Hadleigh parkrun run report #119

View from a Local Tourist

The home page of every parkrun lists the closest other parkruns, and I have been gradually working my way through the list from my local run. With the growth in popularity of running, new parkruns have sprung up in a number of places, and it is just over two years since I noticed that Hadleigh had appeared, and it was only 11.4 miles away. As the crow flies. Unfortunately, there is something called the River Thames in the way, and the diversion via the Dartford Tunnel nearly caused me to miss the start, as one of the bores was shut.

Great Lines is probably within sight of Hadleigh (on a clear day). It’s in Gillingham (Kent), but was named Great Lines as that is the name of the former MoD training ground, now turned local park, where I usually run. Not Medway parkrun, so that another one could be set up, if there is sufficient demand, and not Gillingham, to prevent people from driving around Dorset, looking for us.

Fortunately, this morning, I knew exactly where I was coming to, so no concerns on that matter, and as a native Southendian, today’s run fitted in well with the early kick-off time at Roots Hall. I had done a little bit of homework on the course, but as a veteran of the Benfleet 15, I already knew I was in for a run which started downhill, and finished uphill. Nevertheless, I joined the First Timers’ Briefing, where Bob Morris cheerfully let us know that there were 19 harder parkruns in the country (I did the hardest, Lanhydrock, when I was on holiday in Cornwall last Summer). After that, I went and said hello to Run Director, Gary Bright, so he knew that his roving Run Report Writer had arrived, and after a few rounds of applause, we were off.


I set off fairly near the back, as I am one of those few people who prefers running uphill to down, and I wanted to have plenty of energy left for the final climb. The little twists and turns made for an interesting course, and I was ready for those little climbs on the downhill section. The marshals’ encouragement clearly showed they were enjoying themselves as well, although I’m not sure the shout of “You’re nearly there” at the bottom of the green hill was quite as truthful as I was wishing a hundred yards later. Nevertheless, as I had set myself mentally for a climb all the way to the top of the zig-zag path, the finish appeared suddenly, so I used my reserves of energy to increase the pace in order to avoid being outsprinted by those I had passed on the green hill and beyond.


After the run, I took the time to chat to a few locals, take the obligatory selfie, cheer on some of those behind me into the finish, and then study the Kentish coastline to see if I could spot Egypt Bay and St. Mary’s Bay on the other side of the Thames (I had run there on Friday afternoon, and had done much the same looking across the water in the opposite direction). They were just about visible. After that, it was time for the post-parkrun coffee, and then on to the football (the less said about that, the better).

One of the things I really enjoy about parkrun, in general, is the atmosphere of encouragement, and the complete mixture of people who take part. It has also given me several hundred other new places to run, and loads of new friends. It was clear from those I saw, and spoke to, that the spirit of parkrun is alive and well at Hadleigh. Thank you to all involved at Hadleigh parkrun for an enjoyable run, and maybe one day, I’ll get to see some of you at Great Lines; after all, it’s only 11.4 miles away (and our finish is downhill!)


Hadleigh parkrun, Essex
Event number 119
2nd March 2019

This week 171 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Gary BRIGHT • Emma WARRINGTON • Dave FLANAGAN • Patrick O'CONNOR • Andrew BURGESS • Sarah BALL • Karen HAWTIN • Madelyn SCHNEIDER • Sally CLARKE • Oliver SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Bob MORRIS • Teresa MORRIS • Nathan REEVES • Lyn BALLARD • Valerie JARVIS • Libby WALLER • Joanne GROOM • Deborah HILL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hadleigh parkrun, Essex Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam HICKEY who recorded a time of 16:59 on 27th May 2017 (event number 31), and by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who also recorded a time of 16:59 on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Eleanor WHYMAN-DAVIS who recorded a time of 18:45 on 29th September 2018 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who recorded 81.55% (16:59) on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex started on 22nd October 2016. Since then 3,171 participants have completed 14,508 parkruns covering a total distance of 72,540 km, including 3,066 new Personal Bests. A total of 322 individuals have volunteered 2,045 times.


