Gunnersbury parkrun, Event number 409: 19th October 2019

Alphabet parkruns – and a return from injury – Gunnersbury parkrun #409


Following a fall and broken coccyx, my parkrunning activities recently have involved much more volunteering. So it was with great delight that I joined 441 other parkrunners and walked around the glorious Gunnersbury park.


My daughter, a very keen volunteer, and I have been trying to complete the alphabet in UK parkruns. We asked for advice on various facebook groups for the best ‘G’ parkrun to complete for someone who can’t manage uneven surfaces and this run was suggested.


It’s a couple of loops around the park on a combination of new and very flat paths, including some older and less well maintained paths that were uneven. As well as being fairly injury friendly, it’s very buggy friendly, albeit narrow paths in places, and a lot of interesting things to look at when travelling at a steady walking pace rather that running as fast as possible. 


I started with the tail walker Penelope VARGAS but to my delight found that I was managing to cover the ground a little faster than I thought I could. Lap 1 was completed in company and lap 2 mostly alone – which was fine up to the fork when I turned right (I could see the funnel) rather than left and I had to retrace my steps to go in the correct direction. Note to self, concentrate on the route better next time! Alternatively, if you are a faster runner and not dashing off to watch the rugby or grab a coffee, a gentle loop of warm down/cool down supporting the often quite lonesome walkers might be a nice way to end the parkrun.


My highlights, apart from completing my parkrun, and my UK parkrun alphabet, were the wooden carvings, the lake with the wildfowl and the amazing established trees. After finishing (some token sorting and a great breakfast) we took time to join in the 90th birthday celebrations of the park in the museum, learning more about the area. 


To the results.


A smaller field that usual (the Rugby World Cup effect), there were still 26 parkrunners who completed their first run and of those completing run #2, there were 9 new PBs – well done. 

Jo HOWARTH completed her fantastic 50th parkrun, Lucia GOMEZ-RODRIGUEZ and John FOXALL their happy 100th runs, and top-tastic 250th celebrations for Louise FERGUSON and Piers KEENLEYSIDE. May your tshirt links go live quickly. 


This week’s runniest parkrunner was Roger THOMAS on his 383 parkrun with 362 at Gunnersbury and Simon DOBSON ran the date 19:10 which is pretty cool!


parkrun today was supported by 25 awesome volunteers – do let the team know if you fancy getting involved – all the roles are straightforward and it’s a great way to get a parkrun fix when other races or injuries mean a Saturday running parkrun isn’t practical.


Pippa White

Queen Elizabeth