Heaton parkrun is cancelled on 2021-04-24 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Santa Dash for Barnabus and Heaton parkrun 2021 Calendar


Hi everybody!


It's been a long time since we were all together at Heaton parkrun. Let's hope it won't be too long before we can all meet up again to enjoy our regular Saturday morning outings. The picture above should bring back happy memories for lots of you and here's a chance to relive those happy times.



Every December for the past 10 years we have held a special Heaton parkrun Santa Dash, raising over £10,000 for the Barnabus charity along the way. I'm sure you'll agree it's always the happiest and most rewarding event of the year. Whilst we can't all get together this year, we still have the opportunity to don our favourite costumes and raise much needed funds by taking part in the Barnabus Santa Dash. Over the weekend of 12th and 13th December you're invited to run, jog or walk 5K or more and #freemyinnersanta. All details are on the Barnabus website https://www.barnabus-manchester.org.uk/Event/barnabus-santa-dash.



The website tells you how to buy Santa suits for £10 Adults and £5 Children (under 8 yrs) plus p&p, but if you would prefer to take part in your own festive outfit that's fine. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to Barnabus. The website also has details of how you can donate items other than money, such as food or clothing, which are always very welcome at this time of year.



You can do your Santa Dash anywhere you wish, but obviously take care if you decide to run around the roads. I'm sure many of you will choose to run in Heaton Park. If you do, we have to remind you to please avoid running the parkrun course at 9am on the Saturday morning. Also, be mindful of government guidelines on numbers meeting together in public places. Most importantly have fun, take lots of photos and share them on the Barnabus social media pages using the hashtag #freemyinnersanta



Heaton parkrun 2021 Calendar


It wouldn't be Christmas without the Santa Dash, nor would it be right to start the New Year without a shiny new Heaton parkrun 2021 Calendar. In addition to the best of the new photos from last Christmas and the early part of this year, we have scoured our back catalogue to find some cracking shots to remind you of great days at parkrun. The finishing touches are being put to the Calendar which is available to order now.


How to order your calendar


All orders need to be placed with me (Duncan Shuttleworth):

via email to duncanshutt@yahoo.co.uk

or text to 07771 581114

including your Name, Delivery Address and No of Calendars required. 


We hope to have a pdf version of the Calendar available for you to view online in due course.


How to pay for your calendar


The Calendars are priced at £10 each and ALL proceeds from its sale will be going to Barnabus to boost their fundraising efforts. Payment for calendars should be made directly to the Barnabus website using the red Donate button on their home page https://www.barnabus-manchester.org.uk/ Please enter the amount you are donating (£10 minimum per calendar) and leave a comment stating that your donation is for a Heaton parkrun calendar.


Please note - you cannot order Heaton parkrun calendars via the Barnabus website.


How to receive your calendar


Volunteers will be delivering calendars to local addresses. If you live further afield we will send your calendar by Royal Mail. There may be an opportunity to collect your calendar from Heaton Park on Saturday mornings during December. We will let you know if that becomes possible.


Thanks very much for reading and I hope to see lots of you joining in the Santa Dash and helping the fundraising for Barnabus by ordering calendars.


See you all soon,













Heaton Memories


Welcome to Heaton parkrun's 11th Birthday. Like so many things in the current situation, we can't celebrate in the way we would like to, but it's a great opportunity to think back over those 11 years and reflect on the great times we've enjoyed together. I asked you to let me know about your favourite and most memorable moments at Heaton parkrun and you didn't let me down. A big thank you to everybody who has contributed. It's been a joy to hear your stories and I'm sure everybody else will enjoy hearing them too. I've tried to include as many photos as possible, including lots from our ninja hero Paul Taylor, so many thanks to him as well.




On Saturday 20th June 2009 Rick BENNETT presided over the first ever parkrun event in Heaton Park.

"The day arrived for our first run, I hadn't advertised it as such, just a bit of word of mouth. When 32 parkrunners crossed the finish line that morning I knew we could make it a success. It wouldn't have happened without our marvellous volunteers. I have to say I'm glad I also had the great man himself, Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, helping me out on that day too."

First Heaton parkrun


Ruth FEARN made her Heaton parkrun debut on 24 August 2013 and is currently on 238 runs.

"I fell in love with parkrun from the very first day! It has become part of my life".