Run report parkrun #118

Once again a great turnout to Hadleigh parkrun 118. Well done to all the volunteers for your help making parkrun possible, Hadleigh are always looking for new volunteers
The girl guides gave an enthusiastic vocal support that really helped on the final hill.The sun broke through the fog by the end and there was an impressive selection of cakes for hungry runners and supporters.



The spring like weather brought out over 200 runners, the youngest of all athletes being 5years old and the first runner home clocked an impressive 19 minutes and 48 seconds.
A mother and daughter came today to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and we are glad to be able to have shared their milestone here at Hadleigh.


We were even lucky enough to have tourists from as far as Cumbria joining us.
There were a small band of new runners ready to take on the
hilly course including my friend Lucy Keeble. Lucy was among these new runners as we had talked her into joining the parkrun community which she ended up enjoying (much to her surprise). She really benefitted from the support that she received from runners, volunteers and girl guide leaders.


I contribute at Hadleigh parkrun with Libby Waller to complete 12 weeks of volunteering for my bronze Duke of Edinburgh. I have really enjoyed putting together this report and helping Libby collate memorable photographs for the website.


I look forward to next week hope this is the start of the nice spring weather to come.


Hadleigh parkrun, Essex
Event number 118
23rd February 2019

This week 211 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Emma WARRINGTON • Richard BONHAM • Sarah BALL • Lee WALLINGS • Madelyn SCHNEIDER • Sally CLARKE • Amie BRIGHT • Nathan REEVES • Valerie JARVIS • Libby WALLER • Melanie GRAHAM • Charlotte GRAHAM • Janet BALL • Doreen LONGHURST • Gillian BATH • Jenny SUTTON • Helen GLADWIN • Jackie COLE • Nancy KING • Paula MATTHEWS • Katie MATTHEWS • Sharon LACEY • Theresa LOUGHRAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hadleigh parkrun, Essex Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam HICKEY who recorded a time of 16:59 on 27th May 2017 (event number 31), and by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who also recorded a time of 16:59 on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Eleanor WHYMAN-DAVIS who recorded a time of 18:45 on 29th September 2018 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who recorded 81.55% (16:59) on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex started on 22nd October 2016. Since then 3,156 participants have completed 14,337 parkruns covering a total distance of 71,685 km, including 3,027 new Personal Bests. A total of 318 individuals have volunteered 2,026 times.


#112 Hadleigh parkrun

It was absolutely perfect running weather today – around ten degrees, a bit of a breeze, and not a hint of rain. 211 people agreed and got up early to run, walk, jog, push little ones or drag dogs around our beautiful "undulating" course, not even stopping to admire the glorious views in their pursuit of a PB. Some even came from as far away as Northamptonshire and Southwalk to enjoy our challenging route.

Last week's turnout was even higher, and one has to wonder whether the new year's resolutions, as much as the weather and scenery, are responsible for bringing along FIFTY TWO first timers (almost a quarter of all runners) to Hadleigh Country Park. I chatted to one family who told me that they planned to get fitter in 2019 – parkrun is a great place to do that guys, good choice and well done. FORTY people got PBs too, so congratulations to all of you (I'm going to single out Dawn Harvey and Sallly Mortimore just because I can) and if your resolution was to get a parkrun PB this year you can relax, job done!

The trick with new year's resolutions is to keep them up though. It's harder to come to parkrun when it's really cold, raining, muddy or (if you can remember what that feels like) hot. Happily we're a very friendly bunch, the sense of achievement is more than you can get on any old flat 5k course, and the Hub café serves really good coffee*, so getting into the habit of coming each week is well worthwhile.

A quick shout out to the Edeys (and Katie) who arrived late, had to run all the way from the car park in order to overtake the tail walkers, and still finished faster than I did last time I "ran" Hadleigh parkrun.

