Run report for Saturday 15th June

From a marshal's point of view "what a glorious day!" and I had the motorbike gate under control - nothing but humans, dogs and pushbikes squeezed through. Bright and breezy the Hadders parkrunners stream down hill into the sunshine but, from some of the worn out sweat ladened runners coming back up the Flint Hill "it was hot hard work our there on the range" (Or Mock Hill as one young man calls it - because it look very my like the end hill, that final push hill and the he realises the boulder are next - true grit young one!)

Hadleigh parkrun #134

Being a marshal is my only chance to ever see those mystical gazelle like front runners - who feet touch the ground but once or twice as they navigate the course to be back under 20mins!  Then come the amazing runners who can keep a good running speed up all the way around up hills and boulder. They make it look so easy and finish before 30mins.
Then the hardcore crew trickle trickle through with intent of a better PB, and plans not to let this tough hard flint hill beat them, determination, a lot of heavy breathing and a question of how long now.  All I can say is not far, but a lot of up and you will hear the cheering as you get closer to the (dare I say it) zigzag finisher.  They will all be home and in the shady tree by 40mins.  Sometimes I am in this gang!

Hadleigh parkrun #134

Then, again sometimes I am in the gentle runner's gang - enjoying the view - seeing if I can walk up the green hill backward to stretch my legs.  Chin waggin' with the newbies to parkrun or the course and trying not to give the secrets of whats to come away! Its best discovered by ones self.  Slow runners, dog walkers, small legs (kids)  and amazingly pushchairs (none this week)  Kudus to you all - showing adventure, true grit and up n at 'em for the morning.
My favourite bit is actually a well deserved cuppa at the cafe.  On this Sat. morning I met Dan & Steve - tourists!  They like to roam, Bexley to Basildon and all surrounding.  We had a good chat about the benefits of parkrun and I was given useful tips (which I will put into practice even if I look like something from the ministry of silly walks).  Dan, said he had actually been on 'Keith Flints' last run which prompted talk of mindfulness.
It is lovely to see the smiles and waves as people pass when you are a marshal but it is even better to have a cheer from everyone and anyone really as you get through the finishing funnel.  Keep the smiles and good will to other runners.

Hadleigh parkrun #134

There were 233 people out and running for parkrun #134 'Good show ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  Our first man back through the finishing tunnel was  Damien Harvey 18:37 mins wowzwer  and extra wowzers our first lady in (and 5th runner back) was Vicky McElligott 20:50 mins.
This weeks Run Report was bought to you by Kathy MacPherson.

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex # 127 – 27/04/2019 Run Report

“Oh, the wind is lashing lustily, and the trees are thrashing thrustilly, and the leaves are rustling gustily, so it’s rather safe to say. That it seems that it may turn out to be, it feels that it will undoubtedly, it looks like a rather blustery day, today”, said Winnie-the-Pooh.

Ok, so Storm Hannah didn’t hit us too hard but it was indeed a bit blustery on the start line at Hadleigh parkrun #127 as an impressive 173 participants lined up to run, jog, walk or crawl the undulating, twisting and turning 5km route that is our home parkrun.

One of the main principles of parkrun is community and that has always been the case at Hadleigh. Whether participating for the first time or, as in my case today, the 100th time, I trust that you all felt welcome and part of the Hadleigh parkrun community. Over my 100 runs at Hadleigh, I have had the privilege of running this course with family and friends, catching up with former colleagues and schoolmates and making many new acquaintances along the way. The enthusiasm of the core team, volunteers, regular home runners and visiting tourists always generates a positive experience, whatever the weather may try to throw at us!

Whilst many of us will never get near the front of the field we all have our own motivation to keep plugging away at those Hadleigh hills, whether that be chasing a new PB, clocking up another run towards that next milestone t-shirt, competing with those runners that are always around you in the middle of the pack, or just getting out for some exercise in the fresh air. So, to give a shout out to some random parkrunners this week I’ve decided (based on an idea that I have borrowed from another parkrun) to recognise the A13 runners (i.e. those runners that completed parkrun #127 in so many minutes and 13 seconds), so well done to: Tara OBRIEN at 35:13 (and new PB!), Stephanie YATES at 40:13 and Kara GERRIE at 42:13.