Janis EDEN became a parkrunner on 3rd March 2012 at our 123rd event and has 226 runs to her name.

"My most memorable run is the first when John Consterdine was the tail runner. He kept telling me the finish was just around the corner as I had no concept of how far 5K was. He was my inspiration to come back the following week and I'll never forget that. I love parkrun with a passion even though most of my stints are now volunteering, but I will get to that magical 250!"



Jay SHAW tells us: "My very first parkrun....I had the best time and went on to ten more. I'll be there for the restart!"



Megan ORMROD began parkrunning earlier this year and enjoyed introducing someone else to Heaton:

"Taking my mum Beverley to her first ever parkrun after having to convince her that it wouldn't take her 2 hours to complete. She did it in 37 minutes, which I thought was brilliant for a first time up Angina Hill!"



Sue PORTER's first ever parkrun on 22 September 2012 coincided with a very special occasion as we welcomed the Olympic Torch to Heaton Park. Rick WESOLOWSKI had taken part in the official Torch Relay before the London Games and many of you, like Sue, were lucky enough to get a photo with him. Sue said: "I had no idea what an impact parkrun and its people would have on my life. If I have one regret it's that I didn't start sooner."


Phil EVANS was due to make his first parkrun appearance on 9th January 2016, but things didn't go according to plan.

"Jan 9th 2016 - miserable wet morning, set off on my pedal bike to do my first ever parkrun, a 3 mile ride to Heaton Park. Whilst slowly navigating the potholes on Bluebell Lane I hit one that was completely submerged and hidden under rain water, went over the handlebars and broke my collarbone. On 30th Jan 2016 I made my first ever parkrun - albeit 3 weeks late. Felt amazing to complete it so soon after my mishap and I was hooked."



Couch 2 5K programmes have regularly come to Heaton parkrun to introduce people to running. Pamela BERRY and Angela THELWELL both cited their graduations as favourite moments and Run Leader Sue TICKLE from Run Together Whitefield said:

"My proudest Heaton parkrun moments are the numerous Run Together Whitefield cohorts of Couch 2 5K graduating at Heaton Park to amazing crowds each time. We have done this at least 3 times, graduating approximately 70 people, and the people on the course continue to impress me with their determination.

I'm also proud of volunteering 24 times at Heaton. That t-shirt eludes for a little longer but will be all the more special when I reach it!. I love nothing more than cheering all the runners and walkers on every week".




Once you've started parkrun of course, it's very difficult to stop! Next up is the urge to improve and the lure of that new best time - the PB!


Eddie EDWARDS remembers seeking that improvement in April 2015:

"I had heard there were pacemakers but didn't really know how it worked. A big target for me was 28 minutes, so when I saw an official with a bib on I asked if he helped with pacemaking. He looked at me like I was stupid and pointed to the big number 28 on his bib and told me to keep up with him. By the time he encouraged me to push to the line I beat 28 minutes (27:38 in fact). The pacer was Michael Connaughton, someone I've always looked on as just one of the excellent volunteers that help make Heaton the unique, inspiring spectacle it is. Long may it continue!"


Vicki O'HARE recalls:

"I visited Heaton parkrun from Glasgow in February 2011 (Strathclyde was my home parkrun at the time). I was not expecting the hills...Strathclyde is completely flat! But they must have agreed with me because I knocked a full minute off my overall PB. And I got a lovely welcome shout out too!!"


Vicki POWELL has recent PB memories:

"I love seeing all the dogs, being in the park and being part of something that has helped me set goals. Right before lockdown I'd finally broken my PB three weeks on the trot and without Heaton parkrun I would never have continued running."


Lyndsey-Ann THOMAS says:

"My best moments were when I completed 12 consecutive parkruns when I had planned to do 12 in the year! Also when, on my 15th run, I finally got under the hour mark. The support and encouragement from everyone at Heaton parkrun is amazing."


Jonathan KEYWORTH has fond memories of setting a PB in 2015:

"I remember setting a PB that stood for the best part of 4 years on a day when I was overtaken by a man pushing a pram up Angina Hill. I stubbornly tried to keep up, but didn't manage it!"