This week 211 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Emma WARRINGTON • William David MAYES • Rick WADE • Sarah BALL • Sally SMITH • Jon STRUTT • Anna BUTTIMORE • Sally CLARKE • Oliver SMITH • Adam SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Zach SMITH • Joachim ADENUSI • Alexandra TOURBASSOVA • Valerie JARVIS • Thomas GERRIE • Samuel KNIGHT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hadleigh parkrun, Essex Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam HICKEY who recorded a time of 16:59 on 27th May 2017 (event number 31), and by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who also recorded a time of 16:59 on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).
The female record is held by Eleanor WHYMAN-DAVIS who recorded a time of 18:45 on 29th September 2018 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Crispian BLOOMFIELD who recorded 81.55% (16:59) on 26th May 2018 (event number 80).

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex started on 22nd October 2016. Since then 3,037 participants have completed 13,320 parkruns covering a total distance of 66,600 km, including 2,828 new Personal Bests. A total of 298 individuals have volunteered 1,914 times.

* Anecdotal evidence only, no survey has been conducted, and since I don't drink coffee this does not represent my opinion.


Christmas Day Special

Hadleigh parkrun
Event number 109
25/12/2018 – Christmas Day!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Everybody! This year, a new tradition was started: Christmas Day parkrun at Hadleigh, and what a roaring success it was! So successful in fact, that with 265 participants, it became the highest attended event at Hadleigh so far. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Hadleigh parkrun: perfect if you've been out delivering presents all night and have eaten one too many mince pies!

Of course it wouldn't have been possible without the help of our dedicated team of Hi-Vis Heroes, more commonly know as parkrun volunteers. Our thanks this week to:

Amie BRIGHT, Gary BRIGHT, Thomas CARSWELL, Colin DUNN, Clara EDEY, Thomas GERRIE, Chris HYDE, Lisa HYDE, Sophia HYDE, Valerie JARVIS, Patricia KEOGH, Zach SMITH, Adam SMITH, Sally SMITH, Suzanne SMITH, Oliver SMITH, Emma WARRINGTON, Olivia WARRINGTON, Victoria WARRINGTON, Samuel WARRINGTON, and Elizabeth WARRINGTON.

Hadleigh parkrun can't happen without a full compliment of volunteers each week. If you're looking for a New Year's resolution, why not check out the future roster once a month and see what you can do to help? Simply visit http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hadleigh/futureroster/ for all the information you need.

On the subject of our amazing volunteers, one in particular deserves an extra special mention this week. Emma WARRINGTON completed her 100th volunteer role at Hadleigh on Christmas morning. It's dedication like that which has landed her at the top of Santa's 'nice' list. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Emma from everybody involved with Hadleigh parkrun. We hope there were lots of presents waiting for you when you got back home!

Our volunteers did a fantastic job of clearing away all that pesky mist before that start! They're not called 'Heroes' for nothing!

Now for some more milestones:

Congratulations to Damien HARVEY and Teresa MORRIS who completed their 50th runs on Christmas morning.

Congratulations to Chris KELLY and Anthony SULLIVAN who completed their 100th runs on Christmas morning.

10 people felt that Christmas was the perfect occasion to try a parkrun for the very first time. Congratulations to:


Welcome to the parkrun family! I always say the first one is the hardest. Don't believe me? Come back and try again next week!