Sadly we lost one of the members of our parkrun community last week and I would like to take this opportunity to remember Mark Whitney, who I have known for many years, as I know many of you have too, following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I will remember Mark as a true gentleman and an inspiration. As you may be aware, there is currently no way of testing for this disease and Mark recently participated in the Brighton marathon to raise money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK to support research into this issue.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Hadleigh Country Park, the Hadleigh parkrun core team, this week’s volunteers and of course each and every runner for facilitating another fantastic parkrun!

Your run report was bought to you this week by Andrew Beard who is the first and only person to have run 100 parkruns all at Hadleigh. Thanks Andy.


Guest run report for 15th December 2018 Event #107

Guest run report for 15th December 2018 Event #107
By Rory Marriott (A130428)
Home parkrun: Ipswich juniors

As this is a particularly special parkrun for me I was asked if I would mind writing the run report, so here goes.

First of all a massive thank you to all the Hi Viz heroes that we had this week, Sarah Ball, Andrew Beard, Gary Bright, Amie Bright, Sally Clarke, Dave Flanagan, Thomas Gerrie, Valerie Jarvis, Samuel Knight, myself, Sue Karen Mayes, William David Mayes, Oliver Smith, Adam Smith, Dave Spain, Ellis Swindell, Alexandra Tourbassova.

It is on cold days like Saturday when the volunteers really deserve more thanks than ever so I really hope you said a cheery “thank you” as you made contact with them. If you haven’t volunteered yet or haven’t for a while, why not pick a date in the next few weeks to help out? All of the roles are really easy to do and you will be given training on how the equipment works if you are allocated a technical role. So, whilst it’s fresh in your mind drop an email to and let them know when you will be helping out. That’s all I did in June when I knew I would be visiting on Saturday.

In a series of email exchanges Co-ED Sally invited me to let you know about my parkrun journey as she thought you would be interested in my story. The journey starts back in March 2011 when a friend posted on Facebook about a new running event close to him. At the same time, I was in training for the London 10km so I thought I would give this “parkrun” thing a try out. On the 2nd April I went along to Valentine’s park and fell in Love. I recorded my highest finish, 19th (go me) and as soon as I got home, I sent an email to the team saying that I would be able to volunteer on July 9th as that was the day before my race debut. Little did I know then what a big part parkrun was going to play in my life. More of that later.

So some stats and achievements from Saturday's run. There were 85 runners/joggers/walkers that took part in the event. This is only the fourth time this year that the numbers have been below triple digits so major kudos to all the participants for coming out on such a cold morning. The cold obviously had a major impact on people’s times, as a fantastic 20 runners (24% of the field) recorded PBs. Clearly they were trying to get back into the warmth as quickly as possible!

Some highlights from those that achieved PBs this week. The runner with the best improvement in PB (based on time only) was Christopher King with a 2 minute 56 second PB. This is his 4th run at Hadleigh and his 3rd PB, however, he is a seasoned parkrunner with 61 runs in total. Also seeing an improvement of over 2 minutes was Southend regular Jonathon Rowley, this was his 5th run with at Hadleigh and his 3rd PB on the bounce. Alison Connah (1 minute 26 seconds), Tracy Ann Graham (1 minute 18 seconds) and Emma Humphreys (1 minute 9 seconds) also all achieved times over a minute quicker than before. After an eight month wait, Stuart Harrison managed to knock 9 seconds of his previous best time.

New parkrunners can quite often record several consecutive PBs and this was certainly the case on Saturday for Mark Bessell. completing his 4th ever parkrun this was his 3rd PB and since his first run he has seen his time improve by 2 minutes 56 seconds, however, the reason for singling him out is that in his runs so far the minutes section has gone from 29 to 28 followed by 27 and on Saturday was 26. No pressure Mark but I’m expecting to see 25 something on your next outing.

