#264 25/01/2020 Welcome Nordic Walkers & 46 pb’s

A cool and damp day with little wind - just about perfect for running once you got warmed up.  It won't be a surprise that 46 of you recorded a new personal best - that's awesome!   I'm sure that the pacers (all members of Hereford Couriers) helped some of you achieve that elusive goal this week.

A huge thank you to the 24 volunteers that helped make the event possible.  They are: Adam MICHNIOK  •  Alan ROWLANDS  •  Amy GILLIGAN  •  Anthony CHAMPKEN  •  Antony WILLIAMS  •  Barbara SPANJERS  •  Ben SKINNER  •  Bethan MURGATROYD  •  Brent LOWSON  •  Gillian OMAR  •  Hollie THOMAS  •  Isabella SEAL  •  Jake CULLUM-HOLLINS  •  Jill CUNNINGHAM  •  Jonathan EDWARDS  •  Justyna MICHNIOK  •  Kyle DOVEY  •  Les PRICE  •  Mike PRIVETT  •  Nikki TYLER  •  Phil BUTLER  •  Rachel LATTEY  •  Sharon WOOD  •  Tom MOORE

We need at minimum of 12 volunteers each week to put on Hereford parkrun.  If you can help us out, please do get in touch to let us know a Saturday that would suit you.  There is a variety of roles that need doing - something for everyone.  You can speak to someone official looking at our event on Saturday, post a comment of our facebook page 'Hereford parkrun' or send an email to us at herefordhelpers@parkrun.com   You can see the state of future rosters on our Hereford parkrun website ...https://www.parkrun.org.uk/hereford/futureroster/ to get an idea of what needs doing.  We really appreciate all the support we've been getting.  If you are saving your legs for a special race, are having a rest day, recovering from an injury or just fancy being part of the support team instead of running, we would love your help.  It's always nice to know in advance that we've got the help we need, but don't let that put you off coming last minute.

There was a whopping 276 of you running and walking this week.  January is slipping away and you are smashing your resolutions to get more active!  It is our hope that you also look forward to coming, seeing friendly faces, making new friends and indeed turning resolutions into happy habits.

I have a few highlights to share.... Henry speeding through the finish, a pb for 1st finisher Sam, Felix's return (his smile and skippy run make it all worthwhile!), the debut of Nordic walkers at our event and trying to outbark a very energetic dog during the run brief.

There may be a gremlin hovering around positions 230-240 in the results this week.  It is possible that runners should be bumped one position lower from a point in that range, but I can't be certain.  I don't think it will make a huge difference.   If you think it has set a pb for you that will make your next pb too challenging, get in touch and we can adjust your result.  Email herefordhelpers@parkrun.com

We welcomed tourists from Walthamstow who made a point of letting us know they had a good visit and enjoyed running at Hereford.  Come back soon!

Hereford Hall of Fame (at pb today and at least 10 parkruns)

Fred Tyler

Andrew Nixon

Charlotte Hughes

Steve Marston

Lesley Anne Ashton

Hannah Campbell - 2 weeks in a row!

Caitlin Smith

Tristan Edwards

Carlos Prieto-Martin

Edward Holt

Stephen Turner - 2 pb's in a Jan!

Richard Andrews - 2 weeks in a row!

Leah Marsden

John Jaspers

Adrian Lambert

Sophie Wilcocks

Jon Hughes - 2 weeks in  a row!   9 runs total, but worth a mention

Start planning your parkrun tourism for 7 March when we are cancelled due to a horse racing fixture.

Leap Year  - Saturday, 29 February will be a celebration event for us.  As usual, we will run or walk 5 k with the added fun of fancy dress with a 'Leap' Theme for those that wish to participate (those that do not wish to participate are still very welcome, but no leaping for you!)  Get thinking your leapy/hoppy thoughts!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and hope to see you next Saturday when we do it all again.

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