Run report #141

Guest run report for 3rd August 2019 Event #141

By Martin England (A881678), Home parkrun: Hadleigh


As this is a particularly special parkrun for me I asked if I could write the run report, so here goes.


It is the 3rd of August, just a normal parkrun morning at Hadleigh, the sun is shining brightly and the cows have paid us their usual timely visit. Yet again another brilliant turnout for this week’s run with only one milestone, but it’s a big one, Martin England ran his 100th at Hadleigh and his Castle Point Joggers running club turned out in force to celebrate this event. This shows the benefits of belonging to a club, enthusiasm, friendship, inspiration, support, encouragement all from a pure running family.



There were 174 people out and running for Hadleigh Parkrun #141, with 9 parkrun newbies in amongst the 28 first timers today, and 21 recorded new Personal Bests, a massive well done. Representatives from 13 different clubs took part, largest club obviously was CPJ with 41 runners, but sadly we welcomed no tourists. But wait, we did actually have one special tourist, CPJ's Albert Miles paid us a visit, a first timer at Hadleigh, ending his hundred plus consecutive parkruns & Volunteering roles at Basildon, just to celebrate Martin England's 100th and finishing first in the MV80-84 category, setting an Age Category record for Hadleigh of 37:09, thank you Albert and glad you enjoyed the hill. See you back here soon.


Quickly back to the results from today, first finisher amongst the men was Crispian Bloomfield 17:44 and for the women was Freya Seymour 22:08 and since it started in 2016 2,827 participants have completed 18,152 parkruns at Hadleigh covering a total distance of 90,760 km, including 3,670 new Personal Bests.


All of this has been made possible by the fantastic individuals who have volunteered, without the hard work from our core team and our weekly volunteers, there wouldn't be a parkrun so a huge thanks to this week's wonderful volunteers.

Gary BRIGHT • Emma WARRINGTON • Dave FLANAGAN • Nicola WALKER • Sally CLARKE • Ty MCKEOWN • Carolyn WALL • Amie BRIGHT • Elijah BROWN • Bob MORRIS • Teresa MORRIS • Eleanor BALE • Allison BALE • Valerie JARVIS • Janet CLIFFORD • Deborah HILL • Fenton HOPKINS • Alex CRISP • Nicola CRISP


Great to see young Fenton Hopkins in his role as Run Director for his Duke of Edinburgh Award, with a lovely speech at the end about the 100th parkrun milestone runner from Dave Flanagan.



That was about me, Martin England, my personal story started on 5th June 2018, having been running for many years including marathons and ultras; I suffered a Cardiac Arrest after a 3K race. Thankfully I was next to a nurse who carried out CPR, with access to a defibrillator close by ( a very useful item, please note they have two defibrillators at the Hadleigh parkrun event and the main volunteers have CPR training ). I woke up in Basildon Hospital the next day, diagnosed with CAD, had two stents fitted and left hospital four days later with broken ribs and a lifetime of tablets. Next stop Cardiac Rehabilitation and trying to get back to some normality. I started by walking, then a little jog, more jogging, less walking, all part of my own CA to 5K program. Three months later I am back running the Hadleigh parkrun, home at last, a little slower than my PB but the enjoyment is immense. Fourteen months later, having run another 32 parkruns since my CA I finally reach the 100 parkrun milestone. parkrun has been one of the biggest factors in my recovery, the support and enthusiasm by all just inspires you to succeed. Being sensible obviously, but feeling safe with parkrun friends around me, my running continues to improve. Many times over the last year I would not have thought this would be possible but everything is possible, stay strong and believe, thank you parkrun for the support. Also thank you to each of you who congratulated me on reaching the 100th Hadleigh parkrun milestone today, my parkrunning family!





Run report for Saturday 15th June

From a marshal's point of view "what a glorious day!" and I had the motorbike gate under control - nothing but humans, dogs and pushbikes squeezed through. Bright and breezy the Hadders parkrunners stream down hill into the sunshine but, from some of the worn out sweat ladened runners coming back up the Flint Hill "it was hot hard work our there on the range" (Or Mock Hill as one young man calls it - because it look very my like the end hill, that final push hill and the he realises the boulder are next - true grit young one!)