One thing you don’t need me to tell you, is that the course at Hadleigh is “undulating”, however, what impact does that have on your times? Well, Emma Mitchell completed her 9th run on Saturday and got a 22 second PB. Her time was 26:20. Emma has also completed 3 parkruns at Sizewell which I believe is fairly flat although the terrain is described as “mostly well drained firm sandy grassland tracks” and she has a PB there of 24:51. Therefore the slopes are adding an extra 1:29 to her time.

There were no parkrun newbies in amongst the 11 first timers today, however, there were visitors from Southend, Ipswich, Huntingdon, Wimpole Estate and Frimley Lodge. The prize for “furthest away from their home event” goes to Emily Condon who has her home run listed as Horton Park which is in Bradford. However, she has Brighton and Hove Womens Running Club as the name of her running club so the journey might not be quite as far as it could have been (still a long journey though)

On a personal note as one of those visitors today there were two real reasons for coming along to Hadleigh this week. Firstly, it was to complete my parkrun voluntourism journey around all of the Essex parkruns. Secondly, having turned 50 in February I have been given 50 tasks that I need to complete before my next birthday, on Saturday I managed to put a tick next to the task that says “Volunteer or participate at 100 different parkrun locations”. By volunteering as your timekeeper, Hadleigh has become the 100th different parkrun that I have volunteered at.

As I wrote earlier I have been involved with parkrun since 2011 and in that time I have been an event director at two Saturday parkruns, Valentines parkrun in Ilford, and Ipswich parkrun in Suffolk. I am also currently the ED at Ipswich junior parkrun. I was responsible for starting both of the Ipswich events. In addition to this I was one of the original parkrun Ambassadors, although I had actually started helping with new event activations before the Ambassador programme started. In my 3.5 years as an Ambassador I helped establish 15 different parkrun events, mainly along what I call the “A12 Corridor” from Chelmsford up to Lowestoft via Maldon, Great Notley and a few other places in between. I have played a part in setting up most of the Suffolk parkruns and it was a result of that involvement that I received the Unsung Hero Award at the 2014 Suffolk Sports Awards ceremony.

Hadleigh parkrun 107

Quickly back to the results from today, First finisher amongst the men was Mark Blee (20:17) and for the women it was Ellen Williams (23:41). Both have run previously at Hadleigh although they are tourists coming from Southend and Hockley Woods respectively. Both came within seconds of matching their previous best times at Hadleigh. Best age grade was Jenny Harley with 74.45%. Since it started in 2016 2,827 participants have completed 12,291 parkruns at Hadleigh covering a total distance of 61,455 km, including 2,675 new Personal Bests. All of this has been made possible by 290 fantastic individuals who have volunteered 1,818 times To complete my parkrun journey story far and away the main contribution I have made has been through volunteering. Of the 555 parkrun events that I have been to I have received a volunteer credit at 528 of them. I have undertaken almost every role at least once before and in most cases at least 25 times. I absolutely love volunteering but hope to get my run credits up in the future. Between 2011 and 2013 I completed 50 parkruns so am the proud owner of a 50 club tee shirt. I have also completed 2 parkruns in my race wheelchair so I’m still hopeful that one day I might get a 100 tee shirt. That pretty much wraps up my run report and parkrun journey so I will leave you with the following advice, make the most of your parkrun experience both at your home event and at other local ones, run as often as you can but also give back to your event by volunteering a few times every year and in particular in non-running roles. Hadleigh parkrun 107


Hadleigh parkrun 106 – Go motorin’ on the A13

“It starts down in Wapping
There ain’t no stopping
By pass Barking and straight through Dagenham
Down to Gray’s Thurrock
And rather near Basildon
Take the A road, the okay road that’s the best
Go motorin’ on the A13! ”

Hadleigh parkrun 105So, no need for a road map, with such great directions from Billy Bragg as the Wicks (Caroline, Nigel and Peggy the dog) set out from Enfield to visit the beautiful Hadleigh parkrun course on a sunny December morning. What the Bard of Barking entirely failed to mention was that Hadleigh is one of the hilliest parkrun courses in the UK, with 345 feet of elevation to be conquered, mostly at the end! Hadleigh parkrun 105

So well done indeed to the 12 runners who notched a PB: Adam Hemsworth, Andy Saunders, Nicholas Lowman, Holly Harris, Shane Jolliffe, Tracey Gill, Mark Chambers, Sarah Hemsworth, Lindsay Brittney, Jess Ellis, Tina Eldred and Alison Connah.

