Event #96 – 14th Jan 2017

Ice, ice Baby!

So after an interesting week with the need to announce course changes and our pro-active participation to play our part in helping with the preservation of our wonderful forest, the weather decided to join in also! It goes without saying that the safety of all our runners is paramount and therefore thank you again for everybody’s patience whilst we took steps to ensure the course was safe to run.
It never ceases to amaze me just how good our little Hatfield Forest parkrun community is. O.K. it’s just a run, does it matter? To make sure our run went ahead on Saturday the camaraderie, support, team effort and sacrifices were unbelievable; some of you gave up your chance to run to assist and the offers of extra help were brilliant; did our run matter? Yes it certainly did and the smiles on faces captured on Peter’s photos said it all!

The Run

This week there were 232 runners, of whom 31 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different athletics clubs took part. Once again a very warm welcome to all new runners that took part.

Our first finishers:
1 Elizabeth BELLINGER - 21:37
2 Hannah Lacey - 22:30
3 Bekah CRANCH - 24:02
1 Mark Spiller - 18:35
2 James Bosher - 18:56
3 Tim Cheshire - 19:55

Age Grade Performance Bests:
Jenny BRAYSHAW (VW65-69) was graded 80.40% for the time 25:36 (66th overall).
Evan JOHNSON (JM10) was graded 75.04% for the time 21:02 (9th overall).
Justin JAMES (VM45-49) was graded 72.68% for the time 20:08 (4th overall)..

The full set of results can be accessed here

Now, with parking becoming a premium more so than ever before at the forest, please car share if you can and remember that now we have adjusted the route, if you park in the shell house car park, you won’t be able to leave until the tail runner has completed the course to ensure the safety of all the runners.


Many thanks to all those people who gave up their time and or run to help put this event on.
Susan ANDERSON, Rosemary ASHWORTH, Frances BAKER, Peter BEATTY, Danny BEAZLEY, Serena BERESFORD, Ellen BROOKS, Grace CADZOW, Alastair CAMERON, Philip CHAPLIN, Christopher CONNELL, Rebecca DAVIDSON, Simon ELLICE, Sue FISHPOOL, Harry FISHPOOL, Maia FISHPOOL, Helen GARRAD, William GIBSON, Carol GREEN, Philip GREEN, Anne HALL, Georgia HAMMOND, Jason HASTY, Vicki HEIDKE, Chris HOLT, Penny IZIENICKI, Warren JARVIS, Rob JOHNSON, Jess LAIRD, Oliver LAST, Mark LAWRENCE, Alec LODGE, Gabriel LOWRIE, David MCMILLAN, Harry MCMILLAN, Francesca PALMER, Keith PHILLIPS, Kate PITTS, Patricia POOLE, Jay PRICE, Eleanor RODGERS, Steve SAUNDERS, Adam SHORTLAND, Kevin WATSON, Jacob WATSON, Melanie WATSON, Harriet WYATT

You can see an event's future volunteer roster via their specific future roster page. To get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com.
Rachael is your Run Director next week; once again many thanks for your support on Saturday.

Run Director
Your Core Team:-
Chris - Steve - Jason - Mark - David - Rachael