Still running! Event #301 15th March 2020

Whilst the world around us is a crazy place right now, it's nice that it was business as usual in the park on Sunday with 44 young, enthusiastic runners enjoying their regular opportunity to run. A huge thank you as always to the volunteer team who were out in force to support their efforts.

It was lovely to welcome 3 first timers to the park for their first run on Sunday - hello to Florence Tillson, Jake Fairhead and Sam Hollins. It was also lovely to see some visitors from Brentwood as their own event was cancelled due to the half marathon - you are always very welcome. Just a reminder to all first timers that parkrun is always free to everyone but if you want to get a time for your run each week you do need to register and bring along your barcode -

The great news this week is that the route is clearly improving as we had an abundance of PBs - 8 in total! Excellent efforts all and well done to:

Isabella Taylor-Bush - one of our Brentwood visitors but taking a massive 26 seconds off her last visit back in February. A new junior parkrun pb as well - congratulations!

Abigail Rogers - one of our regulars taking a crucial 3 seconds off her PB - good work

Samuel Kirk - 13 seconds off an October PB - brilliant running

Elizabeth Giwa - 2 PBs in 2 weeks and an amazing 27 seconds quicker this week

Jenny Bradley - another Brentwood visitor beating an old Harrow Lodge time with a junior parkrun PB - 39 seconds quicker than her last visit

Rose Sargeant - 2 PBs in 2 weeks and a brilliant 22 seconds quicker this Sunday

Charlotte Powell - 2 PBs in 2 runs and a staggering 57 seconds faster!

Jasper Devlin - beating his first run at our course with a totally fantastic 2 minutes 33 seconds taken off his PB - awesome.

Obviously we live in interesting times right now and the safety of all who attend our event is our primary concern. We will continue to hold our event as long as we are able to but please do keep and eye on the official parkrun advice - and on our facebook page for regular updates. We very much hope that we can see you again next Sunday




Super Samuel! Event #300 8th March 2020

It was a very exciting Sunday at our junior parkrun this week with lots of reasons to celebrate. To start with we are incredibly proud to have reached our 300th junior parkrun event - which makes us the third junior parkrun in the world to meet that milestone. Much more impressively,  since our very first run on the 30th March 2014 we have seen 1355 young people run at our event covering a total distance of 24,710km (about 586 marathons!). We will definitely do some more celebrating of this achievement on the 29th March (the closest date to our 7th birthday) so do make plans to join us again then.

We were also celebrating Annabelle Kirk's ultra marathon wristband - a very impressive 50 junior parkruns completed over the last 4 years, almost exclusively at Harrow Lodge. A brilliant effort - well done.

Whilst we think all of our runners are total superstars we do have to give special attention this week to our very own super Samuel Burdett. This Sunday saw Samuel take part in his 250th junior parkrun making him the first boy (second child) in the world to reach the milestone. That's a staggering effort - from his very first run at event 5 on the 27th April 2014 where it took him 12.31 to get round the course to his 7.52 PB set last year - he has been an incredibly loyal parkrunner. He really does know our course better than anyone having run it 215 times now - it's no wonder he always suggests we do it in reverse when we are have a special event! Samuel's contribution goes beyond simply running though - he also always volunteers at our events - from helping set up, leading the warm up, marshalling or giving out the finish tokens - he really knows everything there is to know about our event. So well done Samuel - we're all very proud of you and we don't think anyone could be a better recipient of first boy to reach this milestone - you really do live parkrun!

We also had some very impressive PBs to celebrate - given it's still a bit muddy (lots of lost shoes this week!) - that is no mean feat so huge congratulations to:

Jenson South - a super 56 seconds off his previous Harrow Lodge appearance - well done.

George Burgess - a brilliant 4 PBs in 4 runs this time taking 27 seconds off his previous performance

Matthew Cottee - second run and a staggering 1 minute and 50 seconds off his PB - a huge well done!

Elizabeth Giwa - second run and 55 seconds quicker - well done.

Rose Sargeant - a newcomer last week and a fantastic PB this week - 1 minute and 14 seconds quicker - incredible!

Alex Hollins - It's been quite a while since his last run but that takes nothing away from Alex's 35 second PB! Well done and don't leave it so long until your next run!

We were thrilled to welcome some first timers to Harrow Lodge this week - so congratulations on your first run - Valerie Giwa, Daniel Tahmisyan, Lily Chappel, Sebastian Newland, Jaya Rai, Jasper Devlin and Isabella-Rose Giwa.