Well done also to Alan Broomfield who completed his 100th run.

As well as choosing the toughest course in Essex, it is clear that Hadleigh parkrunners turn out whatever the weather. In the pouring rain last week there were 116 runners, and in the sunshine this week, there were 116 runners.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Adam SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Clive LAMBERT • Colin DUNN • Dave FLANAGAN • Emma WARRINGTON • Gary BRIGHT • Imogen WALLINGS • Kathy MACPHERSON • Lee WALLINGS • Lily MILLER • Lorraine HEAL • Michelle MILLER • Nigel WICK • Oliver SMITH • Sally CLARKE • Sarah COLQUHOUN • Thomas GERRIE • Valerie JARVIS • Victoria GROVES • William David MAYES

A special thank you to Imogen Wallings whose exuberant encouragement helped so many of us to the top of the hill.

Thanks also to my wife Caroline for providing defib training to the core team after I had volunteered her without asking first!

Hadleigh parkrun 105Hadleigh parkrun 105

Until our next visit to Hadleigh, happy parkrunning, and for those who didn’t PB today, as Billy Bragg put , there is always next week for “The Great Leap Forward”!


Hadleigh parkrun 105


Hadleigh parkrun #78 – Lyn’s story

It was a lovely sunny day to be running the Hadleigh Country Parkrun. As usual there was a great atmosphere and plenty of enthusiastic walkers, runners, joggers. It is always good to see such a huge range of ages taking part. There were 26 first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives from 13 different clubs took part and we welcomed tourists from Southampton. A couple of energetic parkrunners had even been open water swimming in the lake before running their 5k. I'm taking their word for it that the water was warm.

Hadleigh parkrun #78 (12-05-18)A special mention has to go to Emma Warrington who her achieved her 50 parkrun milestone, 36 of these at Hadleigh. She has also volunteered for a massive 121 tasks over 73 runs. Her time was a new PB of 27.58. A big well done to Emma who is a huge inspiration to many people, myself included. Hadleigh parkrun #78 (12-05-18)

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers : Kyle GILL, Rick WADE, Colin DUNN, Christina EDWARDS, Graeme EDWARDS, Sally CLARKE, Julie FARRANT, Bob MORRIS, Teresa MORRIS, Jessica BACON, David LEYLAND, Lyn BALLARD, Eric FARRANT, Paul FLEWITT, Stirling STRATFORD, Noah KEER, Graham KEER, Valerie JARVIS. Thank you - our event couldn't happen without you. Volunteering is a great way to see how parkrun works. Full training is given and one or two of the roles even allow you to get a run credit as well as a volunteer credit.

Hadleigh parkrun #78 (12-05-18)

My personal story begins at the age of 55 when I finally managed to get a correct diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that had been caused by a genetic order. I had been short of breath for a number of years causing me to be unable to walk any distance or climb stairs without having to stop to get my breath back. I had a lung age of a 93 year old. Continued use of steroid inhalers then caused me to have type 2 diabetes. I felt very low and frustrated at this point. I began cycling and was encouraged by my daughter Dominique to try parkrun. My success story is that 9 years later I took part in my 1st parkun and now 16 runs and 5 marshaling duties later I have an average time of under 40 minutes. At 65 I'm fitter that I have ever been, I have the lung age of a 51 year old and my COPD has minimal impact on my daily life. I am amazed at my achievements. I have never been a keen runner but love Hadleigh parkrun. The continued support and friendship of the team and other runners keeps me going. This has now become a family event with my 2 year old granddaughter helping me up the last hill. Thank you everyone.