Hadleigh parkrun #134

Being a marshal is my only chance to ever see those mystical gazelle like front runners - who feet touch the ground but once or twice as they navigate the course to be back under 20mins!  Then come the amazing runners who can keep a good running speed up all the way around up hills and boulder. They make it look so easy and finish before 30mins.
Then the hardcore crew trickle trickle through with intent of a better PB, and plans not to let this tough hard flint hill beat them, determination, a lot of heavy breathing and a question of how long now.  All I can say is not far, but a lot of up and you will hear the cheering as you get closer to the (dare I say it) zigzag finisher.  They will all be home and in the shady tree by 40mins.  Sometimes I am in this gang!

Hadleigh parkrun #134

Then, again sometimes I am in the gentle runner's gang - enjoying the view - seeing if I can walk up the green hill backward to stretch my legs.  Chin waggin' with the newbies to parkrun or the course and trying not to give the secrets of whats to come away! Its best discovered by ones self.  Slow runners, dog walkers, small legs (kids)  and amazingly pushchairs (none this week)  Kudus to you all - showing adventure, true grit and up n at 'em for the morning.
My favourite bit is actually a well deserved cuppa at the cafe.  On this Sat. morning I met Dan & Steve - tourists!  They like to roam, Bexley to Basildon and all surrounding.  We had a good chat about the benefits of parkrun and I was given useful tips (which I will put into practice even if I look like something from the ministry of silly walks).  Dan, said he had actually been on 'Keith Flints' last run which prompted talk of mindfulness.
It is lovely to see the smiles and waves as people pass when you are a marshal but it is even better to have a cheer from everyone and anyone really as you get through the finishing funnel.  Keep the smiles and good will to other runners.

Hadleigh parkrun #134

There were 233 people out and running for parkrun #134 'Good show ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  Our first man back through the finishing tunnel was  Damien Harvey 18:37 mins wowzwer  and extra wowzers our first lady in (and 5th runner back) was Vicky McElligott 20:50 mins.
This weeks Run Report was bought to you by Kathy MacPherson.

Hadleigh parkrun #133 run report

It was my pleasure to be your Run Director today at a very blustery some may say "fresh" parkrun.  Conditions not the best but that still did not stop 136 of you braving the elements...
A special mention to Lyn Ballard completing her 50th run today (45 being at Hadleigh) and Ian Clay (47 at Hadleigh) also smashing the 50 barrier and not forgetting Jackie Robinson who today hit the 100 mark (99 being at Hadleigh) all three regular attendees at Hadleigh.  Well done to the three of you fantastic !!
We were also pleased to welcome 20 first timers today of which 6 picked Hadleigh as your first ever parkrun......very brave picking one of the most challenging courses in the UK but if you are going to start...start BIG.  We also had 28 people smashing their PB's this morning, with visitors from Maldon, Nottingham and Wolverhampton. Also a few of our local cows decided to see what all the fuss was about and joined us at the finish.....MOO MOO !!
I got involved in parkrun at Hadleigh sometime ago after running it for a while but having to stop due to knees having enough, so started marshalling as family and friends would still be running and it was a way of still being involved.  I was then asked to become a core member of the team.
You will normally see me with my trusted sidekick, my young daughter Imogen who is shouting encouragement and giving out high fives up the grass bank aka 'Imogen's Mount' or at the other points out on the course.  
Its great fun and rewarding seeing our regular runners / walkers improving over the years be it with their time or being able to crack those annoying boulders!!! I am sure someone comes along and adds a couple !!
We are a friendly bunch at Hadleigh who enjoy a laugh, normally at each others expense so if you ever fancy a chance to wear a Hi-Vis and hand out some well deserved encouragement, scan or even hit that special stopwatch button then email into 
We are very lucky to have great facilities at Hadleigh with the Hub, so don't be shy give it a try !!!!
Hadleigh parkrun would not function without our super band of volunteers.  So a massive thanks to Imogen Wallings, Elijah Brown, Nathan Reeves, Bailey Keer, Alex Crisp, Fenton Hopkins, Lottie Poulton and George Schneider (all under 18) plus Bob and Teresa Morris, Suzanne and Adam Smith, Valerie "cattle grid" Jarvis, Mike Grout & Dave Flannigan.
A special well done to George who gave the first time runners briefing this morning.
We look forward to welcoming you back next Saturday happyparkrunning.....



hadleigh parkrun #131 Benfleet RC takeover



This weekend Benfleet running club took over Hadleigh Parkrun, hopefully 20+ red and Whites made your 5K parkrun all the more enjoyable cheering you on up those hills!

The heavens opened just as the 200 runners took to the start line but luckily  the clouds parted and the sun shone whilst you all made the most of the first down hill.


