Looking forward to QRC takeover

Hello everyone ,

The weather is looking good for the weekend , it has been brilliant seeing so many people out and about enjoying the sunshine these last few days...relaxing, communicating, laughing, chilling and getting out in the fresh air, it make you feel great

parkrun day looks to be a dry one , although a little cooler... it looks to be fine, sunny and dry and around 11 -14 degrees at parkrun o'clock. Pick out your best running gear, select your favourite running shoes, get your printed barcode and get ready to be on the start line for what will undoubtedly be the gloriously magnificent Halifax  parkrun number 113... It's going to be a corker!

The fantastic Queensbury Running Club are doing a takeover this weekend and we look forward to them cheering you round and the lovely Lynn Hill who is our Guest RD and an amazing team of volunteers and pacers from QRC .

This wondrous running club are so kindly helping us to fundraise for a defibrillator and providing a cake stall , there will also be water , fruit and , running magazines (I'm a hoarder) available - you can help by contributing to our fundraising for this essential kit.

Did you know that following cardiac arrest, AED's can make a massive difference at a time when every second counts... For every minute delay in administering defibrillation, the patient's chance of survival is reduced by 7-10%. We have Halifax hospital a few miles away but emergency medical attention or a portable AED could still be 10 minutes away.

Hopefully, we will never need to use the AED but there have been many incidents at sporting events where their availability has clearly saved a life. They are simple to use and do not require first aid training as the AED tells you exactly what to do, how and when. To complement this, we will also be looking to arrange some familiarisation training for those that wish to participate.

Now, this is where we need your help to donate , there is already a mechanism in place that allows you to donate to Halifax parkrun , we are very very grateful to all the donations we have received so far. You are all awesome.

This is a great opportunity and a bit of a no-brainer. If you agree and can help us , please can you support the QRC efforts this Saturday and donate via the link below,you'll also see from this page that all donations and our spends are fully transparent.


Thank you very much for your anticipated support and please feel free to suggest fun and interesting ways to raise money to donate.

See you Saturday for cake !! Bring some cash and don't forget we have Chris our coffee man on the park from 8.30 - 10 am

Many thanks

Halifax parkrun Event and Run Directors