Tail Walker- Run Report

I was tail runner this morning. I arrived at 8.30(somewhat earlier than necessary), collected my hi-viz and lanyard (with in case of emergency details) from Trish the run director and positioned myself at the back of all of the runners (seemed to be loads today!) and near a dog that was way too excited at the prospect of running 5k! Once the run started (the dog was off like a rocket) i set off keeping behind all of the runners and walkers.
About half way down the hill, near to Paul 'the motivating marshall' the front runners started to emerge on their way back up the hill. This is what i like about volunteering at parkrun as you get to see a side of the run you wouldn't normally see if you were running, particilarly that the faster ones at the front are dreading pigs hill as much as those at the back!
When i reached the bottom of the hill i let the marshall know i was the last person, and then completed the rest of the route, collecting the other marshalls on the way.
I finished, got my barcode scanned (tail walker counts towards both volunteer milestones and completed parkrun milestones) and helped to pack up.
I was away by 10am and back home, showered and with a brew by 10.30am!
Tail walker is a really easy volunteer job to do, and you get a good brisk walk of it. All you have to do is stay behind everyone else, and come last on purpose. Its a particularly good role if you've been injured, feeling a bit unfit or have a race the next day. Let Haigh Woodland Parkrun know if you would like to give it a try!
Bernie Haddock