27th September 2021 – Event 318

Run Report by Freddie Minton
The results today were slow due to a system fault, but everyone
today was amazing! We are very grateful to the volunteers who
made this event happen: Joseph BRANNAGAN, Andrew BRISCOE, Jo
MANN, Freddie MINTON, Heidi READMAN, Colin REID, Violet REID,

Lawrie Cummings broke a Hartlepool Parkrun record for becoming
the fastest Veteran 80 runner at our course!

It was a lovely morning at Seaton Carew to as 165 runners
descended on the promenade. If you can volunteer over the next few weeks, do so! Its great fun!

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Hartlepool parkrun Event 316 – September 11th 2021

Run Report by Freddie Minton

Despite it being Great North Run weekend we had nearly 200 runners at Hartlepool this week. Lots of runners from Warrington, one from Aberdeen and even a pair from Sussex! We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Amy ATKINS, Karen CRANGLE, Emma CROWE, Alison EATON, Jo FRANKS, Margaret HALL, Angela LAWLOR, Clair MINTON, Freddie MINTON, Angie REEVE, Colin REID, Violet REID, Lori SOWERBY, Audrey STREETING, Michael STREETING.


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Our leader today was Keith Hutchinson who finished with a time of 17:50. The weather was hot today but that didn’t stop any of you. There were lots of First Timers too. You all ran like the wind and even on the tiny hill (upward flat section) and right round the turn point. We had no funnel duckers today so well done for that! See you next time


International Women’s Day (7th Mar 2020) #IWD, #TGC



Hi everyone

Hartlepool parkrun will you be staging a special event for International Women's Day on Saturday 7th March 2020.  This event will be supported by the This Girl Can campaign, and parkrun UK partners Sport England. Research shows  that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world. 

We are asking everyone to bring another female along to parkrun with them be it your best mate, a work colleage or a family member. Make sure they are registered and have printed off their barcodes and bring their barcodes with them. You are also welcome to wear purple, which is the colour parkrun UK have selected for this event or a combination or purple, green and white (colours of the suffragettes).  Also, as it is the first Saturday of the month we will still be holding our parkrun pacers day.

Please join us for this event.


Hartlepool parkrun core team




New Year’s Day parkrun at Hartlepool

New years day


New Years Day is the only time you can record two parkruns in one day therefore here at Hartlepool parkrun we are teaming up with our good friends at Cotsford Field's parkrun to create a parkrun double delight!!  This was such a huge sucess last year.  Start off at Cotsford Fields parkrun in Horden at 9am, then make your way over to Hartlepool parkrun for a 10.30am start. 

Both parkruns rely on volunteersd to make this event happen, therefore if you would like to volunteer please get in touch.


Angela Lawlor

ED Hartlepool parkrun


Christmas Day parkrun 2019


We can confirm that we will be hosting a special parkrun on Christmas Day, which this year is on a Wednesday.  This is in additon to to our usual parkruns on Saturday 23rd and Saturday 30th December.  On Christmas day we will be starting at the usual time of 9am.  Fancy dress is a must.  Lets brighten up the promonade in a sea of festive colours.

We can only go ahead with this event if we have the volunteers, so please get in touch if you are available to volunteer on Christmas day.



Angela Lawlor

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