRICK • Katherine PORTMAN • Paul TATLER • Ben BALDWIN • Wayne SMITH • Rosie KILLICK • Benjamin CURTIS • Hyder ROOHANI • Peter TURNER • Beth O'CONNELL • Annabel BOYLE • Judith MCKNIGHT • Carolyn TURNER • Brandon ACRES • Ben GREEN • William IZZARD • Philip INGOE • Jackie WILLIAMS • Ryan BOWDLER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily WICKS who recorded a time of 17:31 on 8th October 2016 (event number 227).
The male record is held by Phil WICKS who recorded a time of 15:14 on 23rd September 2017 (event number 274).
The Age Grade course record is held by Juliette STELL who recorded 90.98% (22:43) on 21st September 2019 (event number 369).

Guildford parkrun started on 10th March 2012. Since then 14,788 participants have completed 112,815 parkruns covering a total distance of 564,075 km, including 19,202 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,132 individuals have volunteered 7,281 times.


Lots of Milestones & Lots of Smiles. A Classic Guildford parkrun :-)

Welcome All

Hello & a very warm welcome to this weeks run report for Guildford parkrun, our 362nd event (now doesn't that sound like a healthy amount! :-) This weeks run report has largely been brought to you from our smashing guest writer Punam OWENS, who was visiting family this weekend but ensured she fitted in a spot of tourism (go Punam), with her lovely Auntie Rekha.

If you're ever taken by a prose attack and fancy writing our run report one week just put yourself forward and let us know - you will be most welcome :-)

So let's get down to it and enjoy Punam's words on our little event...

It’s a real honour to be able to write this week’s run report for your event. My home parkrun is in Witney in West Oxfordshire, and this week I was visiting my 87 year old grandmother, who lives in Guildford, and my aunt who is here for a few days from Canada. I am sure, many can relate to the fact it can be challenging to miss a parkrun once you have been bitten by the bug, so I had left home at 06:30 am to “fit one in” before heading over to spend the day with Mama as she is affectionately known. It was a real treat when my aunt said she would join me. “I can’t run though” she said. And there it is, the magic of parkrun: there will almost always be one nearby wherever you are on a Saturday morning, there is always room for first timers, no one finishes last, it is a wonderful family affair, and you can walk, jog, run or volunteer.

The excited crowds begin the arrive, the buzz of happiness is in the air once more. It must be parkrun day :-)

The excited crowds begin to arrive, the buzz of happiness is in the air once more. It must be parkrun day. But what are they all looking at...? :-)


Relaxed and happy - do they know they will soon be doing 5KM. Or have they just completed. It's not really clear to me!? :-)

The Run Briefing

RD Paul’s enthusiasm was infectious, and his 4+1 run brief was excellent (editors note: no money exchanged hands regarding this comment - honest!!):

  1. Respect for each other
  2. Dogs, one and on a short lead
  3. U11’s to stay within arm’s reach of your responsible adult
  4. What happens when you don’t have a barcode had the crowd shouting back – No result!

    +1 The post parkrun social at the Daisy Chain Café :-)


An excellent run brief is given. Apparently!! :-)

As we know the event cannot take place each week without our hi-viz heroes and this week the event was made possible by 27 volunteers. It was a lovely touch for RD Paul to call out each Hi-Viz hero by their name. It’s something I will take back to my home parkrun :-) (editors note: this is something all the RDs do at Guildford parkrun as we think each volunteer deserves individual thanks and recognition).

Claire O'DALY • Richard HODGSON • Jane THACKSTONE • Alastair DAY • Matthew BAYLIS • Robert FELTHAM • Nick WRIGHT • Harry CONLAN • Sian WILLIAMS • Mark TAYLOR • Caroline CROSS • Maddie HESLOP • Alexandra OLIVER • Paul TATLER • Rosie KILLICK • Punam OWENS • Fran HANDRICK • Peter TURNER • Judith MCKNIGHT • Nicholas GOLDMAN • Elaine FAGAN • Daphne EVANS • Sarah ALEXANDER • Ben GREEN • William IZZARD • Henry PARKER • Josie EVANS


There were many milestones to celebrate this week. The crowd congratulated Katie EALDEN and Richard TOTTY for achieving their 50 parkrun milestones.