Of course we couldn't do any of this without our wonderful volunteers to a huge thank you to everyone who helped out this week (or has offered to help in the future) - you really are amazing and we appreciate you all.

See you next Sunday!



Yet more mud! Event #299 1st March 2020

With the weather a little bit better this week we were pleased to welcome 40 enthusiastic runners to Harrow Lodge park. Unfortunately for anyone responsible for the washing - we still have some very muddy fields to run on which makes the childrens efforts even more impressive.

We were thrilled to welcome one brave first timer to the park despite the conditions - so a big parkrun welcome to Rose Sargeant we hope you had a good time.

Always having a lovely time in the park were our amazing volunteers who were doing a great job as always. We know some are off next week so we look forward to hearing from anyone else who can help out.

In conditions like Sunday's we know that PBs are extra well earned and hard won so huge congratulations to:

Nathan Cottee - It's been six months since his last run with us but even so one of our biggest PBs (I think) - 5 minutes and 9 seconds quicker! Well done Nathan

Patrick Airey - 5 seconds off his PB set last summer - impressive running

Charlotte Powell - a second run on our course often guarantees a PB! This makes it no less impressive though and Charlotte did an amazing job to 1 minute and 19 seconds off last weeks time!

Finally 2 exciting updates! Whilst we had no wristbands to give out this week - next weekend we are celebrating 2 amazing achievements - the Harrow Lodge junior parkrun reaches it's 300th event, and more impressively our very own Samuel Burdett reaches his 250th junior parkrun - a staggering achievement.

Also we were thrilled this week to be nominated in 2 categories in the Mum's guide to Romford awards - please do vote if you can -

See you on Sunday!



And we’re back! Event #298 23rd February 2020

Its been a sad couple of weeks without our junior parkrun but safety must always come first. We were however very relieved on Sunday morning when the winds had died down just enough for us to make a return to the park and hold our event. Not that it wasn't windy - it definitely was and we were extremely grateful as always to all the amazing people that came and volunteered so that the children were able to run.

We have great admiration for the 32 brave youngsters that came along despite the conditions - surprisingly we even had some first timers - hello to Ciara Taylor and Charlotte Powell - even more surprising is they enjoyed it so much they are coming back next week! We promise you the weather is usually much kinder and you are pretty much guaranteed a PB next time when you don't have to wade through the mud!

Of course there is always one child that surpasses expectations and on Sunday that was Jacob Kelly who somehow managed to get himself a PB - 27 seconds at that. Ok he might not have been to Harrow Lodge for a while but in conditions like that it's still impressive.

Congratulations also go to Dara Suleva who picked up her first wristband - a half marathon. Dara has been running with us regularly since September and its great to see her consistency.

We look forward to seeing you again next week when hopefully things are back to normal!



Mud run! Event #297 2nd February 2020

It was definitely muddy in the park this week - from my vantage point at the end I was witness to a lot of sloshing through the mud by the trees with one poor child almost losing a shoe! Still as ever, nothing stops our amazing young runners - 39 were present for the occasion. We're just slightly apologetic to anyone who had extra washing to do (clothes and children!)

As usual the course conditions did nothing to put off first timers - we welcomed 2 this week so hello to Elizabeth Giwa and Albert Vasile - we promise you that not every Sunday is like that one so do come back and see us again soon.

It was hardly surprising that we were also a little short on PB's this week but we have great admiration for our two amazing superstars who somehow managed to achieve just that. Congratulations to Dominic Howard - only a second quicker but impressive all the same and to Tomiwa Holloway - a totally remarkable 39 seconds knocked off - we are in awe!

Just like every week we had some amazing work from our volunteers whose enthusiasm never wavers! It was lovely to welcome David O'Brien to Harrow Lodge this week who is the new parkrun ambassador for our area and we were really pleased to hear that he had a lovely time and was particularly impressed by our warm up leaders. We would also like to extend our best wishes to Gill, Dave and Les as they all head off for well deserved holidays - we can't wait to see you back and refreshed soon. In the meantime we're a few volunteers short - so do make yourself known if you can help out.

Finally - a quick word of congratulations to our regulars who went and ran in the mini marathon trials - you really did us proud and we know a few of you were successful in getting selected. Well done! Something for all our youngsters to aspire to in the future.

See you again next Sunday!