Sarah THOMAS is one of our most successful parkrunners with 49 first finishes to her name. She credits her dad Brian with getting her up and running, having been "Unfit, unhealthy and struggling with bad asthma symptons". Then came parkrun and 4 years on this is her latest PB story:

"I set myself a target for 2020 to achieve a sub-19 minute parkrun. On 18th January I stood on the front line knowing there was some tough competition at the side and I did it. First female finisher and a PB of 18:39. I think I'm still on a high but I haven't finished. I'm fighting for sub-18 now!"


It wasn't a PB, but Jack MARSHALL-GRINT's happiest memory is watching Rachel LEES crossing the finish line at Event 472 on 14th September 2019 and setting an amazing landmark. Rachel's number 492 finish token meant she was our 200,000th finisher at Heaton and our parkrunners had completed 1 million kilometres in just over 10 years!.



And to round off this section, we return to the subject of pacing with a contribution from one of our most regular pacers, Charlie WHITE:

"I love pacing when people come up to you afterwards and say thank you when you hadn't realised they were following you....and Lucy calling me a hero!"




The weather featured quite prominently in your memories, with two days in particular generating a lot of comments.


First up is Event 393 on 9th December 2017. I remember this one quite well as I was the Run Director on the day who made the decision to let you all run!! But, in my defence, it was clear at the start!


John BLACKBURN: "It was a very cold day but the ground was found to be clear of ice so Duncan declared the event was on. But then shortly after the start the snow came down in torrents. Whilst accepting a level of risk now had to be considered, it was an absolutely beautiful sight to be doing parkrun with thick snow falling around us - really magical. By the time we finished the main snow flurry had finished but there was a layer of snow on the ground, enough for my son James to gather up and chuck a snowball at us as we cheered him past the finish line."




Lynn SHAKESPEARE: "My 100th run, started in sunshine and finished in the snow!"



Maria WALL: "It seemed like a real winter wonderland. The ground and day was clear at the start and within 30 minutes of finishing it was covered in snow, all within the space of running a 5K. Still my favourite parkrun memory."



Sara CASTELLANO: "That was a magical run. I remember it well."


Rose MEDWELL: "This was my favourite all time parkrun. It started snowing at the start and by the time I got to the lake it was thick snowflakes and the park went silent. What a memorable feeling that was!"


Maureen LATCHFORD: "There was a small amount of ice on the course but otherwise a lovely crisp morning and then it started snowing. I was completing the first lap with Jan and Wayne and Nellie and avoided one patch of ice before I went flying on another patch flat on my back. Wayne rushed over to help me and he landed flat on his back too and Jan set us all off laughing. Then we heard Julie shouting "Don't move, I'm a nurse" and her dog Chiefy was running round us all while we were in hysterics and lovely Julie was examining us for injuries. The best parkrun for laughs ever.

NB: No parkrunners were injured!"



Yes, that was definitely a memorable morning. I even have a snow-globe with a picture from that day in it!


Probably even more memorable is Event 450 on 16th March 2019. BBC Radio Manchester had been recruiting a Couch 2 5K group led by their Breakfast Show presenter, Chelsea Norris, and came to parkrun for their final run. So we had a live broadcast, lots of novice runners and, as it turned out, a torrential rainstorm.


Julie DONLY: "My favourite moment is when it was knee deep in water just after the start and we had to run through it three times...well, it's only water!"


David LYNCH: "Has to be the PUDDLE!!!"


Sarah JACKSON: "Marshalling when it flooded."



Sheila JONES: "I'll never forget the Chelsea's Chasers run when Ruth Dempsey and I ran/walked round at the back with a lovely lady and we just laughed all the way in the rain". (That lady was Val LENFERNA who was doing her first parkrun that day and has now done 33 runs)


Kathy TAYLOR: "Who can forget the giant puddle we had to run through three times with everyone laughing and screaming!!"


Jenn BARLOW: "It was one of the wettest runs ever but also the day of the cake sale for Jim's bench. I'm still amazed that in 2 hours we collected over £700, just for cake. Amazing generous people of Heaton."


So that was clearly a memorable day, but Jeff DAWSON recalls an equally wet day:

"Boxing Day 2015, 158 hardy parkrunners running in the worst weather conditions I've ever run in. I remember Jim Smith marshalling near the 3K marker, absolutely soaked to the skin with his brolly blowing all over the place. Great memories!"





