Hilly Fields junior parkrun is cancelled on 2021-04-18 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Advance Notice – Cancellation of Event on 1st March

For the third year in a row all of our Run Directors are involved with the Big Half half-marathon event taking place in London on 1st March. (Many of our regular volunteers are taking part too!). As a result, we are cancelling our junior parkrun on Sunday 1st March 2020.


Run Report for Event 230

Oh my gosh it was cold this morning - but bright and sunny and so we had a lovely 132 runners come and join in the fun...

So we had a great time - but were also wondering whether many of our fabulous runners and parents/guardians enjoy reading the run report as much as they like coming to junior parkrun.

So - a quick test - if you're reading this, let us know by liking our tweet (@HFjuniorparkrun), liking our post on facebook, or sending us an email at hillyfields-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com.

Anyhow - back to the run report... It was really quiet in the park before y'all showed up...
2019-11-10 08.37.25

And then everyone ran off

2019-11-10 09.09.24

And we had so many runners the finish was super busy!
2019-11-10 09.24.02

Thanks for coming, and see you next week!


Run Report for Event 228

108 runners joined us in the crisp autumn sun for Event 228 this morning.



We awarded wristbands to Anton, Esther and Adam who had reached their half-marathon goal, and to Alice who joined the ultra-marathon club with an orange wristband this week. Let us know if you have any wristbands due in your household for next week!

We are very grateful to all of our volunteers this week: Adele, Alex, Alice, Andrew, Eddie, Eloise, Freya, Frankie, Gemma, Jacqueline, Jess, Jo, Joseph, Judith, Kate, Kev, Laura, Luke, Lyra, Max, Ruth, Sara, Scott, Sharon, Sky, Suzanne, Zoe. A great mixture of new volunteers and regulars; adults and juniors. If you’d like to get involved, drop us an email - hillyfieldsjuniors@parkrun.com. Lots of roles up for grabs for next week.

We didn’t have a volunteer Funnel Manager this morning so I stood by the side of the cones watching the runners go through. What a sight that was - so many focussed runners, sprint finishers, big smilers, happy walkers. Seeing 100+ kids complete a challenging hilly run with such pride on their faces at that finishing moment of glory makes it worth getting out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning.

Thanks to everyone who gave us nice feedback about our event today - it really does make our day and it means a lot to know that people appreciate what we do.

One thing I forgot to mention at the park today was that as it’s Halloween on Thursday, if there is anyone who wants to give their costume a second outing at junior parkrun next Sunday, we’d love to see it!

And we had a lovely time after the run where a gang of us planted some flowering bulbs around two of the trees near our finish funnel area in memory of volunteer-extraordinaire Lucreta La Pierre who died last year. Thanks to everyone who took part, brought gardening tools and donated bulbs.  Particular thanks to Zoe Negus for suggesting it, and to the Friends Of Hilly Fields, Glendale and Lewisham Council for their support.  We are really excited to see what spring brings!!


We’ve got our next junior takeover on November 24th, where all of the volunteer roles will be done by under-18s (accompanied by an adult). Have a look at the roster and let us know if your family would like to take part. We’ve had a number of submissions for the position of Run Director and we’ll be announcing who the lucky recipient of the role will be in the coming weeks!


Hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing you for more fun next Sunday,
Co-Event Director


Run report for Sunday 20th October 2019

Well done to the 80 junior parkrunners who completed our 2km course this morning. 3 ran for the first time. Well done to Miles, Ethan and Sophia. Congratulations to the 27 who ran a brand new personal best this morning.

Many thanks to the adults who came forward to make the event happen. Thanks to Luke Ashton, Sharon Barnett, Erica Brackenbury, Chris Callender, Heather Castle, Adam Cole, Oscar Cole, Amanda Dominy, Jacqueline Francis, Susan Hancock, Mary Hodgson, Julene Knox, Ruben Mathers, Layla Mathers, Suzanne McDougall, Simon Milward, Alex Smith, Kate Ward, Tien Wilde and Kev Wrake. Congratulations to Oscar Cole who volunteered for the 25th time.

Before the run began this morning, we awarded wristbands to Ruben Veninga, who received his half marathon wristband, and Peggy Knox who joined the ultra marathon club after 50 runs.

If you ran 11, 21 or 50 runs this morning, please let us know when you are next coming to Hilly Fields junior parkrun and we will be able to present your child with their wristband.

Hope you all had fun at junior parkrun this morning and have a great half term week. Hope to see you all again soon

Glenn - Run director







Run report for event 226 – 13th October 2019

Well done to the 98 young people who finished the 2 laps of Hilly Fields this morning. 48 were boys, 40 were girls. If the 10 unknowns were also girls, we could have a 50/50 gender split this morning.

4 junior parkrunners ran for the first time, and congratulations to the 14 children and young people who got a brand new personal best.

Two entered the half marathon club (Eddie and Ruben). Please let us know when you're next coming to junior parkrun so we can present you with your blue wristband.

Massive thanks to the army of hi-vis heroes who made it all possible. Please let us know if you are available to volunteer in future weeks.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Glenn (Run Director)

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