Treats galore – Event #283 3rd November 2019

It was another gorgeous morning in the park for our 64 enthusiastic young runners this week with the previous days rain simply leaving us a bit of mud to contend with.  We were fortunately overwhelmed with volunteers this week which is always an amazing thing to see as a RD - many thanks to all of them - excellent work as always! Thanks too to Gill and Lewis who kindly brought along some sweet treats for our runners when they finished.

As ever it was lovely to see some first timers to our course - Frankie Poyton, Archie Robertson and Rosie Robertson all made their parkrun debut - well done all, we hope this is the start of a life long love of running for you!

We were fortunate to have some wristbands to give out - a marathon (21 runs) band for Millie Dowsett who has run with us since 2017 and shows great determination every single time she comes! Also an ultra marathon band (50 runs) for Heath Baker - Heath has run consistently since July 2018 making excellent progress from his first run of 18 minutes 22 seconds to now regularly getting round our course in under 13 minutes - well done Heath impressive stuff.

We had lots (12) of impressive PBs at Harrow Lodge this weekend so huge congratulations on beating your best time to the following:

Rosie Warner - It's taken a year to break her last PB but she did it in style with a huge smile and 15 seconds off - well done.

Leo Key - 2 PBs in 2 weeks and showing lots of potential with 18 seconds further improvement.

Callum Key - Also with 2 PBs in 2 weeks - 12 seconds quicker this time.

Harry Walsh - 3 PBs in 3 weeks and 10 seconds quicker!

Michael Burke - Matching Michael with 3 PBs in 3 weeks (always good to have a battling friendship to push you round!) - 8 seconds quicker

Millie Cook - 2 PBs in 2 weeks - 6 seconds quicker

Alice Jones - super effort knocking 29 seconds off her best time.

Ivy Smith - a 12 second improvement on her old PB

Marcus Bourne - 7 seconds faster this weekend

Cooper Rodwell - taking a massive 2 minutes 1 second off his first Harrow Lodge appearance last week - what a super effort

Oliver Gemmill - another huge PB - with 1 minutes 30 off his time

Evelyn Raison - our tailwalker volunteer last week (thank you) and a super new PB this one - a 15 second improvement

Finally just a reminder that next weekend is Remembrance Sunday - we will be holding our run but we know that a lot of you will be running off to church parades and services. We promise we will do what we can to get you under way at 9am sharp so will aim to start the briefing just before that - please be on time!




A record breaking father’s day! Event #266 16/06/19

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads of our junior park runners! We hope you are having a lovely day and that your children did you proud this morning with their runs?

It was sadly a bit overcast today but that didn't put off the 66 young people who joined us in the park. It was a particularly great day for one of our runners  - many congratulations to Findlay McLaren who took the new JM10 record with a PB of 7 mins 21 seconds. Findlay often leads our runners home but this PB has been almost a year in the making with his last best time set on 1st July 2018. Well done Findlay.

We were thrilled to be joined by lots of lovely first timers again today. Welcome to the parkrun family Jack Marchington, Toby Barclay, Grace Barclay, Ronnie Farrell, Ava King (and sister!), Isla Sparks, Clark Sparks, Ellison Green and Jessica Evans. Also lovely to see Katie Harding who was visiting from Chelmsford.

Congratulations too to Camryn Gilmour who earnt her half marathon wristband having run regularly with us since February. We are all really pleased for you.

PB wise we are incredibly proud of all our runners who beat their best times today and it was lovely to see how happy the children were when they realised this. Along with Findlay we saw 12 more PBs so a huge well done to:

Aidan Raison - Tail walker last week and PB this week (I am sure that is karma in action!). 3 PB's in his last 3 runs he is really on a roll.

Hollie Poyton - Another one who beat a long standing PB set back in October last year. Congratulations you super star!

Samuel Read, Bethany Willis, Luca Gray and Kayleigh Willis all setting 2 PBs in 2 weeks - well done all of you you are amazing!

Harry Smale - 24 seconds off his best time - great running Harry!

Annabelle Kirk - 17 second faster - an excellent effort.

Kelsie-Louise Farrell - 25 seconds quicker than her previous PB!

Erin McCann - Erin beat her first effort last week by almost a minute!

Annie Kalo - Beating her June 18 PB by 1 minue 9 seconds - well done!

Alice Jones - 18 seconds faster what a great effort!

Finally a huge thank you to all our amazing volunteers - doing a great job as always!

See you all next week - and remember we aren't running on June 30th!




Girl Power! Event #259 28th April 2019

On a cold and cloudy London Marathon day 51 members of our Harrow Lodge juniors family came out to run. What was particularly impressive about today's event was that 7 of our top 10 finishes were girls. Congratulations to Alice Atkins for leading everyone home and matching her own PB. In fact 30 of our runners today were female - giving a real sense of girl power out on the course.

Congratulations too to our very own marathon runner - James Bourne - who picked up his marathon wristband this morning having completed his 21 junior parkruns - as well as to his brother Marcus who ran his 21st event this morning and can look forward to getting his own green wristband next week. Half way to the milestone and collecting their half marathon bands this morning were Lily-Rose Patten and Zoe Hunter - great running both of you.