57 parkrun tourists visited Hadleigh for the first time on Christmas morning. I was one of them! Welcome to:

Luke BLYTH, Tom LANGDON, Andrew TILLOTT, Holly GILLARD, Ross HOLLANDS, Graham PURDHAM, Nigel TILLOTT, Daniel MENDOZA, Joshua PIMBLETT, Sara ROBINSON, Nick MENDOZA, Laura KIDD, Surjit GREWAL, Nick RICHES, Chris KELLY, Alice DICKENS, Vicky MCELLIGOTT, Ian SMITH, Patrick O'CONNOR, Michael Carson YOUNG, Boris WOZSTOCK, Richard KIDD, Alan BOWER, Taylor ENDELL, Lisa COX, Jo DYSON, Anne PURDHAM, Steven ELLIS, Jo PENTECOST, Rosalind FERGUSON, Natasha CRAGO, Manners HEER, Harry JIMBROWN, Sara PENTEL, Michelle LEE, Jerri WEEKS, Jonathan Howard YOUNG, Corey DISS, Chloe DISS, Nicky MUNRO, Martin ROBBINS, Michael WOOD, Samantha EVANS, Sharon Jane EASTLAND, Laura KIES, Charlie MCELLIGOTT, Malachy MCELLIGOTT, Sharon BROWN, Ian GORMAN, Jody GORDON, Anthony SULLIVAN, Geraldine HANSFORD, Thomas CARSWELL, Jill GRIFFITHS, George MCELLIGOTT, Pauline BOWERS, and Alison RICHES.

Normally, when writing reports for Southend parkrun, I take this opportunity to say that I hope our tourists enjoyed the run and that we'll see them again soon. However, as I was a tourist, I will instead say that I thoroughly enjoyed running at Hadleigh and that I will definitely be back soon!

This lot weren't even here for parkrun: they got lost on their way home from a Christmas party! Lucky we found them!

And now, to borrow something else from my Southend reports, it's everybody's favourite feature...Hadleigh's Random Results!

Female Results:

Vicky PARSONS (VW50-54) was 33rd across the line (125th overall) with a time of 31:50.
Maggie CAMPBELL-FREEMAN (VW55-59) was 70th across the line (178th overall) with a time of 35:31.
Debbie DOCHERTY (VW60-64) was 100th across the line (228th overall) with a time 39:46.

Male Results:

Mark MAYES (VM50-54) was 19th across the line (19th overall) with a time of 22:09.
Mark ARMITAGE (VM45-49) was 70th across the line (88th overall) with a time of 29:12.
First time tourist Nigel TILLOTT (VM55-59) was 39th across the line (45th overall) with a time of 24:36.

NB: Hadleigh's Random Results are picked using an online random number generator to ensure everybody has an equal chance of getting a mention. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found here.

Cracker joke time! What did the sheep who hates Christmas say?

25 people got their Christmas mornings underway with the best presents ever: new Personal Best times! Congratulations to:


I've raided Southend's trophy cabinet for one of my entirely fictional but highly coveted PB-of-the-week awards. The lucky recipient is junior runner Ruby SAMUELS (JW11-14), who recorded a time of 22:29 on her 26th appearance at Hadleigh, and was the first female finisher on Christmas morning! Ruby's new PB is a full 50-seconds quicker than her previous best. She really is faster than a flying reindeer!

Hands up who wants to see Christmas Day parkrun at Hadleigh return next year?

That's about it from me. My thanks to the core team at Hadleigh for putting on such a wonderful event and allowing us to run off our Christmas dinners before we've even eaten them! I hope that Christmas Day parkrun at Hadleigh becomes a regular feature on the calendar. Might I suggest one small change though? Surely, for one day only, it has to be called Hadsleigh parkrun!

On that note, I'm off! All the best for the remainder of the year and beyond. Be kind to one another. And happy running, no matter how slow or fast you may be.

Same time next year?

Run Report written by Thomas Carswell, on loan from Southend.


“Save something for the end!”

Leaving my house at 0635 to make sure I kept up my recent record of attending parkruns (only missed two since beginning of September) would to many, including my wife, confirm that that I have become obsessed with running. To be fair, I did have close to two hours of driving ahead, coming down to Southend to visit my in-laws for Christmas, and the early start guaranteed a clear run on the M25.

I started planning my trip to Hadleigh last weekend - it was a choice between here or Southend Parkrun - the description of the undulating course was the deciding factor, along with the extra 30 minutes in bed.

