Event #95 7th January 2017

My first week back in the hot seat for a while, and with everyone's new year resolutions in mind and reports from head office of large numbers of new sign up's
we were expecting another large turnout.
parkrun UK actually had over 10,000 new people sign up last week, Hatfield Forest had 44 new registrations to our event.
32 of you then actually participated on Saturday.
Welcome and I hope you enjoyed your experience will become active members of our friendly group.

parkrun is open to all, whether you are looking to break records, improve your club running or just try and loose some weight and get fitter.

With our events ever increasing numbers, car parking was again an issue, with cars being turned away from the main car park and sent down the road to park.
Could you all please have another look around to see if it is possible to car share with a fellow runner.

The Run

We had 275 participants this week, of which 54 were new the forest.
Unbelievably in the wet, muddy and slippery conditions 24 recorded new personal best times, well done.

We also set a new national parkrun age graded record of 456.57% with Sophie Shirley, running in the VW100-104 age group,  posting an incredible time of 44:17 in her first ever parkrun.
This fantastic achievement was noted nationally with other parkrun's emailing in to congratulate Sophie.
Even national treasure and parkrun follower & supporter ex Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi is reported to have tweeted  about this remarkable achievement.

Our first finishers:


1 Elizabeth BELLINGER - 21:50

2 Heather EASTWOOD - 22:58

3 Bekah CRANCH - 24:42


1 Stephen WILKES - 18:34

2 Ben PICKFORD - 19:02

3 Christian BARKER - 19:03

Age Grade Performance Bests:
Jenny BRAYSHAW (VW65-69) was graded 79.32% for the time 25:57 (74th overall).
June BRENNAN (VW60-64) was graded 77.80% for the time 25:18 (58th overall).
Stephen WILKES (VM40-44) was graded 75.76% for the time 18:34 (1st overall).

You may notice that the name of Sophie Shirley does not appear in the above chart.
That's because it was noticed late on Sunday that Sophie had in fact entered her age incorrectly on the registration form and should be in the SW25-29 age grade.
But we did send the parkrun community in to a spin for 24hrs.

The full set of results can be accessed here

Many thanks to all those people who gave up their time and or run to help put this event on.

Now, with parking becoming a premium more so than ever at the forest, we have increased our car parking team from 3 to 6 volunteers in order to cover both car parks. Car parking allows you to still run, but helps us manage the car parks & make as much of our capacity & available space as possible.

If you're a faster runner & used to regularly seeing your name up in lights in these run reports, why not pick up a clipboard once you've run? Bar code scanning and the clipboard roles at the finish are all suitable for faster runners as we can hand these over to you after you’ve completed your run. We also need some people to not run in order for everyone else to get to run. This means volunteering to marshal, perform timekeeping, finish token duties. Do you attend parkrun with family or friends? Why not ask them if they can assist the event? All they need to do is register with parkrun and either email us or message us via Facebook.

If you can volunteer for future weeks, please drop us an email at hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com

A big thank you to: Alison RUMBOLD • Archie LAMB • Callum HUDSON • Caroline ROUND • Chris BROLLY • Chris CHEW • Chris HOLT • Daisy COX • David LAMB • David MCMILLAN • Denise HARWOOD • Eleanor RODGERS • Felix BELLERBY • Florence BELLERBY • Gabriel LOWRIE • Georgia HAMMOND • Harry FISHPOOL • Harry MCMILLAN • Helen GARRAD • Holly HUDSON • Ian PENSON • Ian RODGERS • Iwona ANTOLIK • Jason HASTY • Jenny BRAYSHAW • John ETHERDEN • Julie PAGRAM • Kate PITTS • Katie COX • Katy BELLERBY • Mary AUGUSTINE • Melanie WATSON • Naomi RUMBOLD • Neil RUMBOLD • Nigel HARRIS • Oliver LAST • Penny IZIENICKI • Peter BEATTY • Philip CHAPLIN • Poppy ANDERSON • Rachael ANDERSON • Rosemary ASHWORTH • Steve SAUNDERS • Woody HUDSON

I know hand you back to Dave who is once again your Run Director next week.

Run Director

Your Core Team:-
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