Despite the windy conditions we still saw some brilliant PBs - 12 in fact! Brilliant efforts from the following:

Leila Jones - every second matters when you run as fast as Leila - so she was thrilled to take another one off her best time today.

Amber Maher - 2 seconds off for Amber - a brilliant effort

Brothers Senan and Dylan Leggate - Both took 9 seconds off their PBs although Senan is officially one second faster!

Lily-Rose Patten - celebrating her half marathon wristband in style, Lily-Rose took an amazing 57 seconds off her best time!

Ciaran James - 3 seconds off for Ciaran in his 3rd junior parkrun!

Conrad McCants-White - another of our runners smashing their PB time - a huge 35 seconds off for Conrad - super running

Vinnie McGarry Marsden - a crucial second for Vinnie too - well done.

Jacob Kelly - 27 seconds for Jacob in his first Harrow Lodge junior parkrun since 2017 - lovely to see you back again

Marcus Bourne - marathon man Marcus - took 23 seconds off his PB as he completed his 21st junior parkrun

Blossom Smith - following on from last weeks PB - we were all definitely more impressed than she was at taking another 6 seconds off her time!

Joshua Fowler - our final PB is also our biggest reduction - a staggering 1 minute and 8 seconds off for Joshua - a wonderful effort.

Well done too to our first timers - Jack Crocker and Jacob Kilgannon - we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Thanks so much to all our wonderful volunteers - a quick plea - our volunteer board is very empty for next week so do get in touch if you can help out - we really can't run a safe event without your help and it really does only take half a hour out of your Sunday morning.





2 September 2018

With the summer holidays coming to an end and a new school year almost upon us, all we could hope for was some sunshine at the end of the long, hot summer that 2018 has given us.  Well we certainly got that for the 225th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on 2 September 2018.

66 youngsters lined up on a beautiful morning.  We had 7 first timers today and welcome Emma and Bobby Love, Jessica and Emily Sewell, Grace Dunne, Erin Maher and Georgia Hallam to the parkrun family.  We really hope you enjoyed the event and come back for many more.

We also saw 17 personal best times recorded.  Many congratulations for great efforts go to Muhammad Yaqub, Evelyn Raison, Heath Baker, Amelia Eason, Libby Adams, Edie Smith, Alice Jones, Lucy Hetterley, Thomas Watson, Cherry Andrews, Matthew Ley, Aileen Henry, Oliver Andrews, Lucy Burke, Jacob Ley, Leila Jones and Hannah Evans.

We were really pleased to be able to award 4 wristbands today.  James and Marcus Bourne received half-marathon bands having completed 11 runs and Summer Smith and Isabel Forrest received ultra-marathon bands after reaching 50 runs last time out.  Well done to all of you.

Thanks go to all our super volunteers for making the event possible via marshalling, timekeeping, barcode scanning, tail walking, handing out finish tokens and (to our younger volunteers) leading the pre-run warm-up.

Hopefully we will keep the sun for at least one more week.  Whatever the case, we will see you next Sunday.


1 July 2018

A gloriously sunny, and rather warm, day to start July for the 217th Harrow Lodge Junior Parkrun with 59 children starting at the park.

We had 5 first timers, including Arron Hick, Teddy Vincent, Gracie Liddle and Eddie Smith, we hope you enjoyed it and that we'll see you again soon.

We gave out two marathon wristbands to Rosie Warner and Samuel Kirk. A very well done to you both.

There were 15 PBs this morning. Well done to Chloe Rand, Findlay McLlaren, Joe Scanes, Max Robins, Grace Murphy, Rocco Bellamy, Isabel Forrest, Charles Poch, William Hobbs, Cassen Alassani, Joshua Eve, Oliver Trevor, Cherry Andrews, James Tieu and William Haynes.

Thank you to all the brilliant volunteers, please let us know if anyone would like to volunteer in the coming weeks.

Have a great week!


10 June 2018

It seems like a lifetime ago when the weather every Sunday was awful and parts of the course were saturated.  Well here we are on 10 June 2018 and the park was beautiful for the 214th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.  And the weather brought the numbers with an amazing 76 youngsters lining up.  Our record from 2 years ago is 77 runners so fingers crossed we will be able to beat that over the next few months.

We had 8 first timers today and we welcome Joshua and William Haynes, Olivia and James Tieu, Dylan Fox, Joshua Eve, Frankie Dillon and Henry Flowers.  We also had a first time visitor from Brentwood (for only his second every jpr) and welcome Ethan Fox.  It's great to see new faces and we hope you enjoyed the event.  We hope to see you again for many more!!

We had an incredible 24 personal best times today.  Congratulations go to Harry Kalo, Mark Mwangi, Annie Kalo, Ivy Smith, Sam Harvey, Rahul Dasgupta, Joseph Gray, Jake Pawsey, Matthew Mwangi, William Hobbs, Oliver Trevor, Lenny Hollins, James Bourne, Harrison Nolan, Emily Dixon, Kate Kilcoin, Samuel Kirk, Alice Atkins, Summer Smith, Lochlan Dyer, Aidan Doherty, Orlaith McLaren, Jamieson McLaren and India Emery.