I have no doubt that I made the right choice. The sun rose as I drove along the A127 revealing clear blue sky. It was an unusually warm day for the weekend before Christmas.

The car park was large as promised, and we had no problem finding a space - my poor 12 year old daughter had been dragged in to my mad plan - and we walked in trepidation to the start. As ever at Parkrun everyone was friendly and welcoming, and what a view from the hill where the start was located!

My local Parkrun in Woodley near Reading is a flat three lap affair around a local park in suburbia. So Hadleigh Parkrun is very different! At the first timer's briefing, the course was described and we were told, "... the first mile is downhill and the next two are uphill, so save something for the end.". Good advice indeed! The hill at the end goes on forever.

After ten minutes running - mostly downhill - I turned to another Parkrunner and said how I wished this could be my home Parkrun. The scenery is lovely with views across to the estuary, and the path passes through woods as you descend down. He laughed and suggested that I might change my mind by the end. Another Parkrunner described the course as a "beast", but whilst I understand why you might use this noun as a description, I would prefer to call it a "beauty".

That is not to say the last uphill stretch wasn't a challenge, or that I didn't wonder if it would ever come to an end, but I persevered and managed not to walk. Plenty of others did, and there is no shame in that. It is very much aligned with the ethos of Parkrun - It is better to be there and walking than to be sitting on the sofa at home watching TV - definitely today when the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

In my opinion this is not a course for PBs. To give you an idea of how tough it is, I normally jog around my flat local course in around 28 minutes hardly breaking into a sweat - I'm training for a half marathon in March and am meant to be keeping my heart rate below 140 beats per minute (well at least for the first two laps


Guest run report for 15th December 2018 Event #107

Guest run report for 15th December 2018 Event #107
By Rory Marriott (A130428)
Home parkrun: Ipswich juniors

As this is a particularly special parkrun for me I was asked if I would mind writing the run report, so here goes.

First of all a massive thank you to all the Hi Viz heroes that we had this week, Sarah Ball, Andrew Beard, Gary Bright, Amie Bright, Sally Clarke, Dave Flanagan, Thomas Gerrie, Valerie Jarvis, Samuel Knight, myself, Sue Karen Mayes, William David Mayes, Oliver Smith, Adam Smith, Dave Spain, Ellis Swindell, Alexandra Tourbassova.

It is on cold days like Saturday when the volunteers really deserve more thanks than ever so I really hope you said a cheery “thank you” as you made contact with them. If you haven’t volunteered yet or haven’t for a while, why not pick a date in the next few weeks to help out? All of the roles are really easy to do and you will be given training on how the equipment works if you are allocated a technical role. So, whilst it’s fresh in your mind drop an email to hadleighhelpers@parkrun.com and let them know when you will be helping out. That’s all I did in June when I knew I would be visiting on Saturday.

In a series of email exchanges Co-ED Sally invited me to let you know about my parkrun journey as she thought you would be interested in my story. The journey starts back in March 2011 when a friend posted on Facebook about a new running event close to him. At the same time, I was in training for the London 10km so I thought I would give this “parkrun” thing a try out. On the 2nd April I went along to Valentine’s park and fell in Love. I recorded my highest finish, 19th (go me) and as soon as I got home, I sent an email to the team saying that I would be able to volunteer on July 9th as that was the day before my race debut. Little did I know then what a big part parkrun was going to play in my life. More of that later.

So some stats and achievements from Saturday's run. There were 85 runners/joggers/walkers that took part in the event. This is only the fourth time this year that the numbers have been below triple digits so major kudos to all the participants for coming out on such a cold morning. The cold obviously had a major impact on people’s times, as a fantastic 20 runners (24% of the field) recorded PBs. Clearly they were trying to get back into the warmth as quickly as possible!

