Highbury Fields parkrunner profile – Felix Samuels



We have The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to thank for this week’s featured parkrunner!

When Felix needed to do some volunteering for his Bronze award, his mum, HIghbury Fields regular and core team member Jennifer, suggested he contact our junior event to offer his services. This he did and really enjoyed the experience. When he needed to volunteer somewhere for his Silver award, he decided to come along to the Saturday parkrun. Enjoying it so much, he stayed on and completed his Gold award too. All in all, over the course of 3 years, Felix has volunteered 85 times - all but one being in the Fields (the one other was in Cottesloe in Western Australia!)

On volunteering Felix says “It may have begun with the DofE award, but became much more than that. It’s really nice to be part of such a great community, whose goal is to give other people a free and structured experience. Everyone who runs and volunteers is encouraging and friendly and it makes you feel really good about humanity.”
As Felix has passed through the Gold award he has now joined the core volunteer team, and has been able to give back even more by helping and supporting other DofE volunteers which he finds really satisfying and rewarding.

Felix has only ever run 3 times at parkrun, each time helping his mum celebrate various milestones! He says he doesn’t dislike running (he does run for fun outside of parkrun) but for him, parkrun is about the volunteering.

His favourite volunteer role? He really enjoys barcode scanning, because he can have a chat to the runners, and also funnel management as it gives him a chance to shout!!!
However since turning 18, Felix has enjoyed being allowed to be the Run Director. He says “it’s probably one of the nicest roles, especially because we have some great regular volunteers who make the job so easy”

He would urge anyone, runner or not, to get involved with parkrun. “It’s a fantastic experience with some really great people and we could always do with an extra pair of hands!”

Felix, thank you for all your dedication to parkrun over the past 3 years. You are an absolute asset to Highbury Fields!