Both Jenn and Jeff mentioned Jim Smith in their posts about the weather and I know that lots more of you have very fond memories of the man who continues to inspire us at Heaton parkrun. We remember him every year at this time through the presentation of the Jim Smith Inspiration award, and every week at the bench erected in his honour on Angina Hill. Say hello to him next time you're passing.


Linzi LLOYD-HENRY: "It's the coneheads here. So many memories it's so hard to choose. We love this picture on Jim's Bench. Can't wait to be back so we can create more memories."



Sue PORTER: "On my 50th parkrun I had the joy of tailwalking and the absolute honour of bimbling round with the wonderful, amazing and much missed Jim Smith"



Ruth DEMPSEY: "There are really too many special memories to mention, but I will single out Jim because we spent a lot of time with him at the back of the field when Lara was only 6 and smaller than me! We spoke about everything, he inspired Lara greatly and he watched her grow. It was an absolute privilege having him with us in those days. He even practised maths with us!"



I know Jim was a very modest man and embarrassed that we made a fuss of him, but I'm glad that we did, especially when he reached his 100th parkrun. It was 16th May 2015, just after Jim's 76th birthday, and we formed a guard of honour for him as he reached the lions. Not a dry eye in the house! Great day.





Another inspiring character who has visited us on several occasions is Doctor Ron HILL, champion marathon runner. Ron has been very generous with his time, presenting prizes and posing for endless photos with our parkrunners. His reputation for running every day had grown over the years and in 2014 he was approaching a 50 year unbroken streak. We could scarcely believe it when he asked if he could come and complete that 50th year at Heaton parkrun.


Rick BENNETT: "Event 257 on 20th December 2014. I have so many memories but the one that stands out is when the legendary, world class Ron Hill MBE ran at Heaton parkrun and completed 50 years running every day. His record running streak went on to 52 years and 39 days and will take some beating."


Mark KNIGHT: "It has to be 20.12.14. Ron Hill completes 50 years of running every day at Heaton parkrun."


It was definitely a memorable day. Not only because of Dr Ron's amazing feat, but also because Barbara Shuttleworth became the first Heaton parkrunner to reach the 250 run mark...and parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt was there to present her with her shirt!




Over the years we've become rather good at celebrating special days at Heaton parkrun. Milestone runs and birthdays inevitably bring forward balloons and cake, whilst Halloween and the annual Santa Dash give everybody the perfect excuse to get dressed up. The most recent addition was International Women's Day. Here's a selection of special day photos from the past 11 years.


  104825499_10222311443363841_3852263531124150737_n 104416811_10164170320190497_4772442332069875699_n 104419979_2559250074299055_8253188899331533227_o 74166449_2375670729323658_2936215531046305792_o




And some days are special but also very poignant.

Sammy CHALLINOR: "My most powerful memory is of the first parkrun after the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017. There was a minute's silence before the start and I remember looking towards Manchester in the distance from the lions as 600 people - and even the dogs - all suddenly fell silent. It really showed what parkrun is about. Running, yes, but also community and togetherness."





A recurring theme throughout your memories has been the fact that parkrun helps to bring families together and creates and reinforces friendships. Our final section shines the spotlight on some heartwarming moments


Calum BURRELL: "My fondest memory of Heaton parkrun was the morning of my wedding to Lynsey. When the bride was being dolled up for the big occasion, I had the pleasure of joining in on parkrun in a white dress, with a bouquet, and had a fab time with my running and parkrun community. Post-parkrun prosecco and cake was consumed and we all had a blast. Loved it!!"


Angela HANILY: "My 250th parkrun was so special to me. I felt like the Queen of parkrun for one day. Frank made a special video which I treasure and a surprise visit from my sister and brother in law was the icing on the cake."



Sarah KENNELL: "My memory is meeting one of my best friends (Rachel) that I wouldn't have met without parkrun and the friendship we have formed. Damian calls us the 'twisted sisters' and gives us a look every week when we're stood giggling at everything and nothing!

There is rarely a parkrun without a Kennell on the volunteer roster or running, we've formed so many bonds and Jamie has got rid of Saturday and now calls it parkrunday."


Helen KAY: "Just so many amazing memories and so many wonderful friends made. 10 years ago after months of nagging from my brother, Jamie Cook, I finally made the decision to run my first parkrun as I needed to lose weight to fit into my wedding dress. Little did I know that running would become my passion and Saturday mornings were never the same again. You can't beat the friendliness of Heaton parkrun."


