Our role model Dave Event #322 17th October 2021

Another brilliant morning for running today saw 36 young juniors take to our course to give their best. Joining us today for the first time were 5 new runners. Congratulations to Harsimran Bhangu, Amber Elwood, Lois Richardson, Dylan Eaton and Oscar Eaton - do come back again soon.

Well done to Callun Francis who received his half marathon wristband for completing 11 junior parkruns - and well done to your dad and grandad too for keeping up with you!

Our first finisher today - Eddie de Souza - was joining us for his last junior parkrun before turning 15. He has come a long way since event #102 which was his first junior parkrun where he managed a time of 9.36. Today he ran the third fastest time ever on our course in a new PB of 7.06. Congratulations Eddie and do keep enjoying your running.

We saw some other brilliant PB's this morning too so huge congratulations to:

Olivia Forrest - a 7 second PB

Daniel Aiyewumi - a 14 second PB

Louis Geater - 3 PBs in 3 weeks - 18 seconds today

Liam Cole - 2 minutes and 6 seconds off his 2019 time

Emily Brewington - a 31 second PB

Jude Crawley - a 52 second PB

Sahib Bhangu - 2 PBs in 2 weeks and 48 seconds quicker today

Finally - we talk every week about how amazing our volunteers are but this week we really wanted to highlight how amazing Dave Keeley is. An active part of both the Harrow Lodge parkrun and junior parkrun since both started - in fact neither would have started without him - he has now sailed past the milestone of 500 volunteering credits which is a remarkable achievement. We know he has done a lot for runners in Havering for many years and we are incredibly proud that he is part of our team. Thank you Dave.

See you all next Sunday



Geese! Event #321 10th October 2021

Those of you who don't get to Harrow Lodge park well in advance of our junior parkrun will be unaware that today we were joined by lots and lots of geese who had decided to stage their own event. Thankfully the combined efforts of Olivia and Ollie did an amazing job of geese herding and sent them all back to the lake so that we could start as normal. Thank you both (sadly there is no specific volunteering credit for that activity!)

An amazing 51 young runners joined us today including 3 first timers. Well done to Tom Ross, Laine Forrester Smith and Annabelle Quartey on your first junior parkrun - hopefully many more will follow.

Congratulations to our 3 brilliant marathon wristband recipients who have now completed 21 junior parkruns - Elizabeth Ridley, Lucy Jenkinson-Smith and Yana Chakarova. Well done on your achievement - do wear your wristband with pride and remember you can download your own certificate from your parkrun profile on the website - just click on the link in your results email.

Today saw 15 children beat their personal best times - well done to all you and congratulations on the progress you are making in your running - we are very proud of you.

Louis Geater - 2 PBs in 2 runs and a 14 second PB

Scarlett Woods - celebrating her 50th junior parkrun with a new PB by 36 seconds

Samuel Kirk - a 19 second improvement

Elizabeth Ridley - wearing her new marathon wristband which drove her to a 51 second PB

Luke Brewington - a 5 second PB

Samuel Ridley - reaching his marathon milestone with a 18 second PB

Daniel Galpin - 3 PBs in 3 weeks - another 22 seconds quicker today

Sahib Bhangu - beating his debut junior parkrun by a staggering 5 minutes and 1 second

Yana Chakarova - also using the power of the marathon wristband to take 59 seconds off her PB

Joshua Fowler - 2 PBs in 2 weeks, 37 seconds quicker today

Joshua Ridge - beating his debut run by 26 seconds

Callun Francis - reaching his half marathon wristband with a new PB by 26 seconds

Courtney Elwood - making a junior parkrun return with a 2 minute 7 second PB

Dominic Howard - a 51 second PB

Khai Macartney - a 5 second PB

Thank you so much to all our amazing volunteers who make running this effort possible. We really are incredibly grateful to you for coming and helping out. Do let us know if you can do your bit one week too.

See you next Sunday!


Marathon day! Event #320 3rd October 2021

Today saw the return of the London marathon - a day that always provides great inspiration for people to get out and start running. We have no doubt that many of our junior runners who have started their running journey at Harrow Lodge will one day be out pounding the streets of London - in fact a number of our regular junior parkrunners represented Havering in the mini marathons this morning - well done to all of them. For those at Harrow Lodge today their time will come too and there is no doubt that regular running at parkrun will help!