We don't usually focus on times as junior parkrun is a run/jog/walk for all.  However I have to mention that we had a truly amazing 15 runners finish in under 9 minutes today.  Make a note of some of the names as some may be wearing GB tops one day!!

We had just the one wristband to award this week and it was a half-marathon band which went to Harrison Nolan after he completed his 11th run last Sunday.  Well done Harrison - keep going and you will have the green marathon band to match soon!

Thanks and happy birthday go to Summer Smith and her family for some lovely cakes today.  Summer is one of our future superstar runners, but even great runners deserve the odd cake.  And a personal best is another great, well earned gift!!

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers.  We have some super parents, grandparents and carers but we could always do with a few more.  So do get involved if you can as we can only survive with the support of volunteers.

Let's hope the lovely weather continues.  Whatever the case we will see you all next Sunday.


3 June 2018

Phew what a scorcher - again!!  The sun was really shining on us for the 213th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun on 3 June 2018.  And the sun brought out the runners with a fabulous 69 youngsters lining up today.

Among those runners were 10 first timers.  We welcome George and Grace Pearce, Romel and Casey Odquier, Holly and Mason Liddle, Annie and Harry Kalo, George Crick and Summer Taylor to the parkrun family.  We hope you enjoyed the run and come back for many more!

Just one wristband today, and that went to Emily Dixon who completed her 11th junior parkrun last Sunday.

I'm not sure if such a hot morning can be considered perfect for personal bests but we saw 11 today anyway.  Congratulations go to Giddy Buck, Jake Pawsey, Michael Henry, Conrad McCants-White, Francis Fido, Thomas Warner, Abbey Philpott, Tommy Patten, Isabel Forrest, Olivia Forrest and Samuel Burdett for such fabulous efforts.

A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for making the whole thing possible for the kids!

See you next time for more great running and hopefully more sunshine!!



27 May 2018

The recent great weather continued into 27 May for the 212th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.

61 youngsters (and plenty of parents/carers) lined up for today's run.  Among them were 7 first timers.  We welcome Jacob and Oliver Sparks, Alfie, Mia and Maisie Haynes & Jack and Lucy Hetterley to the parkrun family and hope to see you all for many more events.

We were really pleased to hand out 3 milestone wristbands today.  Reece Hollins and Jessica Page received their half-marathon bands, with Rosie Hobbs receiving her marathon wristband.  Well done to you all.

On a day made for good times 16 personal bests were recorded.  That's more than a quarter of the field!!  Congratulations go to Joseph Gray, Hugh Kelly, Nye Buck, Jake Pawsey, Noah Crawley, Lenny Hollins, Matthew Ley, Maisie Lee, Asmee Yanglang, Emily Dixon, Reece Hollins, Jessica Page, Rosie and Abbey Philpott, Tommy Patten and Samuel Burdett.  What a great effort by you all.

Thanks as ever go to all our wonderful volunteers.  It was great to see several new purple volunteer shirts on display, worn by some of our longer serving helpers.  This is something all volunteers will receive after just 25 occasions so if you've not joined in to date, why not become one of the volunteer team?  Just let the Run Director know or contact us on Facebook and you will be on your way to being part of the team that makes it all possible for the children.

Fingers crossed for more sunshine next weekend.  We'll see you then I hope!


22nd April 2018

A gorgeous sunny event for our runners today (though we were grateful to only be doing 2K and not the London Marathon!). A great turn out and lots of new faces to the parkrun too - it's always lovely to see you. Do help us spread the word and we hope to see the event continue to grow through the summer months.

There was a real sense of girl power at our run today - with 7 of our top 10 finishers being in the JW10 category. Well done girls! A special well done also to Charlotte Evans, Lucy Chapelhow, Isla Hope-Crossley and Henry Hope-Crossley for their PBs this morning.

A final word for our fantastic, enthusiastic volunteers - thank you for once again coming out and helping us run the event - we really couldn't do it without you. Please do get in touch if you would like to help out one week too.


8 April 2018

Another Sunday and more grizzly weather for the 205th Harrow Lodge junior parkrun.  Despite the rain and poor underfoot conditions, 36 youngsters lined up this week.

Among them were 3 first time runners.  We welcome Matthew Ley, Lenny Hollins and Lucy Chapelhow to the parkrun family and hope to see you for many more runs.

We were very pleased to present a half-marathon wristband to Muhammad Yaqub who had previously completed 11 junior parkruns.  Well done Yaqub!!

Even with conditions extremely poor in the park we saw 4 personal best runs today.  Congratulations go to Summer Smith, Henry Hope-Crossley, Reece and Alex Hollins for their great efforts.

Particular thanks go to our volunteers this week who braved the rain to ensure we could put the event on for the children.  We thank you all.

Fingers crossed we will see the sun next week.  Whatever the case, we will see you then.

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