Katie EALDEN and Richard TOTTY celebrate achieving their 50th parkrun. Their lovely smiles say it all :-)

While Nigel WILLIAMS, Myles GILBERTSON and Emma TYERMAN-COOK all hit the BIG 100.

And Guildford parkruns very own, the smashing Caroline SAMS, smashed through the humongous, the stupendous 250. Go her, what an absolute star!!!

All milestones are special, whether achieving your first milestone and reaching 50 or something further up the chain. Each milestone reached shows a commitment to ones own well being and choosing to celebrate life. Massive congratulations all round to our milestoners this week. They are all fantastical & runtastical folks who should feel very pleased and very proud of their achievements.Woo-hoo to you all.


Caroline SAMS celebrating her incredible 250th parkrun with her Fitstuff friends. Brilliant stuff Caroline :-)


Yes - you really have achieved this Caroline and we're so pleased you shared with Guildford parkrun :-)


The long route to achieving your 250th parkrun is so much shorter with friends :-


We also bumped into Simon and John who are working on running 50 different locations. They are on 18 and 38 respectively. Good luck guys!

The Off

And then we were off on what was a warm and dry morning. It is an incredible and an inspiring sight to see so many people, young and older out in the fresh air doing something positive for themselves and their community and using our green spaces to full effect.


What 500 people look like from behind. Just in case you wondered!!! ;-)


Possibly one of the most wonderful sights on any given Saturday morning. A parkrun off!!! Don't they look fabulous.


Still going!!! :-)


Action shot #1 - you can see how much she's enjoying by her huge smile. Good stuff :-)


Action shot #2

Each week there are many magic moments. I am sure everyone who joined a parkrun experienced some sort of magic moment – it is the power of parkrun, no matter what your reason for coming out each week. For me, this week, it was the ability to spend an hour walking with my aunt enjoying her first ever parkrun and to be made to feel so welcome by everyone we met.

So, as we approached the finish line, that was a wrap. We really enjoyed being tourists for a week. Guildford parkrun has a wonderful event and it was a real pleasure to experience your 2 laps, including the slight inclines!

We hope to see you again (perhaps in Witney) and in the meantime, thank you for having us.

Punam and Auntie Rekha


The lovely, the smiley Punam and Auntie Rekha. Many thanks for your report this week.

Many thanks Punam for writing our report this week - I loved the pictures and the words and we (Guildford parkrun) are thrilled you had such a tremendous time with us - we enjoyed your company just as much.

Thank you so much, as always, to all our wonderful and lovely volunteers - please tale a well earned & deserved bow - and to all who turned up, cheered, ran, walked, jogged, smiled and enjoyed. We certainly enjoyed all of your company. So until next week, I wish you all a super week and please do take care of yourselves and others. Enjoy life.

On a final note, for those who love the statistics (and I include myself in that group), please find below all you could (perhaps) ever want to know about Guildford parkrun but were afraid to ask... :-)

This week 487 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 76 were first timers and 70 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Claire O'DALY • Richard HODGSON • Jane THACKSTONE • Alastair DAY • Matthew BAYLIS • Robert FELTHAM • Nick WRIGHT • Harry CONLAN • Sian WILLIAMS • Mark TAYLOR • Caroline CROSS • Maddie HESLOP • Alexandra OLIVER • Paul TATLER • Rosie KILLICK • Punam OWENS • Fran HANDRICK • Peter TURNER • Judith MCKNIGHT • Nicholas GOLDMAN • Elaine FAGAN • Daphne EVANS • Sarah ALEXANDER • Ben GREEN • William IZZARD • Henry PARKER • Josie EVANS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily WICKS who recorded a time of 17:31 on 8th October 2016 (event number 227).
The male record is held by Phil WICKS who recorded a time of 15:14 on 23rd September 2017 (event number 274).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 90.41% (22:25) on 27th April 2013 (event number 57).