At today's junior parkrun we had a brilliant 32 young runners. A very special thank you to all the lovely people who responded to our facebook request for volunteers - we really do appreciate you giving up your time to help and as ever, you and anyone, are always welcome to help out - just let us know!

A particular warm welcome to our 4 first timers - Maddie Healey, Darcie Healey, Max Dingley and Tillie Kent - wonderful first runs from all of you.

We had two wristbands to give out this morning - congratulations to Molly Jenkinson-Smith and Dylan Elsayed who have completed their marathons - a superb effort.

Finally - we had 7 brilliant PBs today - we are in total awe of the following for giving their best today:

Luke Brewington - a 5 second PB

Daniel Galpin -  a 20 second PB

Daniel Ridley - a staggering 7 minutes 25 seconds quicker than his 2019 PB - welcome back!

Matthew Galpin - a 31 second PB

Joshua Fowler - also beating a 2019 PB - 1 minute and 19 seconds quicker

Aaron Kakar - beating his debut by 1 minute 16 seconds

Edith McDonald - a 37 second PB

Well done to these children and to all our runners for coming out and giving their best. See you again next Sunday!


Super sprinting Event #319 26th September 2021

37 enthusiastic young runners set off round our course today and we saw some very impressive sprint finishes with 12 children getting a new PB. Some great battles down the field too - it's always lovely when the children find their natural "competition" at junior parkrun and use each other to improve their running.

Congratulations to day to Sophie Brewington on achieving your marathon wristband for completing 21 junior parkruns. An amazing milestone.

We were really pleased to welcome 2 first timers to the run today - brothers Joshua and Freddie Ridge who both made an excellent effort on their first visit. We can't wait to see your progress over the next few weeks.

Well done to all the 12 young runners who beat a previous best time today - a superb achievement.

Abigail Rogers -  took 10 seconds off her PB

Taylor Green - took 15 seconds off his PB

Sophie Brewington - took 39 seconds off her PB

Oliver Hughes - took 36 seconds off his PB

Lily Tyler - took 52 seconds off her PB

Daniel Galpin - took 30 seconds off his PB

Jacob Samuel - took 6 seconds off his PB

Lucy Jenkinson-Smith - took 19 seconds off her PB

Evelyn Raison - took 28 seconds off her PB

Marie Smailes - took 56 seconds off her PB

Callun Francis - took 15 seconds off his PB

Alfie Hughes - took 9 seconds off his PB

Next Sunday is the London marathon so join us again at 9am to help show all those adults running how it's done! A big thank you as ever to our volunteers - please let us know if you can help out too.



Last days of Summer Event # 318 19th September 2021

The signs of Autumn arriving are clear all around Harrow Lodge park at the moment but thankfully yesterday's good weather remained for our run this morning where an amazing bunch of 40 youngsters joined us for their junior parkrun.

Amongst the 40 were some first timers - new to parkrun were Jake Ford and Aaron Kakar and visiting Harrow Lodge was Ruby Hadfield. Well done on your runs and do come back again soon.

We were thrilled to have some wristbands to give out this morning. Well done to Zoe Jones for completing your half marathon (11 runs) and to Raphael Phillips and Taylor Green for completing your marathon (21 runs).

Congratulations to the 7 children who beat their best times this morning and got themselves a new Personal Best:

Leo Key - 8 seconds quicker today

Alice Jones - 2 PBs in 2 runs - 16 seconds quicker today

Emily Brewington - 15 seconds quicker than her previous best

Matthew Galpin - 2 PBs in 2 weeks - 12 seconds quicker this time around

Ezra-Zion Gooch - Beating his debut run last week by 10 seconds

Olivia Rogers - 2 seconds faster today

Alfie Hughes - 2 PBs in 2 runs - 15 seconds faster today

Finally a word of thanks for our amazing volunteers - we really do appreciate your efforts and are so grateful for you giving up your time. Please do let us know if you are able to help out too - it really is very easy.

See you next Sunday!

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