Having never been brave enough to embark on one of the toughest but most picturesque park runs in the country it was fantastic to see so many runners of all ages even including somebody who was seven months pregnant! Well done to you all, I may swap my normal relatively flat park run for Hadleigh even if only once!

If the hopefully friendly encouragement of the Benfleet marshals around the course have inspired you to join a local club then it would be great to see you at either our beginners juniors or adult training sessions, please see our website for membership details or come down on Tuesday or Thursday to meet some of our runners



And finally a word from Lilly's mum Tracey about the fundraising she's been doing:

Lilly is taking on her Brownies Charity Badge and chose the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance because last May they attended to her Daddy when he had a bad accident at the Hadleigh Mountain Bike track (on his bike) and this would be her way of saying thank you for that day. This is also the reason why she chose the Hadleigh parkrun as this is near the site he had his accident.

Lilly is not an active runner (she prefers horse riding) so saw this as a personal challenge, she has raised a massive £315 and will have to present her reasons for her chosen charity to her Brownie Leaders.

Just to say Thank you all so much for supporting her today she’s a very shy little girl and she’s been buzzing all day.


This week 200 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

James CALDON • Gary BRIGHT • Emma WARRINGTON • John CRISP • Lynda CRISP • Kelly HOLLANDS • Stephen BURTON • Graham DOUGLASS • Lee WALLINGS • Kevin JUDGE • Shelley HALL • Angela HALL • Sally CLARKE • Ty MCKEOWN • Nikki LEIGH • Paul REED • Ann REED • Ian CALDWELL • Richard LEIGH • Amie BRIGHT • Leigh TOWNER • Susanna STIDSTON • Bailey KEER • Fenton HOPKINS • Oscar FRANKLAND • Barbara OLIVER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hadleigh parkrun, Essex Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam HICKEY who recorded a time of 16:59 on 27th May 2017 (event number 31), and by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who also recorded a time of 16:59 on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Eleanor WHYMAN-DAVIS who recorded a time of 18:45 on 29th September 2018 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who recorded 81.55% (16:59) on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex started on 22nd October 2016. Since then 3,494 participants have completed 16,663 parkruns covering a total distance of 83,315 km, including 3,462 new Personal Bests. A total of 362 individuals have volunteered 2,286 times.


Hadleigh parkrun, Essex # 127 – 27/04/2019 Run Report

“Oh, the wind is lashing lustily, and the trees are thrashing thrustilly, and the leaves are rustling gustily, so it’s rather safe to say. That it seems that it may turn out to be, it feels that it will undoubtedly, it looks like a rather blustery day, today”, said Winnie-the-Pooh.

Ok, so Storm Hannah didn’t hit us too hard but it was indeed a bit blustery on the start line at Hadleigh parkrun #127 as an impressive 173 participants lined up to run, jog, walk or crawl the undulating, twisting and turning 5km route that is our home parkrun.

One of the main principles of parkrun is community and that has always been the case at Hadleigh. Whether participating for the first time or, as in my case today, the 100th time, I trust that you all felt welcome and part of the Hadleigh parkrun community. Over my 100 runs at Hadleigh, I have had the privilege of running this course with family and friends, catching up with former colleagues and schoolmates and making many new acquaintances along the way. The enthusiasm of the core team, volunteers, regular home runners and visiting tourists always generates a positive experience, whatever the weather may try to throw at us!

Whilst many of us will never get near the front of the field we all have our own motivation to keep plugging away at those Hadleigh hills, whether that be chasing a new PB, clocking up another run towards that next milestone t-shirt, competing with those runners that are always around you in the middle of the pack, or just getting out for some exercise in the fresh air. So, to give a shout out to some random parkrunners this week I’ve decided (based on an idea that I have borrowed from another parkrun) to recognise the A13 runners (i.e. those runners that completed parkrun #127 in so many minutes and 13 seconds), so well done to: Tara OBRIEN at 35:13 (and new PB!), Stephanie YATES at 40:13 and Kara GERRIE at 42:13.

Sadly we lost one of the members of our parkrun community last week and I would like to take this opportunity to remember Mark Whitney, who I have known for many years, as I know many of you have too, following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I will remember Mark as a true gentleman and an inspiration. As you may be aware, there is currently no way of testing for this disease and Mark recently participated in the Brighton marathon to raise money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK to support research into this issue.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Hadleigh Country Park, the Hadleigh parkrun core team, this week’s volunteers and of course each and every runner for facilitating another fantastic parkrun!

Your run report was bought to you this week by Andrew Beard who is the first and only person to have run 100 parkruns all at Hadleigh. Thanks Andy.

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