Event 38 – 16/10/19

It started off as a cold one this morning, when we arrived th RD was at the little storage shed, signs out patiently awaiting his team of high vis heroes.
As the volunteers arrived each was appointed a role to ensure that the run went as smoothly as always.
We had several duke of Edinburgh volunteers that came to help, they were put with other Marshals at various positions so they could be shown the ropes.
We had our first timers briefing followed by the RD’s safety and course brief, timer keepers set and runners are off.

This week of the 138 runners a majority of the runners from Erme valley harriers, you may have heard them at the start, one of whom not only came in first but did it with a PB in a Fantastic time of 18:21. Well done on that one 


Event 37 – 09/10/19

Hey, we were pleased to be up at Haldon Forest today whatever the weather as all but one of the local Park Runs were cancelled last week due to the high winds.  If you know who controls the Haldon weather let us know so we can negotiate some better conditions for you over the next few weeks!


Paul was Run Directing today with the able assistance of Nonny who is a regular volunteer at Haldon and doing her Duke of Edinburgh award.  It's wonderful to see young people flourishing at Haldon PR.  Rhianna has also been assistant RD twice recently and today was out on a marshalling post cheering runners on.  Our volunteers today were Paul and Nonny (Run Directing), Rona (1st Timer's Briefing & Run Report writing), Philip and Gordon (Timekeeping), James, Jess, David, Lisa, Rhianna, Janet, Emily, Chris and Jane (Marshalling), Karla and Maurice (Tail Walking), Esmee (Funnel Managing), Verity (Finish Tokens), Jessica and Emily (Barcode Scanning), Leah assisted by Becky (Results Processing) and Karla (Volunteer Co-ordinating).  What a team!


Our volunteers gathered at 8.15 to set up the run for everyone.   It's great when 'many hands make ……. ' - you know the rest! We all pull together and have fun getting things ready for the runners and it doesn't take long.  We have some regular volunteers and every week there are also a few new people who are always welcome.  We have families, people of all ages, people with dogs, people with babies, people with funny hats ……. everyone's welcome to come and see if you like volunteering - you only do what you are comfortable doing and you won't be pressurised to volunteer again if you don't like it.  If you're interested or want to ask about it

email haldonforesthelpers@parkrun.com


As it was cold and wet, everyone wanted to get their legs on the move so we didn't dilly dally too long over the 1st Timer's Briefing or the Run Directors' introduction.  Any exposed skin felt the chill this morning and there were two options – layer up or run fast!  I took the first option, but there were 18 PBs today so plenty of people took the second option!




It was a special day today as it was Maurice Durbin's 25th volunteering event, and 1st time

as Tail Walker using a motorised Tramper.

Karla and Maurice, both stalwart volunteers at Haldon Forest PR, accompanied each other around the course on Trampers and I noticed Karla very fetchingly wearing the Unicorn Tail Walker's tail today.


After the run some of the hardiest volunteers

sat outside the cafe to celebrate Maurice's achievement by eating slap up excellent food (there is always something to celebrate after Park Run so this happens every week!).




Did you know you can hire the Trampers for a really reasonable price from the Ranger's Office, and complete the Park Run on one as long as you have a long term condition that prevents you completing it walking or running?  So if you know of people who would enjoy this tell them they can book a Tramper in advance for Park Run, and they can see all the lovely sights and be part of our fabulous friendly Park Run community.  They can get run and volunteer credits by Tail Walking!


Of the 93 runners today we welcomed 13 people who ventured out for their 1st Haldon Forest Park Run, and 3 of these were doing their 1st Park Run ever today (in the rain!).  All us regulars hope you enjoyed your runs and will come back and see us again.  We're not aware of any very long distances travelled to Haldon today – people came from as far afield as Stroud, Torbay and Killerton!


As I left I was struck by how fabulous the autumn colours on the trees at Haldon look at the moment.   The fantastic views from the open tops towards the Exe estuary were somewhat less far reaching than usual but very atmospheric!  As I left I did spot a couple of deer sporting lovely dark brown coats, that hadn't been scared off by all us intrepid Park Runners, and again Park Run made me feel happy and connected with lovely people.  I can't wait for next week and hope to see you there!


Event 36 – 02/11/19 – Cancelled

Unfortunately due to high winds and a yellow wind warning the park remained closed for safety.


Event 35 – 26/10/19

I got up early this morning to get to Parkrun on time and when we left it was very dark outside.

I was tail walking. It means that you have to walk at the back to make sure that everyone is safe and you have to wear an orange reflective jacket.

It was chucking it down with rain so I wore my coat.

I like volunteering because it’s fun and I have almost got my 25 T-shirt. You should have a go too because I do it and I’m only 5. Why don’t you try next week?

Howard was the first person to get back. I was last which meant I got token number 98 so I got the biggest number and biggest time. That was my job. It took ages to do the uphill flat bit. It was very steep but I got there in the end.

I had a nice piece of cake afterwards to celebrate.

We’re going to do Parkrun in Bristol next week which is a very long drive but we’ll see you at Haldon soon. Next time you see me at Haldon give me a hi-five!

Love Rowan


Event 34 – 19/10/19

Haldon Forest Run Report 19/10/19

It was a chilly start, but dry so it’s a good start.
We had a good number of volunteers this morning and Paul the run director for the day was well organised and already directing people to marshal points when we arrived.
We now have a tail for the tail walker, no obligation to wear it if you volunteer but we do like a bit of fun at Haldon, you may have noticed the run report writer wearing the er………. Unicorn headwear! We like to have a talking point.
Today we had a nice surprise, one of our regular volunteers Karla who hasn’t been able to do park run for various reason has confirmed that Haldon park run is able to be completed in a motorised wheelchair, so today she hired a Tramper (off road mobility scooter) from the rangers office and completed the course, she was a very happy bunny. Not sure about you but I wasn’t aware that could be done… now we do!

Bit of info for those that are thinking about joining us and hiring a tramper, you will need to pre book the tramper through the rangers office and you do need to have a long term or permanent disability you will still need to be registered as a park runner. For more information on this please visit support.parkrun.com

First-timers briefing was carried out to 17 first-timers today some of whom it was their first-ever park run, and the run director gave his speech to all the runners before they were sent on their way.

It was a good running weather today as we had 22 new pbs for the course from 96 runners that took part.
Every runner that came through the finish funnel was greeted with the beep of the stopwatch and a round of applause from the funnel manager and Run director, but the highlight for me, was seeing the smile on our very own Karla’s face as she came up the finishing straight and the huge smile she had from ear to ear as she passed the timekeepers and collected her finishing token.

A mention has to go to our two-tail walkers today who were Lucy Brooks and Richard Amos from Wyre forest park run. Lucy has today completed her 100th park run, her 25th volunteering session and what we were most in awe of….. she is due to give birth in 5 weeks ….. to twins!!

Thank you to all the runners that took part today, To all the volunteers that help make park run happen, if you would like to volunteer but are unsure what’s involved please feel free to have a chat with us, full support is given and we can usually be found with tea and cake at the Ridge café after the run.

Until next time
Happy running

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