Happy 4th birthday to Hilly Fields junior parkrun

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a lot of pictures paints…an awful lot of words! Thanks to Suzanne, Oscar and Adam who were our photographers on Sunday, we will be making an album of birthday photos from our 4th birthday event which you can browse at your leisure on Facebook, but for now, here are some highlights from this week’s run.

We started bright and early, hanging bunting and balloons to set the scene.

20190512_HFJrParkrun-006-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-008-web

For fun, we ran the course in reverse today. This meant going down the big hill, rather than up it…


…and then up the deceptively long gradual hill!


Lots of people tried to run as fast as they could…
20190512_HFJrParkrun-112-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-121-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-125-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-129-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-199-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-144-web

... while others chose to stop for high-fives, to take a rest, or to pick up some good sticks, all of which is totally fine by us.
20190512_HFJrParkrun-303-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-225-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-260-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-298-web

The tail walkers made sure everyone reached the finish line safely – when they weren’t leaping about doing star jumps!

Jacqueline’s cake was extremely popular, as were the other treats brought along by Clare and Amanda.

20190512_HFJrParkrun-063-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-095-web

We had 31 volunteers – here are some of them. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out.
20190512_HFJrParkrun-104-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-340-web park run 12th May 2019-93 park run 12th May 2019-92 park run 12th May 2019-86 park run 12th May 2019-95 park run 12th May 2019-118 park run 12th May 2019-132 20190512_HFJrParkrun-082-webpark run 12th May 2019-134

Here's the obligatory annual photo of the Run Directors! (Missing Sam and Glenn who couldn't make it this year)
park run 12th May 2019-136

After the event we all played with the selfie frame, tidied away, and started thinking about next week. park run 12th May 2019-119 20190512_HFJrParkrun-100-web

Fun birthday facts:

• Children who were only just born when we started in 2015 are now old enough to register for a parkrun barcode.

• Three children - Barnaby, Rufus and Joseph - ran today and were also at our very first event. Eloise was also at the first event but was too young to run at the time. She had a great time running today. And Silas, who ran in the first event, was volunteering today.

20190512_HFJrParkrun-255-web 20190512_HFJrParkrun-347-web

• We had 147 runners for our 4th birthday, which is a lot, but still not quite matching our record of 169 which was set on our 3rd birthday last year.

• 20,235 runs have been completed at our event over the years.

• The total distance that has been run is 40,470km.

• Between you, you have spent 186 days, 23 hours, 8 minutes and 35 seconds running at Hilly Fields junior parkrun.

We have lots more photos to share with you later in the week. Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three, so that you don't miss anything.