Hazelwood parkrun Event 82

Well, I go away for a few days holiday and, in my absence, it seems that the clouds opened up and Hazelwood received enough rain to last a lifetime. Anyway, that is what the course felt like as the pre-event set up team placed the signage out on the course this morning. It was certainly a bit wet and muddy in the back field! However on the day that Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in under 2 hours, that did not deter the 109 people that valiantly ran, jogged or walked the Hazelwood course.

The power of the attraction of parkrun never ceases to amaze and this week we welcomed eight newcomers to Hazelwood. We hope your first event was not to much of a baptism of rain and mud and that you will return next week. A picture of newcomers Kevin and Georgina O'Shea is below.
The weather did not deter the 7 new Personal Bests, (well done Monica Chard), nor the representatives of 16 different clubs including Thames Hare and Hounds, Sunbury Skiff Club, Shepperton Running Group and Sandhurst joggers that took part. We also welcomed visitors from Woking, Leeds and Camberley.


We celebrated a couple of anniversaries this week, Alice Guilfoyle, a member of the veteran women group ran her 10th event and Gillian Moore ran her 50th. Pictures of both Alice and Gillian are below.


The first male home this week was Ollie Garrod in a great time of 17:33 and the first lady finisher was Jenny Derham of Comet Triathlon Club in a time of 20:24. Jenny also achieved the highest age grade result with a fantastic 82.19%.

Throughout the event, led by our RD Phil, the participants were cheered on by our marvellous team of volunteers. Big thanks to:

Steve BARRINGTON • Alison JOYCE • Hollyanne BARRETT • John MAXEN • Mel WILCOCK • Vicky BAKER • Phil WIGGLESWORTH • Claire PHILPOTT • Jonathan SEEX • Amanda HAWKE • Uday PATEL • David PLASTOW • Lynda STAFFORD • Ethan PHILPOTT • Leigh TAVAZIVA

Finally, we have been losing a few barcodes in recent weeks. Whilst there is a stock of replacements (picture below), we would much rather retain the original stock. Therefore please remember to hand your barcode back to the scanners on completion of your event and do not take it home. We really appreciate your support in this.

We hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing you next Saturday for event nr 83


Hazelwood parkrun Event 80

This was my first visit to Hazelwood parkrun, along with my family, so thought that it would be interesting to write the run report from a tourist’s point of view!

First things first, a huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, without whom the event would not take place at all. So, thank you to: Rhonwen MORGAN-WILDBORE • Steve BARRINGTON • Alison JOYCE • Nikki CRAWFORD • John MAXEN • Mel WILCOCK • Kevin CROOK • Claire CROOK • Henry CROOK • Claire PHILPOTT • Lucy CHANDLER • Robbie CHANDLER • Thea CHANDLER • Phil CHANDLER • Will CHANDLER • Jonathan SEEX • Uday PATEL • Esther SCHOFIELD • David PLASTOW • Tom MORGAN • George BROWN

We turned up to Hazelwood parkrun, not knowing quite what to expect. Which, of course, is part of the fun of being a tourist. We were very surprised by the venue as its whereabouts is quietly kept in the background. We weren’t even sure that we were in the right place, to begin with, until we saw evidence of a parkrun. Amazing facilities, including lots of parking (always a bonus if you’re not local), lovely bar/café with screens upon which to see the Rugby World Cup (congratulations to Japan, commiserations to Ireland) and fabulous toilets etc. (some of the facilities at other parkruns are not great and range from completely absent to really basic to utterly amazing which is why I wax lyrical about those at Hazelwood!).

We parked up and followed the trail of parkrun evidence to the small crowd of volunteers in order to say we were there (we like to volunteer as well – my husband, son and small daughter were marshals by the footpath – you couldn’t have missed my daughter as she is so enthusiastic and spend most of the parkrun bouncing up and down and collecting high-fives).

We were welcomed by the run director, John, who soon sorted us out and sent those marshalling to their posts, whilst my other son and I waited for the run to start. It was a very cold wait. The strong wind was bitter, it was overcast and the threat of rain hung over us all. There was lots of good-natured banter until the cow-bell rang (fabulous for getting the participants’ attention) and the first-timers’ briefing was announced. The briefing was informative and to the point, which is all you need.

A few minutes later the cow-bell rang again for the main briefing. First-timers were welcomed, both those participating in their first parkrun as well as those who were at Hazelwood for the first time. Tourists from Bracknell, Basingstoke and Hull boosted today’s numbers. Then we walked around to the start and with a “3 . . .2 . . 1!” we were off. The run was mainly flat with a one very cheeky little slope up onto the second field, made a little harder by the headwind. Once out of the headwind it was easier, until you got around the corner by the end of the funnel and met it again.

We all made it round the course, in whatever way we could. Runners, walkers, a those doing walk/run, despite the wind. The cold wasn’t such a problem once the run had started. However, I was very pleased to see the funnel at the end of the run. That funnel is probably the longest I have seen at any of the parkruns I’ve been to so far (about twenty-five now) – it just seemed to go on and on and it was a welcome relief to hear the timers calling, “Well done!” and to be able to stop.

This week 152 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

Well done to Keith MANNING who completed his 100th run today. Congratulations are also extended to today’s fastest male and female participants, Ollie GARROD and Anri COHEN.