Fay WHITE: "My dad whispering to me 'Good grief it's me' as you read out his stats for the Male parkrunner of the Decade!"

67313945_2300012826889449_6839716856031346688_o 65271878_2284244178466314_8097196423176519680_o


Eve HART: "My 40th birthday surprise earlier this year. Such a wonderful day (and so much cake in the café). A perfect day."



Charlotte BRETT: "This picture appearing in the 2015 Calendar, but none of us remembering what the conversation was!"



Leanne STIRLING: "When parkrun became a family affair. 'Team Stirling'"



Lynn WILSON: "Travelled from East Yorkshire to run my 250th at Heaton parkrun on a soggy November morning last year and received a wonderful welcome."



Sue PORTER: "My birthday in 2019, the first - and so far only - time I've run with both my boys and Becky. I am looking forward to the time we can all meet at the start, run round and cheer each other in before coffee and cake."



Jan MAKINSON: "The best thing about parkrun for me was getting my two besties to join me at the best club in the world. Lin was a pushover - she started the week after me in September 2010 and like me was hooked from the start. Maureen, however, was a much more difficult nut to crack. She always said she could never run and Saturday morning was swimming day. After 3 years of cajoling she finally caved in and turned up in January 2014. Saturday swimming was finally a thing of the past. Now, like so many of us, she organises her activities around parkrun and won't miss it unless she really has to. So looking forward to the return of our beloved parkrun."



Kathy TAYLOR: "Knowing that when I arrive alone I can guarantee I will always see friends and plenty of them."



Thanks once again for your special memories. I hope it's helped to bring Heaton parkrun a little closer to you all. We'll see you all very soon at the Lake.













Heaton parkrun Birthday Quiz



Here are 20 questions about parkrun to keep you entertained on our 11th Birthday. Some of them are easy, others you will probably have to guess (or look up!), but it’s all just a bit of fun. Why not challenge your parkrun friends and family?

The answers are at the bottom of the page but no peeking!


1. When was the 1st Heaton parkrun?


2. How many finishers were at that first run?


3. Heaton was the second parkrun in Greater Manchester. Which was the first?


4. Two other parkruns started in Greater Manchester in 2009. Can you name them?


5. We are now back on the original Heaton parkrun course. How many times did we run there before moving the start to the lions at Heaton Hall?


6. The reason we moved from the Lake to the Hall was because “our numbers had become too great”. What was the increase in numbers from our  last run from the Lake in 2011 to our first run back there in 2018?


7. What is our current record attendance?


8. Our Course Records - Male and Female - were both set in the same year. Which year?


9. What feat did Dr Ron Hill complete at Heaton parkrun on 20th December 2014?


10. Which is the nearest active parkrun to Heaton Park currently?


11. We are on Event number 496. How many events have there been at the home of parkrun, Bushy Park?


12. Which is the most northerly parkrun in the UK?


13. Scottish parkruns begin at 9.30am. Is this because:

a) The Scots are lazy and won’t get up earlier

b) When the first Scottish Event was set up the cafe didn’t open until 10am

c) In winter it can still be dark at 9am in Scotland


14. In which year was the first Junior parkrun set up, also at Bushy Park?


15. Where is Salford Junior parkrun held?


16. How many countries outside the UK now have parkrun?


17. The first international parkrun (which is still operating) started the month before Heaton. In which country?


18. Which three countries where parkrun was established no longer have any events?


19. Which of these countries does not have parkrun;

France, Sweden, Belgium, Finland?


20. Which is the latest country to join the parkrun family and how many events were launched simultaneously on their first weekend in February this year?


Hope you enjoyed the quiz. See you all soon.







1. 20th June 2009

2. 32

3. Bramhall Park

4. Woodbank and South Manchester

5. 111

6. 525.  From 241 in 2011 to 766 in 2018

7. 1112 on 18th January 2020

8. 2013 Lauren Heyes and Joe Bailey

9. Running every day for 50 years

10. Chadderton Hall

11. 834

12. Bressay in the Shetland Islands

13. c) Officially it is now because of the daylight hours, but when the first Scottish event was being set up in Glasgow the organisers decided on a later start time as the local café didn't open until 10am, so b) is also partly right!