Lyn Ballard


Hadleigh parkrun #77

Ty McKEOWN was RD, Noah and Stirling at his side,
Our Duke of Edinburgh participants, along for the ride.
They gave a great pre-run briefing, despite lots of nerves,
And set 150 runners off, through the Country Parks curves.

Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)

Sally got a pb, which I really should mention,
It’s through gritted teeth though, she beat me by one second!
And although we all know, it’s a run not a race,
But come on now, one second! Can I pick up my pace?

Enough about that, let’s get on with the report,
There’s lots for me to mention, and I’ve got tokens to sort.
150 people! Wow that’s a lot,
The sun was shining bright, I bet you were hot.

Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)31 came to Hadleigh for the very first time, 21 new to parkrun, and yes you did fine. We had runners arrive, from 9 different clubs, With 7 pbs let’s go meet at The Hub. Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)

No milestones this week, oh isn’t that sad,
However, there’s a birthday, so not all that bad.
Charlotte GATT celebrated her 16th with a run,
Happy birthday to you, we hope you had fun.

Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)With a time of 19:57, our first person came home, Junior runner Sam RILEY, but he wasn’t alone. Stuart CABLE was next, with a time 20:16. First female Dominique HART, a pb 23:15. Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)

I’m sorry to all of you poets out there,
That rhyme was so bad, and I really do care.
I can’t change the times to make the words fit,
So bare with me please if I go on for bit.

Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)For our parkrun to happen, the core team need a hand, Without our volunteers, the event would be canned. 17 people this week, took time out of their day, To make Hadleigh parkrun happen, hip-hip hurray!! Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)

If you think you can help, even only one time,
We’d be ever so grateful, it won’t cost you a dime.
The car park is free, when you volunteer with us,
Unless you don’t drive, then there’s always the bus.

Hadleigh parkrun #77 (06-05-18)

That’s it for this report, all good things come to an end,
But come back next week, maybe even bring a friend.
We’re here every Saturday, one thing though is true,
No barcode, no time, you know what to do.



Hadleigh parkrun #74 – Sunshine & Milestones

Yet again another brilliant turnout for this weeks run, considering its the month of the Brighton Marathon and London Marathon, still 133 brave runners arrived for the 74th Hadleigh Parkrun, with tourists from Ireland, Bromley and Wanstead Flats. One man decided it would be a good idea to run with a pram, and he said “its not as hilly as I expected”.

Hadleigh parkrun #74 (14-04-18)

Thank you to all the runners and volunteers, without you none of this is possible. Of the 133 runners 19 of whom were first timers and 24 personal bests were recorded. Hadleigh parkrun #74 (14-04-18)

Only one milestone this week but it’s a big one- Rebecca Regan, core team member, ran her 100th at Hadleigh, she completed her first run on 20th April 2013 and in this time has volunteered 31 times. Congrats Rebecca!

Hadleigh parkrun #74 (14-04-18)


This event was made possible by 18 volunteers: Paul SPARKS, Rebecca WEIGHT, Emma WARRINGTON, Lorraine HEAL, Claire DOWNHALL, Scott VOGL, Barry WILLIAMS, Sally CLARKE, Giles PETTITT, Sydney BRIGHT, Samuel WARRINGTON, Amie BRIGHT, Zach SMITH, Jessica BACON, Victoria WARRINGTON, Stirling STRATFORD, Noah KEER, and Emma ANDERSON

Hadleigh parkrun #74 (14-04-18)

This weeks star runner – A young lady called Jessica who ran her 66th parkrun with us, her 2nd at Hadleigh. She is currently using the Hadleigh hills as training for cross country, and her quote was “Never give up”. A real parkrun inspiration.

Hadleigh parkrun #74 (14-04-18)

I’m Noah one of the 18 volunteers and this is my 11th parkrun, 10 of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, the one I didn’t like so much was my 7th park run and it was in the snow. I am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award with Hadleigh parkrun, and I am enjoying it so much, that I’m considering continuing volunteering after my DofE has finished.