Guildford parkrun started on 10th March 2012. Since then 14,320 participants have completed 109,318 parkruns covering a total distance of 546,590 km, including 18,654 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,096 individuals have volunteered 7,043 times.

With love & respect :-)


Guildford parkrun #345: A Most Significant Milestone & Lots of Wind!!

A Most Significant Milestone and Lots of Wind!

Well hello there and a very warm welcome to the run report for Guildford parkrun event #354, at which we, Guildford parkrun, celebrated a rather significant milestone ourselves and battled with the winds. Intrigued, well read on....

Volunteer Thanks

Firstly, and most importantly, I wish to give our thanks to the 42 amazing volunteers involved this Saturday who, through their generous endeavours ensured Guildford parkrun was able to host a safe, friendly, welcoming & inclusive parkrun event for our 473 runners. Not only for this week, but for the previous 344 weeks and the 99,672 runners for whom we have been able to host Guildford parkrun. It is only made possible because of these 1,047 wonderful individuals who collectively have given up 6,508 Saturday mornings of their own time for a greater good; in the past, now and long into the future. We all owe these dedicated, happy, very capable people our great gratitude.


The Set-up

So clearly before any parkrun event can actually take place the course has to be set-up in the morning. No easy task with strong winds I can tell you! As the course was being marked our with cones, every time the Run Director turned around to ensure good placement of cones, in relation to each, to form a clear course route that is safe & intuitive for our runners to follow (oh yes - we take great pride and joy in our course), the cones had of course been whipped about & buffeted by the winds leaving not a one in their original position. On realising it was a pushing a big rock up a steep hill covered in ice while wearing ice skates type task and bearing in mind that it wouldn't be ideal to still be setting-up the course at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the Run Director accepted being in the lap of the gods, and smiled sagely!!

Despite papers, pens, finish token collection boxes, water bottles and pretty much anything and everything else being flung around by the wind - but hey there's a real energy there that's exciting and energising - amazingly we actually found ourselves ready. Not a moment too soon as the excited runners were now descending on us and there was a buzz in the air an almost electric buzz - but why...? Because this Saturday we were going to celebrate our 100,000th finisher at Guildford parkrun and perhaps each one wanted the kudos, the glory or simply the sheer joy of being Guildford parkrun finisher number 100,000. Who can blame them!! :-)

FitStuffers preparing for the off...

Some fabulous team Fitstuffers preparing for the off...

Milestone Congratulations!!

As always at every Guildford parkrun there are individual stories of courage, endeavour and of achievement and this Saturday was no exception, so please join us in celebrating and congratulating the following folks in their very own story where they are the hero;

From our junior contingent each of the following successfully scaled the 10 milestone:

  • William ROESER
  • Ollie NIXON
  • Miles NORWOOD
  • Eloise ALLEN

For the adults the success just keeps rolling on for the following:

  • Simon ELSBURY
  • Adam NEWNHAM
  • Philip GRAINGER
  • Gordon RANDALL
  • James HANCOX
  • Angela RHYDDERCH
  • Ella RAE

All of whom obtained their 50 milestone. Brilliant effort and well done to you all, wear your t-shirts with great pride & joy :-)

Angela RHYDDERCH looking very happy and very Irish to celebrate her 50th milestone on St. Patricks Day :-).

Angela RHYDDERCH looking very happy and very Irish to celebrate her 50th milestone on St. Patricks Day :-).

Oh and of course - Guildford parkrun joined the 100,000 club!!! How impressive is that.