14. 2010

15. Buile Hill Park

16. 21

17. Denmark

18. Zimbabwe, Iceland and Afghanistan (Camp Bastion)

19. Belgium

20. The Netherlands with 6 events launched simultaneously.


Heaton’s 11th birthday and Answers to Nigel’s Picture Quiz



Hi everybody!


Still no sign of a return yet for Heaton parkrun, but I'm sure the great weather we've been enjoying for much of the lockdown period has been some compensation. The latest from parkrun HQ is that all UK events continue to be suspended until at least the end of June, so we will wait to see what further news there is then.


That means we definitely won't be together for Heaton's 11th birthday on Saturday 20th June, which is obviously a shame. Not least because 20th June is ACTUALLY the date on which our first event took place in 2009, whereas we normally have to celebrate on the Saturday nearest to that date. This year the celebrations are on hold until we can all get back together but I'm sure plenty of you will have a run that day, maybe followed by a coffee and a piece of cake to toast the health of our 11 year old.


Our Event Director Rick Bennett has no difficulty remembering what he was doing on that day 11 years ago, as he was in charge then just as he is today. But can you remember what you were doing on 20th June 2009? Maybe it was your wedding day or a special birthday. Let us know if you can remember, but if not we'd love to hear your happiest and funniest memories of Heaton parkrun from the past 11 years. Maybe it was the first time you ran all the way up Angina Hill, or cracking that special PB? You can post your memories on our Facebook page or send them by email to heaton@parkrun.com or to me at duncanshutt@yahoo.co.uk by Wednesday 17th June.


As a birthday treat we'll put all your contributions together, with some photos from the archives and maybe a little quiz to test your parkrun knowledge, and publish the whole package via Facebook at 9am on Saturday 20th June. We're also hoping to have a special introductory Birthday Briefing from Rick with some exciting announcements about this year's recipients of our annual awards, so make sure you can tune in.


Talking of quizzes, how many of you have managed to find the locations for all of Nigel's pictures that we published a couple of weeks ago? Some of them were pretty tough and I needed some help to find a couple (even after Nigel had told me where they were!!), but I hope you had fun tracking these down in the Park with your friends and families. Here are the answers for where you can find them all.


1. HP01   Memorial stone on the Papal Mound 

2. HP02 Old Town Hall Colonnade on path by lake

3. HP03L Remains of old swimming pool off path between the white tram gate and the Tram Museum

4. HP04 Lamppost outside the Tram Museum

5. HP05 On the Somme Memorial

6. HP06 Jim's Bench on Angina Hill

7. HP07 Entrance to the Garden Centre

8. HP08 The lions at Heaton Hall

9. HP09 Tree carving by path leading from the Gardens to the Dell

10. HP10 Bee outside the Animal Centre

11.  HP11 Blue Plaque on the end of the Orangery

12.  HP12 Memorial stone at the bottom of the main drive coming down from the Hall car park

13.HP13 Woodland path leading up from the Dell towards St Margaret's car park

14.  HP14L Outside the Dower House

15. HP15 In the Community Orchard behind the Dower House

Don't forget we want to hear about those favourite moments from the past 11 years of Heaton parkrun so put your thinking caps on and submit them by Wednesday 17th June. 


Take care and we hope to see you all soon.


Duncan and the Heaton parkrun team




Nigel’s Picture Quiz ???


Hi there. Long time no see!


I hope you're all keeping yourselves occupied during these strange times and that you and your families are staying safe. It will be some time before we're all able to get together at Heaton parkrun but I know plenty of you are still running in the park on a regular basis.



So how about a bit of detective work whilst you're out in the park? Heaton regular Nigel HOLMES (above) has been busy taking snaps of some well known - and less well known - aspects of our favourite place. There are 15 in total, so how many can you recognise? Some of them are on the parkrun course and others will take a little bit more tracking down. Just a bit of fun and no prizes, but if it gets you back in the park then it's definitely a winner.


Thanks to Nigel for his excellent pictures and happy hunting!



1. HP01    2. HP02


3. HP03L  4. HP04


5. HP05  6. HP06


7. HP07  8. HP08


9. HP09  10. HP10


11.  HP11  12.  HP12


13.HP13 14.  HP14L



15. HP15



I'll post the answers in a couple of weeks, but if you can't wait that long let me know.


Hope to see you all soon. Take care.






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