Thank you for coming to Hadleigh parkrun, hope to see you next week, and don’t forget your barcodes.

This week's Run Report is brought to you by Bronze DofE Student Noah.


Hadleigh parkrun number 70 – The Arrival of the Mini Beast from the East

Despite the mini beast from the east visting, today still an impressive 46 brave runners came along to Hadleigh park for a 9am start. Well done to these people and to the volunteers who managed to come as without you, parkrun would be impossible.

I think you'll agree that while the temperature was sub-zero the country park did look beautiful.

Hadleigh parkrun #70Hadleigh parkrun #70

Unfortunately, due to the snow, I was unable to attend my last volunteering for my Duke of Edinburgh, so I am writing this report instead. Over these past twelve weeks, I have seen so many people try their hardest, and I admit, I am not a runner. In fact I have never run this parkrun (or any) but I have been able to help other people achieve their goals. And by seeing their faces when they cross the finish line of the hardest parkrun in the country or when they complete their goals, that makes me happy. This may be my last time volunteering for the Duke of Edinburgh, but I will definitely be back, and who knows, I may even run it one day.

We had two milestones this week – both 50's. Adam Smith (who has run 35 of his 50 parkruns with us at Hadleigh and is a regular volunteer) and Lloyd Williams (who has split his 50 runs between 8 different parkruns but mainly stayed local at Hadleigh, Southend and Hockley!) Well done both of you. Here's to the next 50!

Funnily enough there were no first timers this week.... we usually have loads – I can't think what put them off this week. We did have 4 Personal Bests and I think due to the weather conditions, these deserve a mention.

JAMES ROBINSON, KATE BENNETT, SUSAN CHIVERS and PAUL SWINDELL – massive well done on gaining a PB this week. Was it just so cold that the lure of a hot cup of tea from the cafe made you run faster? I think that must have been it!

We had also shared on our facebook page that Millbrook Beds were running a special competition. Any runners who came along and ran in their pyjamas were in with a chance of winning a special parkrun mattress. Well guess what... four (crazy) young ladies, came along in sleepwear and ran the course IN THE SNOW in their PJ's. Huge well done to Hadleigh regulars CHARLOTTE GATT, EVIE DORRINGTON and ISOBEL DOUGLAS-WARD for being such great sports today.

Hadleigh parkrun #70Hadleigh parkrun #70

Without the hard work from our core team and our weekly volunteers, there wouldn’t be a parkrun so a huge thankyou to this week’s volunteers all of whom donned their snow boots and Hi-Viz and arrived bright and early for their duties as usual.

Adam SMITH • Andy DEBNAM • Barry WILLIAMS • Carolyn WALL • Emma WARRINGTON • Gary BRIGHT • Graham KEER • Jessica BACON • Kathryn BACON • Kathy MACPHERSON • Linsey MCCARTHY • Noah KEER • Rebecca REGAN • Sally CLARKE • Sarah BALL • Sarah COLQUHOUN • Stirling STRATFORD

Hadleigh parkrun #70

We're always looking for new volunteers and there are loads of different roles you can take on (some of which allow you to run too). For more info email our volunteer coordinator, Sally at

Hadleigh parkrun #70

Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us next week! Don't forget your barcodes.

This week's run report was brought to you by Daisy Hardy who has completed her 3 months volunteering section of her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh with us at Hadleigh parkrun. Thanks for all your help Daisy.


Hadleigh parkrun #69

Firstly anyone that knows me personally will know that I didn't actually make it to parkrun this week! But due to my parkrun contacts I’ve managed to get the highlights from this week's run so that I can bring you this weeks run report...

Sadly there’s was no parkrun last week due to the snow but this week saw a complete swing in our weather fortunes. Some might call the temperature positively tropical at a whopping 7 degrees!

Hadleigh parkrun #69 (10-03-18)

117 people joined us here at Hadleigh parkrun. We saw a fantastic 20 first timers and 16 people recorded new Personal Bests - great job everyone.

And Zach joined us for a run on his 11th Birthday - Happy Birthday Zach.


