Run report for event 186

This morning, amidst the rain Mother Christmas was joined by 26 volunteers to support 50 runners around a very muddy course. We celebrated a 6th birthday, Happy Birthday Alice hope you had a great day! Next, we awarded a blue half marathon wristband to Elspeth and Mika and an orange ultra wristband to Maurice. Well done everyone!!!
This week's volunteers were: Abigail, Adam, Adele, Amanda, Amelia, Andrew, Ben, Cameron, Clare, Claudia, Darryl, David, Eloise, Harriet, Jacqueline, Jala, James, Jude, Kev, Laura, Lisa, Margaret, Martin, Mary, Sharon, Sky and Suzanne. A massive thank you to you all.
If you'd like to help make the run happen next week please email:
Have a Happy Christmas and see you next Sunday.