Mild and Muddy Event #296 26th January 2020

While the weather was definitely milder than last week, that also meant the return of the mud at Harrow Lodge Junior parkrun.  Despite this, 69 enthusiastic young runners turned out to complete the course.

We were pleased to welcome some first timers to our course.  A big parkrun welcome to the Williams, Bere, Powell and Dungate families.  We hope to see you back running with us again in weeks to come!

Congratulations to our wristband recipients this week.  Half marathon wristbands (for completing 11 junior parkruns) were awarded to Millie Cook, Anastasia Phillips and Cooper Rodwell; all of whom have been running consistently at Harrow Lodge juniors since last autumn.

Massive thanks as always to all our volunteers.  We can’t stress enough that this event really cannot run without you.  If you haven’t volunteered yet please do consider doing so one week, we’re all very friendly, honest!

Moving on to our PBs for the week.  Well done to:

Abigail Rogers - 4 PBs in 4 runs, and another 12 seconds off her time this week.

Brothers Joshua and Samuel Donegan – another PB this week for both boys with 9 seconds off for Joshua and 18 seconds for Samuel.

Anastasia Phillips – powered by her new wristband she took a great 48 seconds off her previous best.

Joel Hutton – returning to Harrow Lodge after a 5 year break, and taking 24 seconds off his time – welcome back, Joel!

Isabelle Wilkins – 35 seconds off her previous best – great running!

Zoe Jones – taking a huge 56 seconds off her time – keep it up!

Eva Abdelhameed – super running today and a great 55 seconds faster.

Thanks again to everyone who attended today.  Look forward to seeing you next Sunday.  A reminder that, due to the mini-marathon trials taking place in the park on the same day, we will be looking to start our event promptly at 9:00 – so don’t be late!



Cold and Frosty Event #295 19th January 2020

It was a cold and frosty morning at the park this week with the whole area looking a beautiful icy white and being very crunchy underfoot. None of that deterred our 60 young runners who turned up as enthusiastic as ever for their run.

We were really pleased to welcome some first timers - a few who hadn't registered (remember you can do this from our event webpage) along with Ben Cottrell visiting from Queen's Parade junior parkrun in Aldershot - well done on your run Ben and beating your PB from that event by 1 minute and 45 seconds - that's an amazing run.

It was lovely to have so many wristbands to present this week - and for everyone to be there to receive them! Huge congratulations (and apologies for missing him from the start of the run) to Thomas Simpkins for earning his marathon band. Thomas has done most of his running at Harrow Lodge but has managed to fit in a bit of tourism along the way in Harlow and Gorleston. Emily Brewington also earnt her marathon band, having been running with us consistently since last summer - well done Emily - its been great to see your progress.

Lots of half marathon bands too - brothers Leo and Callum Key who have been running since October and making regular appearances on both our PB lists and in our top 10 finishers. An extra well done to Leo for celebrating his half marathon with another PB - 5 seconds quicker! Ivy Smith also collected her half marathon and also got a PB - super stuff Ivy - congratulations on both achievements - 28 seconds quicker this time out. Finally - Harry Walsh - another regular runner since October - you've shown great consistency in your performances and we are very proud of you.

A huge congratulations as ever to our amazing volunteers - a particular mention this week to Les who celebrated his 100th time marshalling at a parkrun event over the weekend. That's an amazing contribution and we are so pleased you are part of our team.

On to our PB's - an extra amazing achievement in those conditions - we had 8 this week. Along with those already highlighted well done to

Olivia Forrest - a crucial second off her PB to lead the field home this week - very strong running.

Brothers Joshua and Samuel Donegan - first timers last week and PB breakers this week - well done both. Doing it in style too - 2 minutes 33 seconds quicker for Joshua and 29 seconds quicker for Samuel.

Connie Catherall - 2 PB's in 2 weeks - great performances and 24 more seconds taken off her best time.

Sophie Russell - second run with us and a brilliant 1 minute and 9 seconds quicker - super stuff!

Ellie Gilmore - another staggering effort - 2 minutes and 33 seconds quicker - amazing!

Thanks again everyone for coming out to join us - we look forward to seeing you again next Sunday



Smiley, Happy, Runners – Event #294 12th January 2019

What a lovely run we had this morning! We welcomed 72 amazing, smiley happy children, accompanied by lots of equally enthusiastic parents and all supported by 23 fantastic volunteers - an ideal mix!