Some highlights from those that achieved PBs this week. The runner with the best improvement in PB (based on time only) was Christopher King with a 2 minute 56 second PB. This is his 4th run at Hadleigh and his 3rd PB, however, he is a seasoned parkrunner with 61 runs in total. Also seeing an improvement of over 2 minutes was Southend regular Jonathon Rowley, this was his 5th run with at Hadleigh and his 3rd PB on the bounce. Alison Connah (1 minute 26 seconds), Tracy Ann Graham (1 minute 18 seconds) and Emma Humphreys (1 minute 9 seconds) also all achieved times over a minute quicker than before. After an eight month wait, Stuart Harrison managed to knock 9 seconds of his previous best time.

New parkrunners can quite often record several consecutive PBs and this was certainly the case on Saturday for Mark Bessell. completing his 4th ever parkrun this was his 3rd PB and since his first run he has seen his time improve by 2 minutes 56 seconds, however, the reason for singling him out is that in his runs so far the minutes section has gone from 29 to 28 followed by 27 and on Saturday was 26. No pressure Mark but I’m expecting to see 25 something on your next outing.

One thing you don’t need me to tell you, is that the course at Hadleigh is “undulating”, however, what impact does that have on your times? Well, Emma Mitchell completed her 9th run on Saturday and got a 22 second PB. Her time was 26:20. Emma has also completed 3 parkruns at Sizewell which I believe is fairly flat although the terrain is described as “mostly well drained firm sandy grassland tracks” and she has a PB there of 24:51. Therefore the slopes are adding an extra 1:29 to her time.

There were no parkrun newbies in amongst the 11 first timers today, however, there were visitors from Southend, Ipswich, Huntingdon, Wimpole Estate and Frimley Lodge. The prize for “furthest away from their home event” goes to Emily Condon who has her home run listed as Horton Park which is in Bradford. However, she has Brighton and Hove Womens Running Club as the name of her running club so the journey might not be quite as far as it could have been (still a long journey though)

On a personal note as one of those visitors today there were two real reasons for coming along to Hadleigh this week. Firstly, it was to complete my parkrun voluntourism journey around all of the Essex parkruns. Secondly, having turned 50 in February I have been given 50 tasks that I need to complete before my next birthday, on Saturday I managed to put a tick next to the task that says “Volunteer or participate at 100 different parkrun locations”. By volunteering as your timekeeper, Hadleigh has become the 100th different parkrun that I have volunteered at.

As I wrote earlier I have been involved with parkrun since 2011 and in that time I have been an event director at two Saturday parkruns, Valentines parkrun in Ilford, and Ipswich parkrun in Suffolk. I am also currently the ED at Ipswich junior parkrun. I was responsible for starting both of the Ipswich events. In addition to this I was one of the original parkrun Ambassadors, although I had actually started helping with new event activations before the Ambassador programme started. In my 3.5 years as an Ambassador I helped establish 15 different parkrun events, mainly along what I call the “A12 Corridor” from Chelmsford up to Lowestoft via Maldon, Great Notley and a few other places in between. I have played a part in setting up most of the Suffolk parkruns and it was a result of that involvement that I received the Unsung Hero Award at the 2014 Suffolk Sports Awards ceremony.

Hadleigh parkrun 107

Quickly back to the results from today, First finisher amongst the men was Mark Blee (20:17) and for the women it was Ellen Williams (23:41). Both have run previously at Hadleigh although they are tourists coming from Southend and Hockley Woods respectively. Both came within seconds of matching their previous best times at Hadleigh. Best age grade was Jenny Harley with 74.45%. Since it started in 2016 2,827 participants have completed 12,291 parkruns at Hadleigh covering a total distance of 61,455 km, including 2,675 new Personal Bests. All of this has been made possible by 290 fantastic individuals who have volunteered 1,818 times To complete my parkrun journey story far and away the main contribution I have made has been through volunteering. Of the 555 parkrun events that I have been to I have received a volunteer credit at 528 of them. I have undertaken almost every role at least once before and in most cases at least 25 times. I absolutely love volunteering but hope to get my run credits up in the future. Between 2011 and 2013 I completed 50 parkruns so am the proud owner of a 50 club tee shirt. I have also completed 2 parkruns in my race wheelchair so I’m still hopeful that one day I might get a 100 tee shirt. That pretty much wraps up my run report and parkrun journey so I will leave you with the following advice, make the most of your parkrun experience both at your home event and at other local ones, run as often as you can but also give back to your event by volunteering a few times every year and in particular in non-running roles. Hadleigh parkrun 107


