Hanworth parkrun is cancelled on 30 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report 14th March 2020 Event 46

By Vanessa Arthur

After a slightly drier week of weather, a group of 64 enthusiastic parkrunners descended on Hanworth for its 46th parkrun. Overnight rain meant that the course was still soggy in places with the mud producing some challenging conditions as runners struggled to find the quickest routes while remaining upright!
Today we had visitors from a number of parkruns, including Abingdon, Bracknell and Roundshaw Downs. According to the results, 9 tourists visited Hanworth for the first time.
We hope that you enjoyed it and will visit us again.

There were two brand new first timers to parkrun today - George and John Mockett. Well done to both of you and welcome to the Parkrun family!

Top three male finishers today were Jonathan Mainwaring in a time of 20:21, Alan Lightfoot (20:36) and Adam Hughes (20:42). Top three female finishers were Vanessa Arthur in a time of 24:44, Poppy Wilson (25:03) and Kulwinder Aujla (25:41).

Congratulations to the 9 finishers who achieved a pb today – Paul Davis, Sam Peacock, Leigh Armstrong, Jim Holder, Dave Senneck, Christine Jelly, Tanya Mockett, Alice Mockett and Bhagya Gubbala.

Fantastic support as ever was provided by Hanworth’s amazing volunteer team
Adi VIRAKTHI  •  Andrea LUND  •  Ani O'NEILL  •  Annie HOGG  •  Carol
MORAN  •  Claire NEWING  •  David GASPER  •  Gary
SAUNDERS  •  Hannah MCCAMBRIDGE  •  Leanne MURRAY  •  Maisie
FARMER  •  Marina HIPPLE  •  Marina PARNELL  •  Megan
STRAW  •  Shreya SHAH  •  Steve MCCARTHY

Finally a huge thanks to Event Director Carol Moran who kept us all under control and took some great photographs which are on our Hanworth Parkrun Flickr page.


IWD parkrun profile: Vix #thisgirlcan

IMG_9230So lots of my friends will know that I bang on about parkrun ALL the time, and I was so excited to be asked to write a bit about how I started and what it means to me!

I had joined parkrun a few years ago did a couple of runs at Crane Park but due to injury gave up running.

Then in August 2019 I started suffering with my mental health, depression and anxiety had taken a hold of me, I sought help from Hounslow iApt and started CBT, they told me that exercise could help me.  My friend Frazer (another Hanworth parkrun regular now) offered to start running with me, I suggested Hanworth parkrun as it was fairly new and just across the road from where I live.  When we came along for our first parkrun, I was very nervous because I hadn’t run for so long but we were greeted by such a wonderful group of volunteers and felt immediately comfortable, we started coming every week.  A couple of weeks in and Frazer was not able to make it so I asked my Facebook friends if any of them would support me for that week, that’s when my brother Stuart agreed to come along with me, he enjoyed it and the next week his son and my Mum & Dad joined us too, they all started out to support me on my journey back to better mental health and have found that they enjoy it and are now Hanworth parkrun regulars too!

There have been weeks when I just don’t want to be, I dragged myself out of bed, I cried as I’m running/walking when my depression has been telling me what’s the point, but I was out there, I was doing it and I knew by the time I reached the finish it would have changed my mood for the better.

Every week our lovely run directors were asking for volunteers for the following week’s parkrun and I decided it was time for me to give something back, so signed up to be Tailwalker the next week.  This is my absolute favourite volunteering roll, I get to walk my 5k, and the runners who lap me always give a cheery thank you making me feel very appreciated and I get a rosy glow knowing that I’ve done something good, so I now volunteer as Tailwalker once a month.

You see this is what I love about parkrun run, you don’t have to run, you just have to get out there,  you will be surrounded by inspiring and encouraging people who will become your friends, you will have great days and not so great days but as long as you don’t give up you will have travelled 5k!  You might be fast or you might be slow but you will never be last (unless you volunteer to be last)!

