Event 117 – 10th June 2017

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in posting this run report. After the “tiny” problem with the results last week, I’m afraid I had to focus on reports of another kind… my school reports!

I have to confess, I was nervous about taking on the role of run director this weekend. It was a route I didn’t know and all the other RDs were away but I knew I had a great group of volunteers so I convinced myself it’d all be ok!!
Arrival at the forest is always a pleasure, the sun was up, the forest was looking beautiful and my team of pre-event heroes were all present. As I sent them off to set up the course, my stresses began to ease. Our other volunteers started to arrive and our lovely runners began to appear. We can do this… I told myself!

The Run

To be fair, the actual run went without a hitch. No one got lost and as the runners began to come in, I felt a sense of pride and relief. I love how everyone smiles when they come across the line, however easy or tough they find the run. We had over 260 runners this week and as a non-runner, I am always impressed and inspired by you guys!


We had three major milestones this week. Julie Witchalls, Alcus Erasmus and Darren Womack all ran their 100th run today! What an awesome achievement. Well done guys!

First finishers:
1st: Danielle Sims – 24.12
2nd: Brady Ramsay – 24.34
3rd: Shirley Ball – 24.42
1st: Danny Beazley - 18.04
2nd: Jack Galloway – 18.19
3rd: Matthew Ironside – 18.31

The full set of results can be accessed http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hatfieldforest/results/latestresults/

The results!!

Can I just take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the issues with processing the results last week. I want to assure you that I did everything I could to resolve the problems myself but as Chris has mentioned in his posts this week, none of us knew how to reformat the data without help from our run director community. Your kind words and support from the core team were much appreciated!


Please can I remind you that our car park assistants close the gates at 8.45. This means that should you arrive after this time, you will not be allowed to come through the top gate until The National Trust open them at 9 a.m.
This week, we once again do not have use of Elgins car park so please car share and arrive earlier than perhaps you would on a normal Saturday, to avoid any issues with parking.

Volunteering: We are always so grateful for all your support. parkrun couldn’t work without you guys and I for one couldn’t cope being RD without your help and support. If you’re yet to volunteer or haven’t done so in a while, please consider offering your services at some point, all the roles are easy and training is provided. If you're a faster runner & used to regularly seeing your name up in lights in these run reports, why not pick up a clipboard once you've run? Bar code scanning and the clipboard roles at the finish are all suitable for faster runners as we can hand these over to you after you’ve completed your run.

We also need some people to not run in order for everyone else to get to run. This means volunteering to marshal, perform timekeeping, finish token duties. Do you attend parkrun with family or friends? Why not ask them if they can assist the event? All they need to do is register with parkrun and either email us or message us via Facebook.
If you can volunteer for future weeks, please drop us an email at hatfieldforesthelpers@parkrun.com

A massive thank you to: Andrew ARNOLD • Andrew TURVEY • Chris CHEW • Chris THOMAS • Christopher CONNELL • Clare ARNOLD • Darren WOMACK • David ASHWORTH • Denise HARWOOD • Elly BARRALL • Em WARRINGTON • Emily PALMER • Erynn PALMER • Fiona PALMER • Jacob WATSON • Jenny HODGES • Leah KRISHNARAYAN • Lee KIRBY • Mary AUGUSTINE • Matthew IRONSIDE • Melanie WATSON • Nicholas YEADON • Philip CHAPLIN • Philippa WATSON • Rachael ANDERSON • Rachel TURVEY • Richard BAINES • Rob JOHNSON • Roman SUCIK • Sam BAINES • Sarah MACKAY • Simon WALLACE • Steve THOMAS • Thomas WHAY • Thomas WILTON • Vic GIBLING • Victoria BALKWILL

Thanks again to everyone who came out to help today and all the runners who make it so worthwhile. That’s me done for now… and breathe!! I hand you over to the lovely Chris, who is your RD for tomorrow.

See you soon
Rachael xx
Run Director

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