Event #109 – 15th April 2017

Juggling. That's how a parkrunday progresses. Well not quite, juggling & winging it. I'd managed to arrive at the forest with my paperwork on this occasion, so we were already in a better state than the anniversary event! It was a good job I did have paperwork as with a near half century of volunteers, having the details easily to hand made for an easier morning.

It was our second week back on the summer course & despite some overnight rain, conditions were looking pretty good. A bit of sunshine started to penetrate the cloud as 9 o'clock neared, everything (dodgy PA system apart) was working nicely.

Often after sending runners on their way, we'll look at the swathe of runners & make a largely inaccurate prediction on the final number. On Saturday, "looks like a lot" was the best summary we could muster. It was definitely in the a lot category.

The Run

There's no doubt that Mark from the Core Team has already penned a letter to the BBC, Wood Lane for the attention of Kris & Cheryl to let them know that we had some record breakers on Saturday.

Firstly we had a record number of volunteers for a non pacing event, with 49 people donning the high vis to delivery the event. We don't even have that many hi vis vests, in fact our 5 tailrunners were forced to all climb into one!

Secondly, it was indeed a lot. 317 runners in fact. That's a new attendance record at the forest! A little bit of sunshine seemed to encourage everyone out to play on Saturday!

Thirdly we had a new course record set by Blair McWhirter who caught the funnel team on the hop (no wait, that was Bunny Bosher) by flying into the finish field & crossing the line for the first ever sub 16 minute parkrun at the forest. A sensational performance by Blair, though as he was quick to modestly point out to us, everyone who ran put in a sensational performance. He's spot on there, being active is the most important part about parkrun.

Though to me, times are largely irrelevant & enjoyment from being active is what we should all aim for, it appears that many of you interpreted enjoyment by running a personal best in the excellent conditions seen on Saturday. 72 personal bests, 1 in 5 runners set themselves a new best, hopefully all with a smile on their face. We also welcomed 48 people to the forest for the first time, 32 of you experiencing their first parkrun.

Our first finishers:


1st Blair McWhirter 15:58
2nd James Bosher 18:06
3rd Matthew Wragg 18:26


1st Fiona Halls 20:40
2nd Louise Rolfe 21:37
3rd Elizabeth Bellinger 21:45

There was a bit of funkiness with the results, but over the course of Saturday evening I gave them a second look & was able to manipulate the slight errors out, so now they should look pretty good. The full set of results can be accessed here


A few milestones at the forest this week:

Junior 10 club - Max Ashelford, Ted Bowers
50 club - Carl Whay, James Bosher, John Etherden (running at the Hastings event), Anne Garnish

The Volunteers

Your parkrun only thrives because of the volunteers who give up some of their time on a Saturday morning & throughout the week. If you're yet to try your hand at volunteering, please consider helping us on a forthcoming parkrunday. We have many roles that can still be combined with running, meaning you can earn volunteering credit alongside your run. These roles are: Barcode Scanning (for sub 22 minute runners), Tail Runner, Token Sorting, Pre Event Setup, Post Event Close Down, Car Parking, New Runners Briefing.

If you can volunteer for this Saturday or future weeks, please drop us an email at hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com

A big thank you to:

Abbi BLAKEY • Alex CADZOW • Alex FICKEN • Anne GARNISH • Anneka PELLEY • Archie LAMB • Ben SHINNICK • Callum HUDSON • Carol LATHAM • Chris HOLT • Claire CADZOW • Darren BARKER • Darren WOMACK • David MCMILLAN • Emma PHILP • Gary JONES • George LYNCH • Georgia HAMMOND • Grace CADZOW • Harry MCMILLAN • Harvey FOX • Holly HUDSON • Ian RODGERS • Iwona ANTOLIK • James YEADON • Joseph WOODS • Julie WITCHALLS • Karen LAMB • Lisa PELLEY • Michelle HASTY • Nicholas YEADON • Nigel HARRIS • Paul ROUND • Paul WILLIS • Peter BEATTY • Philip CHAPLIN • Phyllida MOONEY • Rachel ALEXANDER • Samuel SHELTON • Sandra PAVITT • Sarah FICKEN • Scott CADZOW • Simon LATHAM • Stephen FICKEN • Sue FISHPOOL • Thomas WHAY • Tim PERRY • William GIBSON • Woody HUDSON

A bit of Admin 1

Remember folks, no barcode, no time! 20 of our participants didn't receive a result due to not presenting a barcode. We accept paper barcodes, plus the parkrun range of credit card, key fob or wristbands from ERS. Unfortunately we cannot accept any barcode presented from a mobile device.

A bit of Admin 2

Kit! At parkrun we have a lot of kit & the Run Director uses the big round table to place their paperwork & other kit so that it is easy to find during the morning. Whilst we are happy for runners to use The Hub for storing kit, please leave the big round table for our kit. There's plenty of space elsewhere in The Hub for kit bags, cakes, drinks etc. The Run Director has plenty to juggle already without having to move possessions out of the way to find our box of finish tokens, please respect this & leave the table for parkrun kit from now on.

A bit of Admin 3

Please be silent during our run briefings, unless feedback is encouraged by the Run Director. The pre run briefings are an integral part of parkrun & whilst we appreciate many of you have heard the briefings before, but this is our only means to communicate to all of our attendees at once.

A bit of Admin 4

We're noticing the car park machine at Elgin's develops quite the queue. One of our parking volunteers at the weekend suggested that NT members at Elgin's scan in after their run, something the NT have given the thumbs up to. We'll also be closing access to Elgin's & sending latecomers down to The Shell House so that we don't have to delay the start of parkrun. This isn't an opportunity to arrive as late as possible, just us managing the flow of cars into the forest appropriately.

Remember! Please check our Facebook or Twitter feeds for any last minute changes.
That's all from me folks, the juggling act is over for another week, perhaps starting a new job in the same week wasn't the best idea! It was all ok in the end though!

Georgia is making her Run Director debut on Saturday so you'll be well looked after. If you're running London on Sunday, I believe there's a parkrun cheer point at 23.1 miles, aka, just a parkrun to go. No parkrun for me at the weekend, the country hasn't yet seen parkrun arrive so I'll just have to run a half marathon instead!

Run Director

Hatfield Forest parkrun core team:

Run Directors; Chris, Steve, Jason, Mark, Susan, Georgia, David & Rachael
Volunteer Coordinators; Ellen, Luke, Oliver, Grace, Christopher, Michelle, Francesca & Darren