Hadleigh parkrun #69 (10-03-18)

We had tourists from Shoreham, we really hope you enjoyed our picturesque but rather muddy course!

Hadleigh parkrun #69 (10-03-18)



I’m told one of our volunteers took an unexpected tumble and ended up pretty dirty, hope you're ok Bob?

A massive thank you to everyone that has donated towards our much needed defibrillator. We’ve raised about half the amount needed for the AED and an outdoor cabinet to house it so it is available to the public when we're not using it. We still have a way to go to hit our target of £1,250.00 so should you wish to contribute (every little helps) or read a little more about the AED, please see the link below.

Without the hard work from our core team and our weekly volunteers, there wouldn't be a parkrun so a huge thanks to this week's volunteers.

Adam SMITH • Amie BRIGHT • Barry WILLIAMS • Bob MORRIS • Daisy HARDY • Emma WARRINGTON • Jessica BACON • Kathryn BACON • Liz JUDE • Lorraine HEAL • Noah KEER • Paul FLEWITT • Rebecca REGAN • Sally CLARKE • Sarah BALL • Stirling STRATFORD • Teresa MORRIS • Ty MCKEOWN

Hadleigh parkrun #69 (10-03-18)

See you all next week



“Go on Uncle Drew!”… Hadleigh parkrun #65

Encouragement is a great motivator and that’s what I had today as my nieces cheered me up those final zigzags to the finish of my 50th Hadleigh parkrun in sub 35 minutes, which is my best result for about three months! But it’s not just my nieces, in each and every one of my 53 parkrun to date the welcome and encouragement from the core team, volunteers and other participants has been fantastic. So, thank you to each of you who congratulated me on reaching the 50 Hadleigh parkrun milestone today!

Hadleigh Parkrun #65

No-one admitted to being a tourist this week so an impressive ‘home’ turnout of 131 of us ran, jogged and walked the course. Well done to all, especially the 19 first timers and 25 participants who recorded new Personal Bests.

Representatives of 12 different clubs took part and the event was made possible by 16 volunteers.

Hadleigh Parkrun #65

First Finisher and Male runner home was Paul ROWDEN in a time of 19:18. First Female and Junior runner home was Lara FOSTER in a time of 23:21. Congratulations to Junior runner James DORRINGTON who completed his milestone 10th parkrun today and the 13 of you who chose to take on the Hadleigh hills as your very first parkrun! Hadleigh Parkrun #65

Encouraged to give it a go by my wife, my first parkrun was Hadleigh #1 and it was tough. After some early improvements I’ve levelled out at a regular pace so much so that I can usually tell how well I’m doing by the point of the course at which some of you pass me en route! The great thing about parkrun is that it doesn’t matter whether you run, jog or walk the course it’s all about what works for you.

Mr Beards very first parkrun

Mr Beards very first parkrun in October 2016

Hadleigh Parkrun #65

Bob and Teresa - all smiles as usual

parkrun has become a regular part of my weekly routine and as a regular Hadleigh parkrunner I’m very conscious of the role played by the Core Team and volunteers in putting on this event every week for our benefit. Volunteering at parkrun has also been part of my experience and with plenty of different roles available each week I would highly recommend it. It’s great to give something back so if you can help please speak to one of the Core Team or contact to see how you can get involved!

Hadleigh Parkrun #65Thanks again to this week’s volunteers: Emma WARRINGTON • Dave FLANAGAN • Jan GROVER • Lee WALLINGS • Sally CLARKE • Joshua CLARKE • Andrew BEARD • Phoebe WALL • Katrina WALLINGS • Imogen WALLINGS • Kathryn BACON • Jessica BACON • Eve MCCARTHY • Paul FLEWITT • Alexandra TOURBASSOVA • Noah KEER Hadleigh Parkrun #65

Also thanks to Sally CLARKE for once again supplying cakes at the finish to mark another Hadleigh milestone!
See you all again soon for another Hadleigh parkrun and don’t forget your barcode!

This week's Run Report was brought to you by Hadleigh Regular Andrew Beard.

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