100,000 runners each completing 5 km, why that's 500,000 kilometres and you know, it's only 384,400 kilometres to the moon!!! If each runner burns on average 500 kilocalories (or 2,092 kilojoules if you prefer) for each 5 km they've run then that's roughly the same amount of energy, over the 100,000 runs, required to heat approximately 555,555 litres of water to boiling point. That's roughly 2.2 million cups of tea!!! So not only does Guildford parkrun take you to the moon (we need a few more years to get you back mind you), we can more than supply the tea to go with such an incredible journey. :-).

Fun facts aside, all of those 100,000 runs represents a personal story of human triumph, of courage & commitment - of believing that a better quality of life is possible - and of striving for it. We salute you all and thank you for making Guildford parkrun the fabulous joy that it is for so many people.

The Run

The most fabulous of sights at 09:00 on a Saturday in Stoke Park. A tsunami of colour and human endeavour. Go guys go, you look wonderful.

And they're off!!

And they're off!!

Each run is filled with action, suspense, human grit, fantastic timekeeping, selfless encouragement, personal determination, the highs and joys of being alive, of being human, of being part of a tremendous community, of giving it all you have. Of life.

Keith HARRISON looking humble and pretty happy with himeself

Keith HARRISON looking humble and pretty pleased with himself

Of the fierceness of giving everything.

PHOTO_20190316_091832 (2)

Of timekeeping fun & accuracy.

Alastair HESLOP on the clock

Alastair HESLOP on the clock

But who will gain the coveted position 328 and become Guildford parkruns 100,000th runner? The tension & excitement builds & builds....

THe sought after position 328

The much sought after position 328

Who will it be....

The 100,000th Finisher & Presentation

Come in number 100,000 - yes it's Gethin JONES and our congratulations to him. On only Gethin's 2nd parkrun he became Guildford parkruns' 100,000th finisher. Much, I'm sure, to Gethins' surprise, delight & slight bewilderment we made a huge fuss of him - and rightly so because it's always good to spread happiness & joy.

Gethin JONES becomes Guildford parkrun 100,000 finisher. See the massive finish token he earned!!

Gethin JONES becomes Guildford parkruns' 100,000th finisher. See the massive finish token he earned!!

Don't be fooled by those glum faces, they where all very happy for Gethin!!

They're just pretending to be glum

They're just pretending to be glum


We're all very happy

A bunch of very happy people

To much fanfare Gethin JONES was awarded a 100,000th finisher sash, a 100,000 finisher medallion, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, lots of balloons and a giant 100,000 finish token. Awards were very generously donated by members of Fitstuff running club (thanks Bill WILD) and individual members of Guildford parkrun core team. I'm not sure if Gethin really understood why we where all so happy for him but we were all totally delighted for him and he was such a great sport. Let's hope he doesn't get too used to all this champagne & chocolate mind you as it'll do nothing for his run times!!!

All that then remained was for our little 100,000th Guildford parkrun presentation ceremony to Gethin JONES - yes we continued to make a fuss - and up-stepped the fantastic Robert PITT, one of our brilliant Co-Event Directors and Paul TATLER, who was our Run Director for the day, to present the awards.

Gethin JONES, Guildford parkruns' 100,000th finisher!

Gethin JONES, Guildford parkruns' 100,000th finisher, being congratulated by Paul TATLER

As you can clearly see - we had much fun and made much fuss :-)

The presentation :-)

The presentation with Robert PITT in the very warm looking blue hat :-)


At The End...

Off we all went to celebrate at the Daisy Chain Café, exchange stories of running heroics, enjoy hot coffee and perhaps hotter gossip, renew & make new friendships and wonder what colour our next pair of running shoes should be! :-)

We thank everyone who came down and celebrated with us for this rather significant milestone - a milestone that we're pretty chuffed and pleased with. But you know what - we're just getting warmed up!!! Until then dear people, take care of yourselves & your loved ones, remember there is always another run and I wish you as much joy and love as your hearts can hold. Adios. Or until next Saturday at least :-)

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