About Us

Hanley parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in It's run in Hanley Park, just off Cleveland Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4DX. See Course page for more details.. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether that's for fun or as part of a training plan.

It offers an opportunity for all the local community, male or female, young or old, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active into the bargain. We want to encourage people to jog or run together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register before your first ever parkrun. The great thing is that you only ever need to do this once! Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there!

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee at a local Cafe - please come and join us. Maybe swap stories about your run that day, chat to other runners over a cup of tea or coffee and just be an important part of this new running community.

So whether you are a complete novice looking to get yourself started on your own "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of your training schedule, you’re welcome to come along and join us.

  • Staffordshire University Students' Union: Hanley Park run is supported by Staffordshire University Students’ Union, a not-for-profit organization that runs for the benefit of students at Staffordshire University. The Students’ Union is not just a series of bars and shops ? it supports approximately 70 sports clubs and societies, which are all run by students for the benefit of students. Many of these engage with the community, including local schools and youth groups. The Students’ Union also helps hundreds of volunteers, increasing students’ employability skills ? in fact, many of the volunteers at Hanley Parkrun are students at the university. To find out more about the Students’ Union, please e-mail union@staffs.ac.uk.

    Your donation will be wisely spent by the event team (as custodians of the local purse) on the upkeep of your parkrun.

    For donations prior to 1 February 2017, 85% was allocated to the event and the remaining 15% to the New Event Fund.

    parkrun is completely open about all donations. All donations to this event (and withdrawals that the event teams makes) will be published below. You can also view all donations in this country here.

    parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation.