Hadleigh parkrun 106 – Go motorin’ on the A13

“It starts down in Wapping
There ain’t no stopping
By pass Barking and straight through Dagenham
Down to Gray’s Thurrock
And rather near Basildon
Take the A road, the okay road that’s the best
Go motorin’ on the A13! ”

Hadleigh parkrun 105So, no need for a road map, with such great directions from Billy Bragg as the Wicks (Caroline, Nigel and Peggy the dog) set out from Enfield to visit the beautiful Hadleigh parkrun course on a sunny December morning. What the Bard of Barking entirely failed to mention was that Hadleigh is one of the hilliest parkrun courses in the UK, with 345 feet of elevation to be conquered, mostly at the end! Hadleigh parkrun 105

So well done indeed to the 12 runners who notched a PB: Adam Hemsworth, Andy Saunders, Nicholas Lowman, Holly Harris, Shane Jolliffe, Tracey Gill, Mark Chambers, Sarah Hemsworth, Lindsay Brittney, Jess Ellis, Tina Eldred and Alison Connah.

Well done also to Alan Broomfield who completed his 100th run.

As well as choosing the toughest course in Essex, it is clear that Hadleigh parkrunners turn out whatever the weather. In the pouring rain last week there were 116 runners, and in the sunshine this week, there were 116 runners.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Adam SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Clive LAMBERT • Colin DUNN • Dave FLANAGAN • Emma WARRINGTON • Gary BRIGHT • Imogen WALLINGS • Kathy MACPHERSON • Lee WALLINGS • Lily MILLER • Lorraine HEAL • Michelle MILLER • Nigel WICK • Oliver SMITH • Sally CLARKE • Sarah COLQUHOUN • Thomas GERRIE • Valerie JARVIS • Victoria GROVES • William David MAYES

A special thank you to Imogen Wallings whose exuberant encouragement helped so many of us to the top of the hill.

Thanks also to my wife Caroline for providing defib training to the core team after I had volunteered her without asking first!

Hadleigh parkrun 105Hadleigh parkrun 105

Until our next visit to Hadleigh, happy parkrunning, and for those who didn’t PB today, as Billy Bragg put , there is always next week for “The Great Leap Forward”!


Hadleigh parkrun 105


Hadleigh parkrun #103 – The Red T-Shirt

The Red T-shirt

On a fresh and dazzling November morning, I finally got to wear my x50 Red T-shirt. Mingling with the familiar and not so familiar faces (first timers) and feeling pleased to have got out of the house on such a lovely morning is always a pleasure. (pic. first timers at Hadders talk)

Hadleigh parkrun #103I was witness to Theresa Morris’s shoe lace ritual on the bench overlooking the bike tracks and beyond, I found my running and tea-mate, Mrs Bacon – checking out for her signature blond ponytail that will disappear into the distance as we run. (Unless there has been Gin festival – then she will be within photo distance) (pic. Mrs Bacon & the Red T-shirt in its glory) Hadleigh parkrun #103

Back to the Red T-shirt, I had to wait awhile before it arrived and I was a bit lacklustre as to its prominence – I mean, it’s a T-shirt to wear like any other yer? Something else to wash and try not to shrink. Then it arrived on my desk at work, and I was over the moon. It looked good and it felt good, light-weight and soft. Not only was this my first real runners T-shirt but it represented a lot.

