And we’re back! Event #298 23rd February 2020

Its been a sad couple of weeks without our junior parkrun but safety must always come first. We were however very relieved on Sunday morning when the winds had died down just enough for us to make a return to the park and hold our event. Not that it wasn't windy - it definitely was and we were extremely grateful as always to all the amazing people that came and volunteered so that the children were able to run.

We have great admiration for the 32 brave youngsters that came along despite the conditions - surprisingly we even had some first timers - hello to Ciara Taylor and Charlotte Powell - even more surprising is they enjoyed it so much they are coming back next week! We promise you the weather is usually much kinder and you are pretty much guaranteed a PB next time when you don't have to wade through the mud!

Of course there is always one child that surpasses expectations and on Sunday that was Jacob Kelly who somehow managed to get himself a PB - 27 seconds at that. Ok he might not have been to Harrow Lodge for a while but in conditions like that it's still impressive.

Congratulations also go to Dara Suleva who picked up her first wristband - a half marathon. Dara has been running with us regularly since September and its great to see her consistency.

We look forward to seeing you again next week when hopefully things are back to normal!