Event #111 – 29th April 2017

A Record breaking day at the forest.

A beautiful morning to be at the forest bright and early for course set up. It's on mornings like this that really make you appreciate how special our location is.

The Run

The first sign that we had a big turnout was when I got a radio message from Julie, on duty at Elgins car park, at 8:40 to say there was still a queue of 40 people
waiting to pay. Apologies to those who had to wait in line.
The briefing went ahead without any heckling from the crowd and after a few words from Simon representing Rickling Fun Run we all made our way round to the start area.
The sun was starting to warm up now and the conditions were just about perfect.

Our first finishers:


1st James BOSHER 17:43
2nd Danny BEAZLEY 17:54
3rd Alex MANTON 18:01


1st Elizabeth BELLINGER 20:53
2nd Anest MÜLLER 21:33
3rd Vicky SIMPSON 22:34

The full set of results can be accessed here

42 volunteers made this weeks run possible and I thank all of you for your help.
There were 61 people who decided to run at the forest for the first time on Saturday and a fantastic 83 runners recorded a personal best.
This all added up to a record breaking attendance of 349.

It's a Record

The Volunteers

Your parkrun only thrives because of the volunteers who give up some of their time on a Saturday morning & throughout the week. If you're yet to try your hand at volunteering, please consider helping us on a forthcoming parkrunday. We have many roles that can still be combined with running, meaning you can earn volunteering credit alongside your run. These roles are: Barcode Scanning (for sub 22 minute runners), Tail Runner, Token Sorting, Pre Event Setup, Post Event Close Down, Car Parking, New Runners Briefing.

If you can volunteer for this Saturday or future weeks, please drop us an email at hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com

A big thank you to:

Alyson SHINNICK  •  Ben PICKFORD  •  Ben SHINNICK  •  Chris CHEW  •  Dana SMITH  •  Danny BEAZLEY  •  Darren BARKER  •  Darren WOMACK  •  Emily PALMER  •  Emmy PICKFORD  •  Felix BELLERBY  •  Florence BELLERBY  •  George LYNCH  •  Hannah WHITE  •  Harvey FOX  •  Ian PENSON  •  Joanna ARSCOTT  •  John EMMETT  •  Julie WITCHALLS  •  Katy BELLERBY  •  Kevin WATSON  •  Leah KRISHNARAYAN  •  Lisa VAUGHAN  •  Melanie WATSON  •  Melvyn GRIMWOOD  •  Nicholas YEADON  •  Nigel HARRIS  •  Patricia POOLE  •  Philippa WATSON  •  Rob JOHNSON  •  Samuel SHELTON  •  Sean LYNCH  •  Simon BRIDGEWATER  •  Simon WALLACE  •  Stephanie BRIDGEWATER  •  Steve SAUNDERS  •  Stevie GREEN  •  Sue FISHPOOL  •  Theresa BURKE  •  Thomas PICKFORD  •  Tracy WOODS  •  William GIBSON


Remember! Please check our Facebook or Twitter feeds for any last minute changes.

Run Director

Hatfield Forest parkrun core team:

Run Directors; Chris, Steve, Jason, Mark, Susan, Georgia, David & Rachael
Volunteer Coordinators; Ellen, Luke, Oliver, Grace, Christopher, Michelle, Francesca & Darren