Xmas Day & New Year’s Day parkrun

Hi Everyone,


We're pleased to be able to announce that we will be holding a parkrun at Hackworth park on both Christmas Day & New Year's Day.


We'd love to see you there and we can say that there will probably be Cake and Mince Pies at the finish line.


See you all there.


Public Space Protection Order in County Durham.

Some parkrunners may already be aware that from June 1st, Durham County Council are introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in County Durham.

Basically this will have an impact on dog owners throughout the county and will directly have an effect on us at Hackworth parkrun, particularly the part of the order which says it is an offence to; Allow a dog into any fenced-off play area named in the PSPO

At present the play area at Hackworth park is not fenced off, but in the near future it will be. There will be gates on the footpaths that lead into the play area so we'll be able to open those and parkun in itself will not be affected, but it does mean that once the fencing is erected, that unfortunately we will not be able to allow runners to run with their dogs at Hackworth parkrun. We're really sorry to have to announce this but as you'll all appreciate we at Hackworth parkrun, and parkrun as a whole, must abide by the rules and regulations that exist within the areas that we utilise for our free runs every Saturday morning.
However there is nothing to stop anyone from bringing their dog to Hackworth park on a Saturday morning, all responsible dog owners are welcome, that hasn't changed.

To read more about the PSPO please follow the link below which will take you to the DCC website where everything is explained in detail.


Follow the link below to see a list of Town Council Fenced off play sites.


And DCC owned fenced off play sites



Hackworth parkrun Defibrillator update

Hi Everyone.

Earlier this year parkrun UK released the following statement.

"Our vision is that 100% of our 5k events have a defibrillator either at the finish line or within 5 minutes of the finish line by the end of 2017"

On the 8th of October this year we at Hackworth parkrun announced the start of our appeal to raise the funds to enable us to purchase our own defibrillator.

Following our incredibly successful (sold out) Curry & Quiz night on Monday December 5th we can now announce that we have smashed our target and now have sufficient funds to allow us to buy the Defibrillator.

All of the funds raised from our various endeavours like our Coffee Morning in November have been sent off to parkrun UK and as soon as they have been added to the other donations in the Hackworth parkrun donations pot we will be placing our order.

We are also aiming to purchase a secure AED Cabinet in which to house the defib and are currently in discussions as to where we will be able to site the cabinet in the town in order to make this life saving piece of equipment available to all of the people of Shildon as well as our runners at Hackworth parkrun.

From everyone here at Hackworth parkrun, and on behalf of parkrun UK, we would like to thank you all, everyone who has donated, helped spread the word, offered their time or contributed in any way, without you this would all have been impossible. In just eight weeks we have achieved so much and your support has made it possible. You have all given to, and become part of something that has the potential to save lives.

We are all part of such a fantastic community.

Thank You all.


The Hackworth parkrun team.


Help us to get a Defibrillator for Hackworth parkrun

Fellow parkrunners

The following is a statement from parkrun UK

"Our vision is that 100% of our 5k events have a defibrillator either at the finish line or within 5 minutes of the finish line by the end of 2017"

Why do parkrun want this? Because defibrillators save lives.

Evidence of that can be seen by following the link below to an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post.


Many parkruns already have access to a defibrillator or are currently raising funds in order to purhase one.

We at Hackworth parkrun would like to purchase a defib unit as soon as possible and are currently looking at sources of funding that will allow us to do so.

In many cases, potential funding may be easier to access if we can demonstrate that we are also raising money ourselves, this is called "Match Funding"

If you would like to help us raise money in order to purchase a Defibrillator then please follow the instructions below,

How do I donate?


1. Visit the Hackworth parkrun About Us page: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hackworth/aboutus/

2. Click the "Donate to parkrun" box, which will take you to the Paypal site.

3. Enter the amount of your donation, then enter your address and the other details requested before submitting the form.

4. This will take you to a confirmation screen. Under the summary line, be sure to click "Add special instructions" or "Send a note to seller"

5. Enter "Hackworth parkrun AED fund" in the special instruction field to indicate that this donation is specifically for our Defibrillator effort. parkrun UK will then exempt donations marked as such from the usual 15% contribution to the new event fund.

6. Review the rest of the details, and click 'Donate' at the bottom of the form if you're happy.

7. parkrun UK will process your donations within a week or so, and send you a confirmation. Note that the confirmation email will still refer to the 15% contribution to the new event fund but this will not apply.

Please help Hackworth parkrun to achieve its goal as soon as possible, your donation could help to save a life.


Neil & Diane Wood,
Event Directors,
Hackworth parkrun


March 12th – Is Hackworth parkrun’s 3rd birthday.

Hackworth parkrun would like to have the pleasure of your company as we celebrate our third birthday on Saturday, March 12th. - There will be cake.

Refreshments will served in the Resthouse in Hackworth Park after the run.

We're expecting a good turn out on Saturday so would appreciate as much help as possible, so if you aren't running or are coming along to support someone who is running then please consider volunteering, it's really easy. Click on the link below to find out more.


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