Harrogate parkrun #407 Run report

Although I’ve been told it’s “not a thing”, I thought it would be fitting to mark the 50th time that I’ve pushed my little one (Hannah) around parkrun in a buggy, by volunteering to write this week’s run report. Hopefully it provides a little insight to the wonderful world of buggy running.

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Before Hannah came along I’d seen numerous buggy runners at parkrun and I’d always assumed that it really couldn’t be that much tougher than running solo. Although it is far more fun than I’d imagined it would be, it also brought obstacles that I’d not even considered.

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Not only do you have the more obvious issues to contend with - such as: headwinds, hills, mud, grass, pronounced tree roots to navigate, the general loss of the momentum of your arms that are now clinging on to the buggy, the extra weight of your precious cargo - you’re also contending with sleep deprivation and a pre-parkrun routine that needs to run to like clockwork in order to get to the start line for 9am. Not to mention the mid race risk of punctures.

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When you add a buggy and a child to your parkrun preparations they go from just having to get yourself dressed and remembering your all-important barcode, to also remembering to pack the change bag, the rain cover/sun shade (you never know which will be needed), footmuff, coat, hat, toys and, of course, the buggy. All this in addition to making sure your child is changed, dressed and has had their pre-run feed. It’s a true parental team effort.

After 50 times of doing this routine we’ve just about nailed it, so this morning we were down at the Stray by 8:45am.

By the time the run briefing started at 9am we’d been joined by an impressive total of 340 runners – it was great to see that the group included at least 3 other buggy runners.

This week’s run briefing had quite a list of shout outs to cover. Firstly and most importantly was the thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers – without whom there would be no parkrun!

There was a massive shout out for Ellie and David who had chosen to do Harrogate parkrun with their strong contingent of friends to kick off their wedding day celebrations – many congratulations to you both.

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There were some parkrun milestone announcements today too - well done to Paul Andrew for joining the 100 Club and congratulations to both Kevin Scott and Mitch Barnes on joining the 50 Club.

Then it was on to the main event. Weather conditions were actually pretty good, it wasn’t too cold, there was only a light breeze and there was only the occasional drop of rain in air. However, there was plenty of water and mud under foot! It’s definitely feels like it’s time to dust off those trail shoes - we were all slipping and sliding around corners 2 and 3. Thankfully I’d put the rain cover on the buggy as mud was flying everywhere but Hannah remained sound asleep and totally mud free – first rule of buggy running, the welfare of the passenger comes first!

Well done to everyone who walked, jogged and ran this week. Despite the muddy conditions, I counted 17 runners that achieved new Personal Bests today – kudos to you all. There was also 18 first time parkrunners this week – I hope you enjoyed your debut runs and will be coming back for many more.

I’ll finish up by saying a huge thank you to all the volunteers and fellow runners for your support and encouragement over these last 50 runs. Here’s to the next 50!

Just a few reminders.....

Post run refreshments - Join us at Caffe Marconi (2 Princes Square) each week after parkrun to catch up, process the results, have a coffee and a good old chat. The food (oh my, the cakes..!) and drinks are great and Sarah and her team are huge fans of parkrun! It's good fun and you can even get your result early!

In Case of Emergency - Please double check that your emergency contact details are complete and up to date on your parkrun profile. You'll find a link to your profile on your weekly results email and newsletters or via this How can I access my profile / account? link. It only takes a few moments, put could really help us to help you if and when you most need it.

Barcodes - Is your printed barcode looking tired or not scanning easily? There are a range of tough and durable plastic parkrun barcode ID tags and parkrun wristbands available via http://www.parkrun-barcode.org.uk/ These are the only UK authorised and professionally printed tags and feature the parkrun branding and logo, your athlete details and can also be personalised with your ICE (In Case of Emergency) telephone number and additional information including specific medical details. They come in a range of options and can be attached to a key ring, laces, and running vest zip or worn on a lanyard.

And now for the official bits:

Harrogate parkrun
Event number 407
19th October 2019

This week 340 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers:

Tony LEDWABA-CHAPMAN • Mick DAWSON • Amjid KHAN • Ted WELTON • Louisa WELTON • Rona Elizabeth BRADLEY • James BRADDON • James TILBURN • Hannah PEAGRAM • Libby BRENNAN • Aileen CAMERON • Richard HANEN • Jennifer CARNE • Fiona BARKLEY • Tim PALFREMAN • Caroline RAINBOW - GARDENER • Matt PAXTON • Sarah HUGHAN • Robin NORTON • Jay NORTON • Sarah KELLY • Martin THORNTON • Lynsey BARRACLOUGH • Michael LINDLEY • Jeff WALKER • Doug STEWART • Wendy LINDLEY • Mark WRIGHTSON • Robert EARL • Robert HILL • Edward GREEN • Talulla ROLPH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Harrogate parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Rosie SMITH who recorded a time of 17:28 on 3rd October 2015 (event number 196).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 14:54 on 3rd November 2018 (event number 357).
The Age Grade course record is held by Andy GRANT who recorded 90.63% (16:01) on 1st September 2018 (event number 348).

Harrogate parkrun started on 21st January 2012. Since then 15,816 participants have completed 127,097 parkruns covering a total distance of 635,485 km, including 20,772 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,345 individuals have volunteered 9,276 times.