    Donation DateNameRecipientDonationContribution to EventContribution to New Event FundNote
    2019-02-02Jamie WilliamsHanley£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2019-01-26Scott BrownlowHanley£1.00£1.00£0.00Weekly donation to parkrun - 1.1.19 - Hanley parkrun
    2019-01-24Andrew MachamHanley£1.00£1.00£0.00
    2019-01-23Lynne WebsterHanley£5.00£5.00£0.00Thanks for New Year
    2018-06-17Dave ElbornHanley£20.00£20.00£0.00For Longton Junior parkrun setup
    2018-04-21Dave ElbornHanley£20.00£20.00£0.00Hanley parkrun
    2018-01-20Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun
    2017-12-26Nigel BostockHanley£30.00£30.00£0.00For Hanley Parkrun
    2017-12-02Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun
    2017-10-14Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun
    2017-09-20John PuttHanley£-20.00£-20.00£0.00To go to Crewe parkrun set up
    2017-09-19William John PuttHanley£30.00£30.00£0.00Please donate
    2017-08-05Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2017-06-03Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2017-05-06Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2017-03-23Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£100.00£0.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2017-02-01Wendy SearsHanley£10.00£10.00£0.00Small donation to Hanley parkrun - Had a fantastic 50th run on Saturday. Many thanks.
    2016-12-24Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun donation. Happy Christmas!
    2016-12-03Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2016-10-06Bethany DawidHanley£75.00£63.75£11.25Hanley parkrun donation
    2016-10-01Gavin WaltersHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2016-08-13Simon ClarkeHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-08-10CIARAN O'REILLYHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50PARKRUN HANLEY AED
    2016-08-08Liz TideswellHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Donation on behalf of Potteries Marathon (Run GBr) for Hanley AED
    2016-08-04NICOLA STEVENSHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-08-04Jane HoltHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2016-08-02Jonathan TideswellHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50AED Donation for Hanley parkrun on behalf of Peter Divall
    2016-08-02Mark HarrisonHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75Hanley AED
    2016-07-31Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-30Michael LewisHanley£25.00£21.25£3.75
    2016-07-29tania mooneyHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-23Anthony D CurtisHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-23Anthony D CurtisHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2016-07-23Christopher RwatschewHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2016-07-21Graham KempHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-21Graham SheridanHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-20Alison CondlyffeHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75Hanley AED
    2016-07-20Dave KinsellaHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-19Michael ParrHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley Parkrun AED
    2016-07-19Chris CallanHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50HANLEY AED
    2016-07-19Mark DixonHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50HANLEY AED
    2016-07-18DAVID HEBBHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50HANLEY AED
    2016-07-18Ian WilliamsHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2016-07-18David HambletonHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75Hanley AED
    2016-07-17Janet DiddamsHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-17Sean LewisHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Kevin BillHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50For Hanley AED
    2016-07-16zoe davisHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75
    2016-07-16Oliver ClarkeHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50
    2016-07-16Jamie PringleHanley£25.00£21.25£3.75Hanley AED
    2016-07-16geoff astleyHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50This is for Hanley Park Run Defibrillator Fund
    2016-07-16Wendy SearsHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Nicola LomasHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16daniel jordanHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2016-07-16S WhitemanHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Bryn HolmesHanley£0.10£0.08£0.02
    2016-07-16Paul CotterillHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Suzanne WhitemanHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75
    2016-07-16Liz TideswellHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Gareth CopleyHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-16andrew slackHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley aed
    2016-07-16neil everillHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Lyndsay TaylorHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Andrew DaseyHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Dave ElbornHanley£67.00£56.95£10.05Hanley AED
    2016-07-16Wendy SearsHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75
    2016-07-16Davin ThorleyHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2016-07-16Pauline HallHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2016-06-05Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2016-03-12Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2016-01-03Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2015-12-26Tracy BourneHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2015-12-08Ann TideswellHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00
    2015-10-18Bethany DawidHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50Hanley parkrun donation
    2015-08-08Bethany DawidHanley£70.00£59.50£10.50For Hanley parkrun
    2015-06-13Bethany DawidHanley£50.00£42.50£7.50Donation to Hanley parkrun. Thanks!
    2015-05-02Bethany DawidHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Please donate to HANLEY parkrun specifically. Thanks.
    2015-03-07Bryn HolmesHanley£60.00£51.00£9.00Hanley parkrun donation
    2014-12-28Liz TideswellHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Donation for Hanley parkrun - cafe proceeds
    2014-11-03Ann TideswellHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00Hanley parkrun
    2014-07-12Dean HughesHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2014-01-11Jonathan TideswellHanley£100.00£85.00£15.00
    2013-10-26Christina BrindleyHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2013-10-08paula addisonHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2013-06-29Rich EllisHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2013-04-20Jamie PringleHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Thanks, Nat has enjoyed his first 10 runs.
    2013-01-13Stuart TaylorHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50
    2012-11-04Judith BrownswordHanley£20.00£17.00£3.00
    2012-01-07Thomas HillHanley£5.00£4.25£0.75
    2011-12-07Roberta HickmanHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley Park Run - a small gift to thank you for getting my family up and out of bed on a Saturday morning at a decent time.
    2011-10-08Shaun WestonHanley£10.00£8.50£1.50Hanley park run is my local run (if relevant)


    Withdrawal DateEventAmountNote
    2013-09-18Hanley£39.94Event equipment
    2015-10-02Hanley£42.61arrows, stakes, trophies
    2015-11-13Hanley£23.00Anniversary certificates
    2015-11-13Hanley£69.00New megaphone
    2016-01-06Hanley£21.89Measuring wheel
    2016-08-13Hanley£800.00IPAD NF1200 Defib with case & ready kit
    2016-09-23Hanley£36.13Annual awards
    2016-10-19Hanley£35.99Sports camera
    2016-10-19Hanley£14.43Marker cones
    2016-10-28Hanley£22.00Laminated prints for anniversary celebrations
    2016-10-28Hanley£13.98Whistles for lanyards
    2017-01-30Hanley£19.12Trolley wheels
    2017-01-30Hanley£-148.07Reimbursement of 15% NEF for AED donations
    2017-02-21Hanley£279.99Replacement laptop
    2017-06-09Hanley£19.99Waterproof clipboard
    2017-09-14Hanley£36.65Waterproof camera and memory card
    2018-04-18Hanley£80.002 sets replacement tokens
    2018-05-25Hanley£26.73Correx signs
    2019-01-18Hanley£15.00parkrun Selfie Frame
    2019-01-28Hanley£75.00Defib pads
    2019-05-09Hanley£94.99Android phone for using Virtual Volunteer app
    2019-06-19Hanley£20.00parkrun Quiet Sign (x3)