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Event #118 23/9/18

Hanworth junior parkrun # 118 - 23/09/2018
Rain does not stop play!

It was a morning for the bravest of runners as the heavens opened at about 4am the night before the parkrun and did not relent until the run was long over.
27 runners and 11 volunteers were not deterred and took on the wet 2 kilometre course with great enthusiasm. Far from dampening enthusiasm, the rain created wonderful smiles on all of the runners faces.
Remarkably, 10 children chose today as their first ever run at Hanworth. Fortunately this weather is rare and we look forward to seeing them again next week. Olyveer Brewer even managed a PB, I’m sure if he returned again next week then his time would tumble even further.
We’ll see you the same time next week, 9am.


run report 98

105th Hanworth Junior Parkrun

We had a record attendance this week of 80 runners who joined us in the sunshine. Heathfield Junior School ran a school trip which brought over 50 first timers, we hope that they are inspired to continue to run in the coming weeks. We also had an impressive 6 pbs this week

Owen was the first over the line with an impressive time of 7.36- the third fastest time ever at Hanworth.

Anastasia was the first girl over the line in a time of 8.49- the fourth fastest time ever at Hanworth.

Amy and Charlie both completed their 11th runs which mean they join the half marathon club. Their blue wristbands will be winging their way to the event organisers. They can also download their certificates via the club progress tab on their Parkun profile.

Thank-you to the 14 volunteers, you were very busy this week.







Hanworth Juniors run report #97

Welcome to the run report for Hanworth junior parkrun number 97. It was a bit wet under foot and a bit chilly, but at least it wasn't raining. A big Thank you to all the 10 volunteers this week, parkrun couldn't happen with out you. And to all the family and friends who came to support our runners. 

 We welcomed one first timer to parkrun today, welcome Umar, and two visitors to Hanworth, Lily and Anna. We hope you all enjoyed it we all hope to see you again soon.

 There was 26 runners on the field today, and this was split into 15 boys and 11 girls. The first boy through was Conor in an impressive 8:57, and the first girl through was Grace in 13:19.  


Well done to Nevaeh who collected her marathon wristband.Lily ran her 11th junior parkrun today, so has earned her half marathon band. Congratulations to you both. There are a few more coming up too.. Jamie and Archie have run number 10 today, so will earn their half marathon wristband next time. 

A massive well done to Lewys, Riley and Freya who all got PBs today. A very good run by all of you! 

So in 3 weeks, Hanworth junior parkrun will celebrate its 100th event! We will have a fancy dress or themed run that week to celebrate... so any ideas for this , please let us know... 

100 ZUCCHERINI......


run report #96

Sunday 22 April 2018. Welcome to Hanworth junior parkrun number 96.

Firstly, Thank you  to all of the volunteers who make parkrun happen.

On Sunday, there were 29 runners, broken down into 19 boys and 9 girls... there was also an unknown finisher... we welcomed 7 first timers to Hanworth. None of them are new to parkrun however, but it was lovely to welcome them. Harley, Oliver, Jenny, Jessica,Bethany,Izzy and Dillon, We hope you had fun at Hanworth and look forward to see you again soon. 




The first boy through last week was Shay in an impressive 8:57, and the first girl was Jenny in 11:27. A very big well done to you both.


There was 5 pbs from Luca ,Benjamin,Tomas,Ollie and Oliver .Well done to you all.

Just one milestone this week. Congratulations to Izzy who ran her 11th parkrun to earn her half marathon wristband.

We hope to see you all again on Sunday... let's hope the rain stays at bay an hour for us!!!



run report ? #95

My name is Grace. I am 10 years old, and I have been doing parkrun since September 2015. I have clocked 76 parkruns in total, 15 of which are 5k. I have also volunteered 6 times.


I started running because my mum did... we heard about junior parkrun, and thought 2k was a nice distance. I like getting pb's, but also just enjoy running it. I have now started volunteering, and have tried a few different roles. I like marshalling, because I like to encourage other runners through, I have also done barcode scanning, and finish tokens. I like to say well done to runners after their run. As well as parkrun, I have also run with my mum doing race for life, and I like doing mini mile races. I hope to encourage other people to take up running, as anyone can do it, and parkrun is a great                                                           way to get exercise, and also to make new friends.


Thank you to all our volunteers this week... and the mums, dads, friends and family who turned out to cheer their children on.

So we all got up to a slightly overcast but dry Sunday morning... all met on the field at 855, to do the warm up with Julie. Then over to the start line and were all off at 9am sharp.   2018-04-17_09-43-46

We had 27 runners this week.. made up of 19 boys and 8 girls. First runner and boy through the finish was Conor, with a time of 8.48, and first girl across the finish line was Eleanor, with a time of 10.17. Well done to you both! No first timers this week, so why not see if a friend wants to come along next week? There were 7 PBs, so well done to George, lexi-may, Zachary, Kai, Harry, Ollie and Francesca M.

There were no milestones this week... but a few are approaching. (Did you know you get wristbands and a certificate for 11, 23 and 50 runs?!)

2018-01-17_08-35-01 Thank you for reading, and we will see you all same time next week.

Happy running!!! Grace Courtenay-Wheeler

Age 10

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