A Remembrance Run

Many of you will know that our very good friend and core volunteer Lucreta sadly died a few weeks ago and this morning we wanted to have a celebration of her and of her contribution to our community and remember the great person that she was. It was a beautiful crisp and sunny morning today, and it was remarked that Lucreta would have been looking down upon us and smiling.

(Photo by Martin Faulkner)

We have been overwhelmed in the last few weeks at the comments that have come flooding in about how much she meant to people, how encouraging she was to all of our runners and how much everyone loved her infectious smile.

Lucreta was well known across Lewisham not just for her volunteering (and she volunteered at many events other than our junior parkrun) but also for her poetry. This morning we read one of her poems to share a bit of her spirit - it’s a poem that really reflects our borough and indeed the city as a whole that she called home, and that we all called home.

by Lucreta La Pierre

An African self
A West Indian being
British character
Chinese personality
Spanish identity
An Indian person
A Greek individual
An Italian human being
A helping of fufu
With a serving of rice and peas
A plateful of roast potatoes
With a bowl of noodles
A shallow pan of paella
With a selection of hot curries
A side plate of kebab
With mixed pasta dishes
Pickled with varied spice
Season all
Salt and pepper
Soy sauce
Curry powder and turmeric
Oregano and cinnamon
Basil and olive oil
Last but not least – a dash of water
To make a multicultural human dish

Thanks to Mike McKenna from the poetry group at the Blythe Hill Tavern for sharing the poem with us.

When Lucreta first started volunteering with us we had to be careful of what marshalling position she was in due to her cancer treatment and how it was impacted by the weather conditions. Some weeks she needed shade from the sun, other weeks she needed to be out from under the trees and in the warmth. But she soon found her home, in what we call “position 1” on the corner. From here she would encourage runners up the hill with huge enthusiasm, high-fiving, cheering and leaping about.
This morning, as a mark of respect to Lucreta, every one of our Run Directors marshalled around that corner in her memory. We hope we went some way towards cheering everyone up the hill in the way that she did. We would really welcome people who would like to marshal at that position in particular in future weeks.

(Photo thanks to Andrew Mundy)

Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning - it was wonderful to see so many of you out and about and dressed in lovely bright colours and great costumes.

Speaking of costumes - next Sunday is the last run before Christmas. Jacqueline is the Run Director next week and word has it that she will be donning her Santa suit again. We'd love to see you come in festive wear - Christmas jumpers, decorations, whatever you like!

Santa RD

Have a great last week of term and look forward to a festive run next week.