And it is my absolute honour to be Hanworth parkrun’s Tailwalker for 7th March so there’s no better time to get out there and join us.

 #thisgirlcan #IWDparkrun #IWD2020 


IWD parkrun profile: Julie #thisgirlcan

ImageI first heard about parkrun back in 2013, it looked amazing but I thought to myself, I will make sure I am a proper runner then I will go along. Then in 2015 I realised I was unlikely to ever be more of a runner that I already was and decided to go along and give it a go. I remember being mildly terrified at the sight of all of the sporty types who I was sure would leave me for dust and would confirm I did not belong , I could not have been more wrong. I learnt that these lovely parkrun folk were just friendly people who cheered me on the whole way around. One week a lovely lady came back and met me in the last few hundred meters and ran back with me cheering me on, such a small thing but It really meant so much. I really wanted to give something back to this group and so I decided that I should volunteer at least once a month. I loved tail walking as I got to volunteer as well as get my 5k in. I have had some fantastic Saturday mornings  listening and meeting people and having a great chat on the way around.I had the opportunity to join the core team of a junior parkrun at Hanworth in 2016, I jumped at the chance and love Sunday mornings at Hanworth. When Leanne told me she was trying to get a parkrun up and running at Hanworth I was so happy to join the team and of course I seem to volunteer more than I run these days but i like it this way.

Hanworth is a lovely ( well hidden ) park , you could easily have no idea it even exists. I can’t do the history of the park justice here but it includes air fields dating back to 1917, Red Cross hospitals, the RAF , Aston Martin , so much more and of course now it has parkrun!
If you have been thinking of coming to Hanworth or any parkrun but you are not quite sure please do come and give it a try, this girl can and so can you !
#thisgirlcan #IWDparkrun #IWD2020

IWD parkrun profile: Terri #thisgirlcan

5212128A-6AF2-45DE-B628-C6244C6E384CI wasn’t particularly sporty at school and like lots of other women battled with body insecurities throughout my teens and twenties that put me off fitness and sport completely. I started running after my daughter was diagnosed with cancer- I had felt pretty helpless throughout her treatment and was desperate to do something to give back to charities who helped us, so signed up for a series of fundraising events. Running was always something that I felt was for other people, I’d always looked enviously at runners and wished I could give it a go- at that point I wouldn’t have even run for a bus! But after my daughter’s diagnosis I viewed life and my body differently, I was so lucky to have a healthy body it was about time I started to appreciate it and what it is capable of! I managed to raise around £15,000 in the following few years for cancer charities and gained a passion in the process. Whilst I have seen my running improve and pushed myself to try new challenges (this year I’m taking on three ultra marathons and a 100 mile bike ride) for me finish times don’t matter as much as appreciating the time you’re having. I never realised the therapeutic benefits of running yet it helped me to process my own trauma that followed my daughter’s diagnosis, and I’ve seen it help others too. What I love more than the actual running is the people it has connected me to, people I have met through running and parkrun have become some of my closest friends and volunteering regularly at Hanworth parkrun has got to be the highlight of my week. I’ve volunteered in pretty much all the roles- I do love getting to be a Run Director, talking to runners and walkers and learning a little about their lives each week is a really wonderful thing. Everyone is so friendly and the team of volunteers are so welcoming. I love cheering for other runners and supporting them. Seeing their progress each week has just been amazing and it always lights me up to see them pass by. I always thought of running as a solo sport but actually through running and parkrun, I’ve been shown the most wonderful community and it’s growing all the time!

#thisgirlcan #IWDparkrun #IWD2020


IWD parkrun profile: Marina #thisgirlcan

IMG_4522I was on maternity leave when I found out that plans were underway to start up a parkrun at Hanworth Park. I signed up to be part of the core volunteer team and I’m so glad I did. I have a great time volunteering as well as running it. I never imagined that I’d make so many new friends and meet some very inspirational women. Hanworth parkrun welcomes everyone and we are all super friendly and supportive. Hanworth parkrun is awesome!



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