Public Space Protection Order in County Durham.

Some parkrunners may already be aware that from June 1st, Durham County Council are introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in County Durham.

Basically this will have an impact on dog owners throughout the county and will directly have an effect on us at Hackworth parkrun, particularly the part of the order which says it is an offence to; Allow a dog into any fenced-off play area named in the PSPO

At present the play area at Hackworth park is not fenced off, but in the near future it will be. There will be gates on the footpaths that lead into the play area so we'll be able to open those and parkun in itself will not be affected, but it does mean that once the fencing is erected, that unfortunately we will not be able to allow runners to run with their dogs at Hackworth parkrun. We're really sorry to have to announce this but as you'll all appreciate we at Hackworth parkrun, and parkrun as a whole, must abide by the rules and regulations that exist within the areas that we utilise for our free runs every Saturday morning.
However there is nothing to stop anyone from bringing their dog to Hackworth park on a Saturday morning, all responsible dog owners are welcome, that hasn't changed.

To read more about the PSPO please follow the link below which will take you to the DCC website where everything is explained in detail.

Follow the link below to see a list of Town Council Fenced off play sites.

And DCC owned fenced off play sites

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