It was particularly lovely to welcome our 6 first timers who came to join the parkrun family for the first time. A huge hello to Ivy Dobinson, George Snoad, Peggy Dobinson, Joshua Donegan, Antonio Joseph and Samuel Donegan. An excellent first run from all of you - well done.

We were thrilled to be able to present Evelyn Raison with her ultra marathon wristband today for running 50 junior parkruns. Evelyn has been running with us since 2017 and always has the loveliest smile on her face. We are also grateful to her for the times she has volunteered as tail walker or handing out the finish tokens - she really has had the full all-round parkrun experience!

For 11 of our runners today was PB (personal best) day! We strongly believe that every time you get out for a run you are doing something amazing but we know that all our runners love to beat their best times and we love to celebrate that as part of their running journey. So huge congratulations go to:

Abigail Rogers - following up from last weeks PB with another great run today and a 21 second quicker time.

Oliver Trevor - excellent running today and a brilliant 14 seconds off his previous best time.

Connie Catherall - a fabulous 16 seconds knocked off her PB.

Rosie Philpott - 5 seconds quicker than her September PB.

Charlotte Cummings - a great effort to take 19 seconds off her time.

Ivy Orwell - 17 seconds off her previous best time - well done!

Erin O'Flynn - A totally brilliant 1 minute and 1 second quicker run than last week! Fantastic stuff!

Libby Adams - First time running on her own and getting a brilliant 32 second PB - well done Libby

Stanley East - Back for his second run and 12 seconds faster

Paul Ledger - a well earnt 18 seconds quicker

Zoe Jones - Another of our second run runners getting a fantastic PB - 50 seconds quicker this week!

Thanks again to our amazing volunteers - you are all brilliant and we are so grateful that you come along every to help us hold our parkrun. Please do get in touch if you can help out too.

See you next Sunday!




Happy New Year! Event #293 5th January 2020

Happy New Year to all our amazing runners, parents, volunteers and other general supporters! It's amazing to think that our little junior parkrun is heading rapidly towards it's 6th birthday and it's 300th event - both staggering achievements but clear evidence of the great little running community we've built.

The start of the year often sees an influx of new runners and we were very pleased to welcome 7 to Harrow Lodge on Sunday. Hello to Zoe Jones, Eva Abdelhameed, Ellie Gilmore, Damon Ford, Marnie Conner, Stanley East, Erin O'Flynn and Darcy Ford. Welcome to the world of parkrun all we hope you will be back again soon to beat your first time as with experience and familiarity often comes an easy first PB! We also welcomed Thomas Cato visiting from Leyton Jubilee junior parkrun.

We had a few wristbands to celebrate this week - well done to John Coshell for earning his ultra band having now completed 50 junior parkruns. Hot on his heels and earning a marathon wristband for 21 runs were Maisie White and Isabelle Wilkins - great effort girls! Finally a half marathon wristband for Alexa Upjohn who has managed an impressive 5 PBs on her journey to that first wristband.

Of course our junior parkrun couldn't happen without our amazing volunteers who were all as keen and eager as ever this week - definitely a super bunch of hi-vis heroes! Do let us know if you want to get involved and help out - we promise it's incredibly easy.

Finally we have 4 amazing PBs to celebrate - Abigail Rogers - 18 seconds quicker than her last visit to Harrow Lodge, Arnuv Barton - 54 seconds quicker than his last run with us, Matthew Ley - an important 9 seconds faster and Thomas Simpkins  - proving perserverance pays off with his first PB since last January - 12 seconds quicker. Well done all.

We're already counting down to next Sunday and we can't wait to see you again then



Last run of 2019! Event #292 29th December 2019

Our last run of 2019 saw us joined by 35 of our regular runners and 17 amazing volunteers who all braved the continuing (but improving!) muddy conditions.

Well done to Ethan Johnson who received his half marathon wristband for completing 11 junior parkruns all at Harrow Lodge - it's been lovely to see your progress and we hope to be presenting your marathon wristband next year!

There are 3 great PBs to highlight too - Raphael Phillips - making a 5 second improvement from his Christmas day time, Ayooluwa Omotosho - who took a brilliant 1 minute 1 second off his time, and Freya Goodyear who made a 43 second improvement on her best Harrow Lodge junior run!

As we look back at 2019 we're incredibly proud of all our Harrow Lodge junior runners who have come and joined us for the first time, earned wristbands for their loyalty, beaten their PBs or simply just come out and enjoyed a Sunday morning run with their friends and family. We hope for much more of the same in 2020 - Happy New Year to you all



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