X50 up that green hill, x50 pushing myself up those boulders, x50 working out the fastest downhill technique (pinched from watching many under 11yrs old champion downhill speeders). x50 up and out whatever the weathers, x50 chin-waggings with people who can’t really escape unless they can run faster (lol) x50 after tea drinking catch ups and of course x50 inner glows, once I had made it through the finish tunnel and had that token in my hand. (Remember to always give your token back)

Among this week’s Tourists we had the Ware Runners who tour every week, their plan is to never do the same one twice. One of the guys explained that he is on his 70’s and has run 223 (inc this one !) They also volunteer for Cheshunt Junior parkrun on the Sundays and have clock up another impressive 223 events. Luckily, new parkruns are popping up as we speak. Jersey Farm is one of their future plans (footnote – if you are doing Alphabet parkruns ‘J’ is hard to find) I have also attended Wendover Woods, No.6 Parkrun – which is so like our one. Once around with some dramatic downs & big ups! So, the travelling and parkrun idea sounds great to me – who’s in?

Hadleigh parkrun #103

Of course we all like to give a big thankyou to our morning’s volunteers at Hadders! I always love to give a wave and a smile, ‘saying hello’ can be optional depending on breathing pattern at that moment. It has been enthusiastic marshals that have kept me jogging up that flint hill – thank you.

Our firsts to get back up that last zigzag this week were Daniel Joseph MAYES 20:56 for the boys and Dominique HART 23:04 for the ladies well done. We had 153 walk, hop or runners on our course this morning – I have counted 29 PBs and 23 first timers on the results page. I did not see you all as I was heavy breathing my way to finish somewhere around no. 121.

As I was running this week I could have missed a few gems happening elsewhere but, the last thing I will say is, “it is always great to be cheered through those last few steps, with the need to go through the finish tunnel – don’t stop until you have that token in your hand! And, when you get your breath back, please cheer the next runner home whether you know them or not. “
Hope to see you at number 104.

Best Wishes

Kathy MacPherson (PB this week to go with the Red T-shirt)


Christmas day – extra parkrun!

Hadleigh parkrun are putting on an extra walk, jog or run on Christmas day. We can't think of any better way to kick off the festivities!

We will start at 9:30am, half an hour later than normal so we can all have a bit longer in bed!

Hope to see many of you there!


Run Report Hadleigh parkrun #99

So, our Hi-Vis heroes have been hard at work doing the number crunching for this week's results for park run #99

It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday, and the runners were out in full force. 144 runners donned their trainers to run, jog or walk the undulating course and we were pleased to welcome 21 first timers. We also had another first, JM10 runner Avram Levy managed to lose a tooth on the way round!

Sunshine route #99

Lost Tooth #99

Despite the slightly hotter than usual October weather, 10 runners recorded PB's so a big well done to you Keith MUGGLETON, Gary CLIFFORD, Holly HARRIS, Rob CABLE, Helen MATTHEWS, Daniel AYLING, Peter LINEHAN, Edward SHORT, Zoe STOKER, Jenna LOWNE.

This weeks 99th event was made possible as always by our Hi-Vis hero's this week our helpers were:

Gary BRIGHT • Emma WARRINGTON • William David MAYES • Karen HAWTIN • Lyra MIHILL • Sally CLARKE • Beci CALLOW • Suzanne SMITH • Oliver SMITH • Adam SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Zach SMITH • Kathy MACPHERSON • Jessica BACON • Felix BACON • Will BLAINEY • Harley WALLER.

Will RD #99
Hi Vis heroes
Hi vis heroes 2

If you'd like to volunteer at a future parkrun we would love a hand. You can find the volunteer roster here : http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hadleigh/futureroster/

Runners #99
Guide running #99

Next week marks our 100th Hadleigh parkrun and we are celebrating with "100 reasons why we love parkrun". Sharpies and post it notes will be available to take note of your favourite things about parkrun whilst being washed down with the obligatory post run cake! We look forward to celebrating with you next week!