Event #110 – 22nd April 2017

They say good things come to those who wait….and I had waited a long time for my RD debut. It had taken less time to persuade the ED to marry me, than it had to persuade him that I should be an RD. Something about not wanting to show favouritism apparently (the RD’ing not the getting married..you are legitimately allowed to show favouritism when picking your future husband or wife…anyway I digress). I discovered parkrun at Harlow in January 2015, and was instantly hooked, so much so that two days later I was standing in wet, freezing condition losing the feeling in my fingers trying to photograph runners on a very wet iPad (probably the worst set of running photos in existence).

So in March 2015 I found myself at the Forest inaugural. A strange running experience, I was running with my 8 year old twins one of who whom was not happy that she was not at her normal parkrun, and insisting on picking up every stick and twig she could find along the way (this is a forest, we were not moving quickly). Eventually she picked up what was effectively the branch of a tree and I’d had enough. My bargaining skills led to me agreeing to run with said huge stick if she would stop moaning, stopping and just get a move on…she agreed and Stick Lady was born! (Can I add this girl now runs for Hertfordshire and I can’t get near her pace…irony!!). The next week I timekept due to a half marathon the next day and a love affair was born (with Hatfield Forest parkrun…not the ED, that came months later and is another story for another time).

So, I ran and I volunteered and Hatfield Forest parkrun became a massive part of my life, our parkrun is a community and a very special place. But I wanted more…I wanted that blue and white (well it was just blue back then) hi-vis.

Anyway my day had finally come….so in my head it would be sunshine, birds singing in a Disney-esq fashion…..unfortunately the reality was a very damp Forest and a near killing of a rabbit than ran in front of my car on the drive up to the entrance gate! Apart from that it was everything I hoped it would be. Danny, Nigel and Francesca made my exclusive set up team, but they were everything I could have wanted In fact I was almost a spare part, the set up ran itself, and Francesca kept me on track as the nerves temporarily kicked in, and I almost didn’t get to the front gate on time (3 mins late is normal for me and on time in my eyes!), as I lost the ability to count to how many people were on car park duty.

Our volunteers as ever were awesome, you really are very special people. The briefing was the best fun (I hope you enjoyed it too and remember ‘funnel shenanigans will not be tolerated’). And although it took a while to get the start going (third time lucky), I truly couldn’t have asked for a better morning. Even the results processing went like a dream.

The Run

The weird thing is, because I was RD I actually too busy to notice things I normally would, when I saw the results there were participants that I knew but hadn’t realised were there, and we’d had 304 runners, so writing about the run, I have had to rely on what’s down on paper!!

Stats, stats, stats, blah, blah, blah!!!

This week 304 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 80 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

Male placings:
Zach BRIDGELAND (JM11-14) of Chelmsford AC, was first over the line in 17:49 - first appearance.
Danny BEAZLEY (VM40-44) of Bishops Stortford RC, was second over the line in 18:10 - has been first to finish on 22 previous occasions.
Christian BARKER (JM15-17) of Bishops Stortford RC, was third over the line in 18:18 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.

Female placings:
Wendy KING (VW45-49) of Chelmsford AC, was first (6th overall) over the line in 19:27 - first appearance.
Elizabeth BELLINGER (VW35-39) (Unattached) was second (15th overall) over the line in 20:49 - has been first to finish on 14 previous occasions.
Helen MEGONE (SW20-24) (Unattached) was third (40th overall) over the line in 22:27.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Michael BRIDGELAND (VM55-59) – 85.41% for the time 18:37 (4th overall).
Jenny BRAYSHAW (VW65-69) – 84.88% for the time 24:15 (78th overall).
Wendy KING (VW45-49) – 81.66% for the time 19:27 (6th overall).

The full set of results can be accessed here

Milestones & Course Records

New age category records this week:

VW45-49 Wendy KING 00:19:27 81.66 %
JM11-14 Zach BRIDGELAND 00:17:49 79.61 %
VW65-69 Jenny BRAYSHAW 00:24:15 84.88 %

Joining the 50 run club this week are Harriet Wyatt & Linda Daw.

The Volunteers

Your parkrun only thrives because of the volunteers who give up some of their time on a Saturday morning & throughout the week. If you're yet to try your hand at volunteering, please consider helping us on a forthcoming parkrunday. We have many roles that can still be combined with running, meaning you can earn volunteering credit alongside your run. These roles are: Barcode Scanning (for sub 22 minute runners), Tail Runner, Token Sorting, Pre Event Setup, Post Event Close Down, Car Parking, New Runners Briefing.

If you can volunteer for this Saturday or future weeks, please drop us an email at hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com

A big thank you to:

Alan ELLWOOD • Alex CADZOW • Alice MULLY • Alyson SHINNICK • Annabel KANE • Bekah CRANCH • Ben SHINNICK • Brian OWEN • Caroline ARMON-JONES • Caroline ROUND • Claire CADZOW • Danny BEAZLEY • Darren WOMACK • David GRAY • Emily PALMER • Francesca PALMER • Freddy GRAY • George LYNCH • Georgia HAMMOND • Grace CADZOW • Hamish MCKINLAY • Harvey FOX • Hollie LAIDLAW • Ian RODGERS • Jacob WATSON • Jeff PALMER • Jemma DAVIES • John EMMETT • Joseph WOODS • Julie WITCHALLS • Karen WOOD • Kate PITTS • Kevin CLARK • Kevin MULLY • Kevin WATSON • Leah KRISHNARAYAN • Melanie WATSON • Michelle HASTY • Naomi BARRIE • Nigel HARRIS • Paul ROUND • Philip CHAPLIN • Rachael ANDERSON • Rachel JAMES • Samuel SHELTON • Sian BROCKBANK • Simon BARRIE • Susan ANDERSON • Trudy LYNCH

Remember! Please check our Facebook or Twitter feeds for any last minute changes.

Run Director

Hatfield Forest parkrun core team:

Run Directors; Chris, Steve, Jason, Mark, Susan, Georgia, David & Rachael
Volunteer Coordinators; Ellen, Luke, Oliver, Grace, Christopher, Michelle, Francesca & Darren