And another massive well done to those who keep Hazelwood going each week, including those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, co-ordinating volunteers, ensuring that the equipment is in working order and generally ensuring that the event runs smoothly. You do an amazing job at an amazing parkrun. We were made to feel very welcome.

And those of you who have never volunteered? Give it a go sometime, it’s great fun.
Lucy Chandler


Hazelwood parkrun Event 79

It is said that all good things come to an end, and, as I write this with rain lashing down outside with the threat of thunderstorms, our recent events bathed in late summer sunshine and warmth may well be ebbing away in order to slowly introduce the somewhat more challenging conditions that face our participants as we enter the cooler months. It was good whilst it lasted!

The late summer sunshine encouraged 132 participants to run, jog or walk the Hazelwood course this weekend
We welcomed 3 new runners to parkrun. Congratulations to Monica, Melissa and Jenny. We received 8 visitors from the local areas of Reading and Farnham.
Congratulations to Alex long of Shepperton Running Group who ran his 50th event with us and Wendy Happs is only 2 runs away from her 250th. Great achievement Wendy. Looking forward to the celebrations already.

First man home was Simon Beal of Thames Turbo Triathlon in a time of 19:17 and the first lady this week was Freya Bosher in a great time of 23:32. The best age grade result was that of Lesley Chamberlain of BA AC with a figure of 71.93% Well done to all.

Once again, marshalled by Matthew the RD this week, our great team of volunteers never fail to do a great job in managing the event, so big thanks to:

Jeff HARRIS • John MAXEN • Matthew SARTIN • Mack SARTIN • Teddy SARTIN • Claire PHILPOTT • Melissa SARTIN • Michael WINDLE • Jonathan SEEX • Uday PATEL • Esther SCHOFIELD • Matt SNOWDEN • Nayan KOTHARY • Tom MORGAN • George BROWN • Marley TAVAZIVA


Finally, It is not often that one of our participants get mentioned in the national press, but this week was an exception. Dorothy McClennan, one of our senior lady runners was featured in the Daily Telegraph as a shining example of being active and maintaining lifelong fitness. The headline ran that her son begged her to give up the pole vault, (Dorothy was a world champion pole vaulter up to the age of 77). So, at 83 she took up the heptathlon! A couple of pictures are shown below, including the article from the Telegraph. Amazing achievement and what a lady! Inspiration to us all in that you are never too old to be active. Do read the article.

Have a good week folks and see you next weekend for event 80.


Hazelwood parkrun Event 78

Good afternoon everybody,
Twas a sunny morning at Hazelwood for event 78 where 141 people ran, jogged or walked the course. 23 were first timers or visitors of which 5 were new athletes to parkrun. Welcome Reece, Sally, Theo, Alexander and Evin. We hope you enjoyed the event and that we will see you again. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part including 26.2RRC, BA Athletics Club, Sutton Runners and Shepperton Running Group.

The course must have been in good nick as 41 participants of the 141 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to them.

Huge congratulations to Rina Vyas who ran her 100th event at Hazelwood.

The first male home was Jani Kraner in a time of 18:55 ad the first female was Sonia Bosher in a time of 23:54, also a PB. The best age grade was that of Stepanie Ruhomon with a figure of 77.59%

The event was made possible by 20 fantastic volunteers. On bended knees we thank:

Steve BARRINGTON • Alison JOYCE • Ian SHARP • Mel WILCOCK • Gary LINDEMANN • Kevin CROOK • Matt PHILPOTT • Claire PHILPOTT • Michael WINDLE • Sara CLARKE • Jonathan SEEX • Uday PATEL • Kelly KOTHARY • Nayan KOTHARY • David PLASTOW • Lynda STAFFORD • Ethan PHILPOTT • Tom MORGAN • George BROWN • Marley TAVAZIVA

Do consider being a volunteer. Its very enjoyable. All the jobs are easy to do and full training is given. Just opt in to receive our emails via your parkrun profile

Have a good week and see you for event 79 next Saturday.


Hazelwood parkrun Event 77

As ever, the first Saturday of the month is pacer week. It was great to have the support of 174 people that ran, jogged or walked the course, some of whom were attempting a new pb by following one of our many pacers (from 21 to 39 minutes).

There were 9 newcomers to parkrun this week. We hope they enjoyed the experience and will return to benefit from what parkrun is able to provide, be that socially, physically or for their personal wellbeing. Talking of wellbeing, as many will know, Sunbury Health Centre in Green Street is a parkrun practice. It was great they were able to attend last weekend and a picture of the team, including, medical, support and reception staff is shown below.

There were 20 visitors at Hazelwood last week from a variety of different clubs , including Comet Triathlon, Westcroft triathlon, Road Runners Club. However, the medal for the visitor who travelled farthest goes to David Sadler from Australia and a member of Eastern Suburbs AC.
The first male finisher was Miguel Caeiro with a superb time of 17:26 that was also a new pb. The first female finisher was Jenny Derham from Comet Triathlon Club in a great time of 20:15. Comet by name , comet by nature!! The best age grade was also achieved by Jenny was a figure of 82.80%. Well done.

Pacer week certainly lived up to expectations with many participants all achieving new PB's by sticking close to the pacers Thanks to Hollyanne, Mark, Sonia, Emma, Dawn, David, John, and Mark for being our pacers this month

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers,so thanks to:

We had 15 unknowns in the results this week which was quite high. Please remember, if you want to be seen on the results page, don't forget your barcode.

Have a great week and see you next Saturday

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